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Gunner B12
11th May 2003, 21:44
Been away for a while so sorry if this has been done before.

According to my local paper Boeing are running a competition to name thier new plane. apparently you can vote at http://www.newairplane.com

There is a prize so good luck to all

Out Of Trim
11th May 2003, 22:29
B-838 or B-320 or Dolphin! :hmm:

Anthony Carn
12th May 2003, 00:52
Lets get this right - the "prize" is a ride in a simulator. :zzz:

12th May 2003, 01:35
Bwian, or Thocratethe the Thaduthean Thtrangler!;)

12th May 2003, 02:06
Didn't bother to vote - don't like any of the names! If they want it to sell they should call it the Boeing Airbus :E ;)

Noah Zark.
12th May 2003, 02:36
Just read the small print under the entry form- "No purchase necessary"
That must be the punchline!

12th May 2003, 05:49
and the correct answer is . . . 797.

12th May 2003, 06:34
Gosh, I'm glad I don't have to buy one to enter.

Not going to bother anyway as the four options are crap:

Stratoliner, Dreamliner, eLiner (oh come ON...) or Global Cruiser which will almost certainly win but is mince nevertheless.

I'd personally call it the Boeing Buttercup. Not enough aeroplanes are named after flowers.

Buster Hyman
12th May 2003, 08:31
Seeing it has a fair bit of altitude in the drawing, how about the Shuttle?:rolleyes:

Titanic? Spruce Goose? Icarus? Eddie, the Eagle?

12th May 2003, 16:40
... so by flying this new aircraft we're doing something GOOD for the environment. Will it IMPROVE our environment ? Are they mental ? Save the whales !

The Boeing 7-Arse-7 Flying Treehugger.

12th May 2003, 18:10

I thought the correct answer would be B 787!

Am I missing something here Sir?

12th May 2003, 23:06
The new boeing 7-series... It's a bit weird looking no?