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Celtic Emerald
10th May 2003, 00:35
Okay I recently bought on of the tabloids, a rare thing in itself, think it had a free EI flight going or something :)

So to cut a long story short a whole load of competitiony thingies fell out of it, three alone for one competition. Turned out I qualified for a prize on all of them, a holiday as it turned out after I rang their high costing phone line. I only claimed one, felt there was something fishy going on, turned out me friend won one too.

Fine, I got me coupon back the other day, I qualified for a holiday in Tenerife, Spain or Portugal. I name four dates, give my preferred destination. On the option I choose no money changes hands & the most I pay is for tax when I'm offered the holiday blah blah blah. I receive notification of which of my chosen dates I'll be travelling at least 14-90 days prior to departure & I must confirm acceptance within 4 days of receipt by special delivery.

My boss says it's obviously a scam designed to catch out suckers like me huh, he needs to look in the mirror :mad:

What do yas think, should I stay well clear, have any of you'se had bad experiences through similar competitions.



Notso Fantastic
10th May 2003, 01:01
It's the "Free Entry! Timetables 5. No entry without Timetable!" thing. Probably on the lines of "Free flights & hotel. Meals 50/day. Meals must be paid for in advance".

Do you really think someone is going to give you- a lowly ppruner-something for nothing? There ain't no such thing as a free lunch!

10th May 2003, 01:05
You'll get your free holiday. When you get there they'll badger you to buy a timeshare or something like that. If you have immunity to salespeople then you might be able to enjoy the holiday...

10th May 2003, 04:44
It does sound horribly like the methods used by timeshare or 'holiday clubs'.

You get told you've won a free holiday, but in these cases you have to pay a 'non-returnable administration fee' rather than ring a premium rate line. You give a choice of dates, but usually you get notified of your holiday the minimum time beforehand (in your case 14 days). Often the flights are from an inconvenient airport (eg you live in London, the flights are from Glasgow), and the accommodation is in a timeshare resort. If you do get there, as part of the terms and conditions you are required to go on a 'familiarisation tour' which turns out to be a hard sell. :*

I'd say chuck it in the bin - but it's too late now, they've got you on their mailing list. :E

Hostie from Hell
11th May 2003, 18:24
OR ... turn up for a short presentation... partner MUST attend..
I wonder why ?
Even if you fight off the urge to invest in their wonderful timeshare on the spot, you will get your "free" holiday ... and then they rub their hands ... "heheh now you are mine" lol :yuk:
We had such an invite and were hassled just to attend the presentation which was enough for us to tell em to stuff it !
The hassle you would get down there hardly bears thinking about.
Save up and buy yourself a holiday !

Celtic Emerald
13th May 2003, 01:29
Bl**dy hell :mad:

Why do these piaranas always seek me out. I had the voucher in me pocket today, took a quick peek in here when the boss wasn't around & saw the word 'timeshare'. :eek: I did did me usual freaking around & it's now in little pieces in the bin. BTW it was self catering & I intended to travel alone, there was that option, I get around easier that way, no-one to drag me down.

BTW whose calling me a lowly PPRuNer, yar doing nothin for me self esteen mate, I'd prefer a title like 'PPRuNer Extraordinaire' but I know there ain't much chance of that happening.

As for being on their mailing list, if that's the case it doesn't bother me. It'll just save me on having to buy toilet paper.

Anyway all's well that ends well. I got me free return flight to Germany (Ya hardly think I paid for it did yas :rolleyes: ) me nieces friend got a free flight to Scotland on me & everyone was happy. Mind you a couple of people's asses had to be kicked first but if ya want things bad enough in life ya have to fight for them :)

BTW EI watch those open cockpit doors, yas are a moving target.


14th May 2003, 23:51
I also won a holiday in Teneriffe (is it so bad that only people who win free holidays go there) for 7 days providing I booked the flights through Going Places, minimum flight price 179 each.

Needless to say they can stick it up their.........