View Full Version : Reality Soap Opera? or Just a bit Nutty?

9th May 2003, 13:28
The story starts out with a desperate father of three young children placing a call to the police when his wife fails to return home from a business trip. :(


The story continues, she is found alive! :D


Then this. :suspect:


Theory A - she knew the man and got caught up in the thrill of an wild ride to Vegas for an ill timed affair. Once reality set in, she tried to lie her way out of it.

Theory B - she's terrified of this man and is afraid he would hurt her children or something if she presses charges.

Theory C - she suffered a mental meltdown. Probably caused by her desire to be: wife, mother, friend to all, alderman, on the board of directors for half the charities in Lethbridge etc. She was so damn busy "doing" for others, she probably forgot who "she" was for a few days.

Whatever the outcome, I salute her husband for standing by her (for now) if only for the children's sake. I'm sure he's hoping it's theory C. My biggest question, where is the BIKE? Great Falls police combed that town and never found it.

As a Canadian, I believe that either the City of Lethbridge or the Canadian govenment should compensate the Great Falls Police department for their services in their search for this woman. If someone from that city were to go missing and a thorough search couldn't be initialized due to lack of funds, how would we then feel? The $1,000 maximum fine she faces will nowhere near cover the costs.

9th May 2003, 23:45
Silly bitch, getting in the way.


9th May 2003, 23:58
Women 'eh :rolleyes: