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12th May 2003, 05:46
Round here, vast amounts of money seem to be being expended painting the middle of the roads orange. Likewise, many roads have acquired orange stripes across them. Some have gone more orange than black.

Apart from a desire to spend money (which money I think could be put to far better use in the third world), or to use up the EEC's orange paint lake, can anyone tell me what an orange stripe down the road means?

It's not "no overtaking" cos that's double-white.

It's not "here's the middle" because single white or dotted white does that just fine.

I'm wondering if it might mean "you can park here"...

I'm sure one of our illustrious JPs can enlighten me.

12th May 2003, 07:25
Keef it's really quite simple mate. Y'see, the orange line lets the bloke with the white paint know where to draw his line. I expect there may be some time before the white line is painted while brushes and paint tins are cleaned.


12th May 2003, 09:31
Aaaaaaaah! Got it! Why didn't I think of that!

'Tis amazing just how much orange paint they are spreading on the roads round here. I should have bought shares.

What with that and speed bumps all over the place to destroy the suspension and underbody of my trusty motor... if I thought my rates were going to pay for this, I'd get quite ratty about it.

12th May 2003, 19:14
It's to help you locate the road more easily when IFR, as all the railways are hidden under leaves or the wrong kind of snow, and all the rivers are drying up due to global warming and Charlie Dimmock's water features. Simple really.:p

simon brown
12th May 2003, 19:25
Its a simple way of directing users of Easy Jet's car rental company to the airport that operates Easy Jet flights. All you do is pick the car up in the centre of town and follow the orange line....

12th May 2003, 21:28
Well in Nottingham they colour the maps:


But it sounds like Sarfend didn't read the instructions properly and have painted the roads instead :rolleyes: :D

12th May 2003, 22:35
Here in Oz they often make sections of freeway in concrete...lovely, light grey concrete that shines and glistens in the sun and shows up really well for IFR ("I Follow Roads") pilots.

We're still waiting for the paint crews to turn up to paint the concrete black - except for the dashed line down the middle of course! :D

13th May 2003, 02:41
Thanks, Rustle - I think I get it now. It's the bit of road for the taxis and private hire vehicles to use?

Wasn't just Sahfen' - found the same in the little village in Wales where we go to hide from time to time. Not *quite* the same shade of orange, but close enough. The English language on the dual-language signs was painted out in the same colour, so maybe it's all a Plaid Cymru plot.

I wondered yesterday if it was some EU directive to save a paint industry in one of the member states from bankruptcy.

Sounds from that website like Nottingham is closing down. Pity.

I found a place like that in Canada (can't remember the name now) where they banned all cars, parking, etc from the town centre. The out-of-town malls did stunningly well, and the businesses in town went under. It's now a ghost town - bit like the worst end of London 20 years ago. Nobody wants to drive or park there now, even if they could.

13th May 2003, 17:01
Sounds as though Sarfend has too much money, Keef. Perhaps they'd like to donate a few bob to hard-up Bazzodon to fix the holes in our roads.

We had ours painted before they filled in the holes!

Uncle Cracker
15th May 2003, 04:16
They did it a while back in a nice little Peak District village. The locals were very p!ssed off about it. (The local planning department won't even let 'em change a window frame without permission.) After being threatened with being hauled through court, the highway dept put it all back as it was before. How much did that cost, then? :*