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El Grifo
11th May 2003, 00:42
I am getting a little concerned as to what methods the Americans are going to employ, in the search for the "weapons of mass destruction". Lets face it, they are completely duty bound to produce them, there is no going back, the have to be paraded to the worlds press.

Think back !!

Prior to the invasion, when the inspectors were still in country.
the united states pointed out, that it knew of seven sites in Iraq which housed WMD.

When asked by the UN inspectors to identify the selfsame sites, the US declined. The reason given for this was, that if the sites were identified, then Saddam could be prompted into deploying the fearsome weapons, knowing that his bluff had been called.

The story continued, that since there was insuffficient resources in place in Iraq at the time to counter any attack, no information would be forthcoming.There would be plenty of time for that later.

So far the united states have not produced a single piece of valid evidence connected to WMD. Were they simply lying prior to the invasion, in order to strengthen their case for that invasion.

If this was the case, then how are they going to magically produce the offending weapons now.

Personally I have no doubts as to the range of options available to them, fortunately the eyes of the worlds press are closely watching.

It comes as little surprise that the UN inspectors are being denied permission to return.

It is really quite entertaining, to sit back in a quietly detached manner and watch the whole pantomime unfold.

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11th May 2003, 04:04
Ah, but Dubbya and Tony have promised that hey exist and will be found, haven't they? Don't you believe in politicians' promises any more? :D

11th May 2003, 15:20
Well El Grifo since the world had waited 12 years before the war, and was advocating waiting yet more time for the inspectors to find anything. Since there was a belief that such programs still existed and because it was felt likely that there remained weapons hidden, sanctions had been unanimously voted on by the UN.

It would therefore not be unreasonable to suggest that you compose yourself in your quietly detatched manner, languidly sip your Margharita, mug for the camera which can pan right to left over your chiseled features, puff on your spliff, and put on whatever music chills you out, and compose yourself, the panto will proceed, but it may be a while.:ok:

El Grifo
11th May 2003, 19:20
Hey Patsy,

You got me bang to rights there Amigo !!

My guess is, that you must have caught a sneak preview of the soon-to-be-released Documentary on my life, coming out on Channel 5.

We had a hoot making it.

I am still waiting for the new supply of Jedi Black you promised me, real Starwars stuff I hear.

Good to hear you as always :8 :hmm:

12th May 2003, 15:54
Nahh... Camel Poop Gold over here Squire. Bit of a harsh smoke and not much buzz but plenty of it. Actualy there is also Jirack which is pressed dried fuit smells dynamite but again not a lot of kick, the old hubly bubly merchants go for it in a big way.

Good luck with the release of the Documentry, that should divert the eyes of the world from the search for WMD which was getting terribly boring anyway. I daresay that the massive potential revealed to all will be pretty awesome. Along the lines of the testing of the neutron bomb with dramatic footage of you stripping off at Christmas atoll with the resultant shock wave flattening everyone.:hmm: :zzz:

El Grifo
13th May 2003, 03:25
End of Thread, I guess :( :hmm: