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10th May 2003, 03:57
Well we got hit again yesterday afternoon. An F-3 tornado ripped through south Oklahoma City. It was nearly on the same path that the F-5 tornado took four years ago.

500+ homes destroyed.

1,500+ homes seriously damaged.

2,000+ homes damaged.

56,000+ people without electricity.

A major General Motors manufacturing plant seriously damaged, possibly un-repairable.

300+ small businesses destroyed.

100+ restaurants destroyed.

The good news, no fatalities and only 104 persons injured. Well, thatís great news really.

The tornado was on the ground for around 45 minutes and itís path was 35 miles long.

Mrs. and Mr. C-Pís hacienda and property was undamaged.

This was nothing compared to the F-5 tornado of May 3rd of 1999. Some of the homes destroyed yesterday were replacement homes of the 99 tornado. I think I would move from that side of town. We didnít even get any rain.


10th May 2003, 04:08

The only weather system I fear, and I've never been in one. Glad to hear you and yours are well and safe. I may be half way across the country, but we see the 6:00 PM news and pray for you guys. It has been a bad month for the T-belt and it isn't even half over yet. I hope your luck holds up.

10th May 2003, 04:59
Scary things, been in the path of one only once, hopefully never again.
Connie, very happy you and your wife are safe! :ok:

10th May 2003, 10:32
Saw the destruction on the 11 o'clock news last night and wondered if you were ok.
Did you see the upper air chart the past few days? The jet came down straight outta the NW nearly as far as OK, then whipped straight North again to James Bay before heading off to the NE. All that warm air from the Gulf meeting that cold stuff from the Arctic. Awesome doesn't quite describe some of the electrical activity down through there. I remember going into Midland once, at FL410 and looking up at stuff 10,000 feet higher. A F3 tornado went through Odessa about 30 minutes before we landed. Not used to that kinda stuff in this neck of the woods. :uhoh:

10th May 2003, 12:21
con-pilot -

Great to hear that you and yours were safe through all that mess up there. Was thinking of you. Great to hear that there were no deaths this time.

Springtime here in the T-belt is no fun, as you and I know.

ps - just as I was reviewing this before posting there comes a live news report of another tornado on radar out of OKC. Damn - will it never end!!

11th May 2003, 01:04
Well guess what? We took another hit AGAIN last night. This time real close to home. The tornado missed us by about 2 miles, still no damage at the house, just some leaves down in the yard.

However the airport KPWA (Wiley Post Airport in Oklahoma City) got hit pretty bad. My airplane is ok but last report was that 50 airplanes were damaged. At my hangar two airplanes were completely destroyed. A Cessna 172 was tossed upside down and a little twin engine Beechcraft was thrown into a hangar door, the door won. Four Beech 1900s look like they are trying to mate, I donít know if they will be repairable or not. I was unable to check out the rest of the airport due to security but it looked like there was a lot of damage. There were two cars in the hangar parking lot that all of the windows blown out by hail and the Flighty Safety building across the street had all the windows blown out and heavy roof damage.

Oh yes one more thing, we have a 30% chance of thunderstorms again today. Any jobs for a poor ole 727 pilot in England?


11th May 2003, 01:25
I just saw the reports of the Friday storm, checked PPRUNE and was glad to hear you are okay. Damm this is a bad season in the T-belt. Ihope it ends soon for you all.

13th May 2003, 00:55
Just a little up-date on some of damage at the airport concerning war birds.

One of those Polish huge bi-planes destroyed, one of the few flyable Me-109 in the world damaged, a B-26 under reconstruction damaged, a Yak-40 fighter (that was in absolute pristine condition) damaged, a Stearman bi-plane trainer slightly damaged and a East European jet trainer (I donít know the type) damaged.

The tornado hit the T-hangar complex that most of the war birds were stored. Most of the damage done to the war birds was from debris from the hangars being destroyed except for the Polish bi-plane, which was parked outside. The P-51 racer ďMiss AmericaĒ, which was under-going rebuilding from a accident at the Reno Air Races, was damaged again.

There were many light general aviation aircraft destroyed and/or seriously damaged. As far as I can tell no biz-jets were damaged.

Sad note to report is there is now one fatality from the two nights of back-to-back tornados, which is quite remarkable considering the damage, is approaching 250 million dollars.