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10th May 2003, 00:27
I was sent this riddle today and its starting to get to me. Can anyone work it out and put my mind at rest?

Arsenal can't do it unless Arsene Wenger leaves. Man Utd have done it more than any other British club. Everton, Charlton and Oldham have done it, but Wimbledon will never do it. Man Utd have done it in 1992. Villa have done it at their first attempt. Spurs, Wolves, Leeds, Newcastle, Man City and West Ham have done it. Liverpool have done it in a different way. No one did it last season and no one is expected to do it this season. What is it?

10th May 2003, 00:42
Always look on the bright side of life??????


10th May 2003, 00:52
Absolutely gratuitous! Have you no shame?

Come on now, that's silly...:D

Practice Auto 3,2,1
10th May 2003, 01:57

Very tricky. It might be something to do with disciplinary records and or qualifing for a European Cup place as a result.

Would love to find out the proper answer, because this is gonna bug me for ages now!!


10th May 2003, 02:01
a friend of mine showed me this exact riddle a few months ago. it is false. It is to do the clubs ground and moving or sharing i can't remember which. However it is impossible because one major detail is wrong. I will find out why for you tonight.

10th May 2003, 04:32
and who gives a toss anyway

10th May 2003, 05:48
Eeeeerrrm.... we just checked this thread for the third time 'cause my son wants to know what it's all about..... :)

10th May 2003, 06:17
Well, I'm afraid that I'm still working on an answer for this one. I'll get it eventually, assuming that the question really has one and that the above is worded correctly.

There are several possibilities - for a start Arsenal have a manager whose name begins with the same first four letters as the club name, and Wimbledon are currently tenants at Crystal Palace. So if I can find an answer for all the other parts of the question, I can add at the end "whilst having a manager whose name does not begin with the first four letters of the club name, and whilst owning your own ground". However, this seems a bit forced, and obviously the bit about Wimbledon "never" being able to do this isn't correct, as in theory they could eventually get a home of their own even if Crystal Palace do not go bankrupt.

The following answers have been suggested, although none work exactly:
(a) Play home games "away" whilst owning your own ground
(b) Beat a side managed by Arsene Wenger on your own ground
(c) Host rugby league
(d) Play reserve matches at a rugby league ground
(e) Stage an international for a home nation

Some comments on these answers:

(a) Play home games "away" whilst owning your own ground -

Arsene Wenger said that as long as he was in charge Arsenal will not play any more home games at Wembley Stadium.
Manchester United played their home games at Maine Road from 1941 to 1949 and have also played a European tie at Plymouth Argyle. They might have managed to play more "home" games in this period than Charlton did between 1985 and 1992 but it seems unlikely.
Liverpool took over Everton's old ground, Anfield, which might be "not in the usual way".
I don't see how Everton or Oldham fit the answer at all.
Charlton played home games at Upton Park or Selhurst Park between 1985 and 1992
Wimbledon don't own a ground so can't play away from it.

(b) Beat a side managed by Arsene Wenger on your own ground -

Obviously Arsenal can't do that as long as Wenger is their manager.
Manchester United may well have done it most but I'm not certain.
Liverpool, Charlton, and Everton might have done it (and perhaps there was something unusual about the Liverpool victory) but I don't see when Oldham could have done so.
Wimbledon can't do it because they don't have a ground.

(c) Hosted rugby league -

I have heard it said that Arsene Wenger refused to allow a Rugby League Challenge Cup semi-final to be staged at Highbury, but I don't remember this at all. It could only have been in the season that London Broncos reached the final, as the Rugby Football League would not even have considered playing a semi-final in the South otherwise.
Manchester United have staged Premiership finals, Grand Finals, international matches and the World Club Challenge at their ground, but I can't believe that they have staged more rugby league games than anyone else, particularly given that there are clubs who host rugby league on a weekly basis.
Liverpool have hosted a Charity Shield and a World Club Challenge, but I don't see how that can be described as "not in the usual way".
I can't remember rugby league ever being played at Everton.
Oldham share with Oldham Bears.
Charlton share with London Broncos.
I have heard a story that Wimbledon invited London Broncos to share with them, forgetting that they had no ground to offer, but this just sounds like rubbish.

(d) Play reserve matches at a rugby league ground -

Manchester United play at Gigg Lane, which also stages Swinton rugby league games, but I don't see how this can count as more times than anyone else
Liverpool play at St Helens, I think, but there's nothing unusual about it
Everton play at Widnes
Oldham may well play reserve games at a ground used for rugby league (even Boundary Park would fit the bill)
Charlton play some reserve games at The Valley which is used by London Broncos.
Arsenal and Wimbledon don't seem to fit, unless it's based on the factors I mentioned right at the top of this page.

(e) Stage an international for a home nation -

I have heard it said that Arsene Wenger has said that England are not allowed to play at Highbury, but I don't remember that myself.
Manchester United have staged England internationals, but I don't think it's more than anyone else.
Liverpool have hosted three Wales "home" games, and given that Liverpool is not in Wales that would qualify as "not in the usual way"?
Everton have certainly staged England games. (In fact, I think they may have staged more than anyone else.)
I don't know about Charlton.
I am fairly sure that Oldham have not hosted any England internationals.
Wimbledon obviously don't own a ground on which to host a game.

10th May 2003, 06:53
Wedge - sounds like you're on the right track with the grounds thing, but I can't see how Villa would 'manage it at the first attempt.' This rules out the rugby ideas too. If Dozza2k's right about the mistake in the question though then we might be doomed. Oldham drew with arsenal twice in 1994 - home and away. But that was before Arsene Wenger was at Arsenal.
Aaaargh! The more I think about this the more confused I am!:confused:

Just found this:


A really disappointing outcome all round...:(

10th May 2003, 07:30
Alright, time to come clean, I cheated. I'm not that much of an anorak!

I asked some colleagues on a football website assuming they had seen it before, which they had, and that answer was cut and pasted by somebody. So in fact, Dozza, despite sounding like a killjoy, is right. There is no answer to this question!

10th May 2003, 15:19
Glad to hear it, No2 Child was :confused: .

Wedge, is your footie site one that I could safely point my football mad son to, and if so, do you have a link?
Thank you kindly. ;)

10th May 2003, 17:15
Flaps, I have PMed you with details......:)

11th May 2003, 03:05
the answer is there is no answer. I spoke to my friend n he told me this:
"its a bit of a trick apparantly. combines 2 things, its bollocks"

when i asked him to elaborate he said
"i cant remember to be honest, i was pissed off when i found out it was crap after tryin to get it for ages"
he was trying to do it for ages, and his dad too (big time evertonians). Oh well, i am sorry i can't elaborate further, but if it does combine two things then there could still be an answer out there somewhere.......................