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uffington sb
10th May 2003, 05:42
Well done Charlotte,
I thought she wouldn't do well but I was wrong.
Much better than Clarkson as a presenter and a guest.

10th May 2003, 06:12
Isn't she great! Personable, witty & able to hold her own against the others.

What an attractive young lady.

10th May 2003, 06:23
I missed it - driving back from Wales to Essex. Charlotte who? Not Green, my favourite radio voice?

10th May 2003, 06:37
Church. She of the voice.

I also thought she was good when she appeared as a guest.

10th May 2003, 06:53
Ah! Not seen her for a while. Fabulous voice, precocious. Shame I missed it!

10th May 2003, 07:34
When you consider her age (18?) she was outstandingly good. I thought she would be [email protected] but was very surprised.

eastern wiseguy
10th May 2003, 07:45
she can read an autocue...and the panel were easy on her ...sorry but this is a grown up programme...she should have been in bed by the time it was transmitted (yes I know ...what a bleedin' curmudgeon!):*

10th May 2003, 14:51
Agree with eastern wiseguy.

She didn't seem to understand many of the jokes...

Should be renamed "Have I Got a New Host for You" because it is now more about the "special guest host" than the news... :*

Bring back AD for a final series :)

Anthony Carn
10th May 2003, 14:58
I missed it.............

Repeated 10th May 2003, UK BBC2, 2350 to 0020 (but double check).

10th May 2003, 17:34
Thought she did very well.

She made it clear she was reading from 'bits of paper'.
And when a question about whether Britney was dating people, she was able to beam and say: "Brilliant something I can talk about..sotto..I didn't really get that other stuff."

Seen grown ups do a lot worse.

10th May 2003, 23:15
I thought she was really good, all things considered. I especially liked some of her remarks about the royals...