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9th May 2003, 04:50
Interesting report about business types and how their personality is related to the biscuits (http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_778288.html?menu=news.quirkies) they eat.

Jaffa Cake = creative

Hob Nob = dynamic

Rich Tea = sober and strategic

Digestives = techy anoraks

They don't list Oreos :(

So what are your favourites and what do you reckon it says about you?

(Oh, and have at it Grainger )


Andrew M
9th May 2003, 05:38
Kit - kats - Having a break and having a kit kat means these biscuit eaters are laid back and relaxed :D

tony draper
9th May 2003, 05:52
Fig Rolls, prolly =psychopathic :uhoh:

9th May 2003, 06:03
not had a look at the link, so I wonder what Fox's Crunch Creams says about me.

I wouldn't class Oreos as biscuits, personally I'd only feed someone Oreos if they had swallowed some bleach

Biggles Flies Undone
9th May 2003, 07:01
I couldn't eat another thing - I'm totally stuffed.

9th May 2003, 14:58
Ginger and coconut! Arf!:p

9th May 2003, 15:14
Jammy Dodgers = Peter Pan complex ie never grows up:)

9th May 2003, 15:23
Little mint wafer.

Actually, tim tams. Yummmmmm

9th May 2003, 15:35
Surely Tim Tams dont count as a biscuit. If I am correct they are very close to a crunchie (UK). I think though that theres something in this, because I now work in Finance for an IT company, and my favourite are digestives. oh and because everyone else is doing it

Hes not the messiah hes a very naughty boy.

Anthony Carn
9th May 2003, 15:57
Custard creams - wet dreamer.

Cream crackers - insomniac.

Ginger nuts - ginger nutted !

9th May 2003, 15:58
Actually TimTams are more like Penguins than Crunchies.

...and penguins are sort of like albatrosses (on a stick) :rolleyes:

simon brown
9th May 2003, 16:18
ginger nuts..........

tony draper
9th May 2003, 16:59
One is heavely into eccles cakes at the mo, not exactly a biscuit I know, theres a baker around here that specialises in the more traditional confectionary, he does also produce spiffing apple danish as well though, oh yes,and gingerbread men, in keeping with the topic of the thread.
Is a gingerbread man classed as a biscuit or cake?

9th May 2003, 17:10
I like Monte Carlos (lol sometimes call em Monacos), Iced VoVos and TickTock biscuits.

Oh my goodness, what does that say about me?

Probably that I like my food hehe. :)

9th May 2003, 17:26
Can you get Tim-Tams in the UK?
You can't here in de Republic.
Good thing too, I'd be even fatter.

One of Australia's towering achievements.

9th May 2003, 17:49
Can you get Tim-Tams in the UK?

Never seen them in the shops in UK, but I manage to get restocked when my parents visit ;)

9th May 2003, 20:20
Tim-Tams are owned by Arnotts who in turn are owned by Campbells who are American!!! (Dick Smith is in court at the moment fighting them off because he makes a biscuit called Tam-Teens, or something like that!):D

My favourite McVitie's Chocolate Digestives!

Biggles Flies Undone
9th May 2003, 20:25
Ooooooh! suggestive bicuits!

Is your wife a goer? (he asks knowingly).

9th May 2003, 20:29
Unfortunately, Yo-Yo's and Iced Vo-Vo's don't seem to make the list...


9th May 2003, 21:41
I couldn't eat another thing - I'm totally stuffed. Oh, go on, BFU .... it is wafer-thin.....

Biggles Flies Undone
9th May 2003, 21:47
F*** off :yuk: I'm absolutely stuffed

10th May 2003, 02:57
I've heard a rumour that Tesco's stock Tim Tams. Yet to be confirmed. I wonder if one of the Oz friendly shops near Earl's Court have them?
I get mine sent over. Along with Chokito's and PK chewing gum. :D

10th May 2003, 03:11
mmmmmmmm, PK chewies........

Are they still in the bright orange wrapper?

10th May 2003, 04:57
As previously discussed, it has to be the digestive if dunking is called for.

However one is going through a definite phase of Garibaldi nibbling....we used to call them fly cemeteries at school. I don`t know what that says about me , and I don`t give a flying f**k (probably means I`m some sort of revolutionary/troublemaker)

Intercourse the Penguin! (nice link there methinks)

10th May 2003, 08:26

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Anthony Carn
10th May 2003, 15:19
Intercourse the Penguin!
You mean "F-f-f-f-f-f-f**k up a penguin" ?

If you don't know the advert I refer to, then ignore me.

Come to think of it, you do anyway.

tony draper
10th May 2003, 16:39
I have heard a rumour that the thrice cursed EEC is going to issue a directive to ban our tradition of biscuit dunkng and make it illegal.

11th May 2003, 01:04
Herr Draper:

You`ve been reading the Daily Mail again, haven`t you? I thought your doctor told you not to. Will you never learn?