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tony draper
9th May 2003, 17:29
The first episode is on BBC2 tonight, of course I haven't seen any of it yet,but from what I have heard the talking heads say, it is going to be the usual rewriting of history.
Strange coincidence, I was discussing the Blunt case with someone a couple of months back and he predicted it would not be long before the homosexual mafia and the media luuvies began to rewrite the history and show these traitors as just misguided youth or lefty patriots.

10th May 2003, 14:23

I hope the program is eventually shown in Australia.

In the early 1980s I met Peter Wright ("Spycatcher") through a mutual interest in Arabian Horses. At the time the book had not been published but he was preparing for what he expected to be a long drawn out battle to publish and I was able to give him some advice regarding Australian immigration laws and the risk of being deported.

After the book was published I had several long talks with him about his life, his reasons for publishing and the extreme injustice he felt in being treated in the manner that he was. One particular occasion stuck in my memory as he described the interrogation of Blunt.

He was particulary incensed at Blunt's reasons for supporting the Stalinist cause as Blunt maintained that it was due to the inequality that he saw during the depression. Blunt had a privileged life during that time whereas Wright's family had struggled. Peter maintained that Blunt's arguments were a rationalisation rather than a reason.

As an aside, Peter always maintained that if he had wanted to write a book that would embarrass the United Kingdom, he would have written about his time with MI5 in Northern Ireland. However, he took those secrets to his grave. He was ever and always a patriot but Margaret Thatcher could never understand that.

Send Clowns
14th May 2003, 02:01
The review in the Telegraph was amusing. The reviewer stated from the outset an intention not to touch on the controversy that had already been covered in detail. However his write up was still terrible. Even on its own terms he considered the programme to be apalling - badly made, poor characterisation, no exploration of the issues and no, or only superficial, examination of the motives. He suggested that aside from completely ignoring most of hte relevant historical facts it was also badly-made and dull!

Shame I do not have a television, so I cannot watch it.