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8th May 2003, 17:33
Good friend of mine has just completed a draft of his flying career (RAF and airlines) and is keen to find a suitable publisher. Sadly, his chosen platform has apparently gone into liquidation... I'vre had the pleasure of reading some of the chapters and it is all good stuff!

I'd be most grateful for any recommendations emailed though to me! :ok:

Many thanks in anticipation!


8th May 2003, 19:30
An email p/m, as requested. In the meanwhile, I discovered the publisher who did my own (late) father's book has just been taken over and it seems that his book has now been deleted.

Such is the passing parade .... :{

9th May 2003, 01:41
Hi tredigraph
I think if you look at the classified ads or thereabouts you will find an ad looking for people who require their books published. Hope this HELPS YOU.
All the Best;) ;) :ok:

Re the above Sorry I forgot to mention the Mag is called FLYPAST:O :O

Genghis the Engineer
9th May 2003, 05:55
Seriously, not a good time.

Airlife has just gone tits-up, which means some very well regarded and established authors (Trevor Thom, Brian Cosgrove, etc.) are up for grabs and the existing aviation publishers are getting them. Although these chaps are suffering not much more than a bit of short term stress, it does rather mean that the specialist publishers existing "new product" budgets are rather eaten up.

This really means that unless your friend is an aviation household name (and presumably John Farley would have posted the question in his own name :O or called in a few favours) he's in the mill of trying to persuade mainstream publishers to take it - and that's very very hard.

She doesn't read this forum but if you want some advice on what is cruelly but not entirely inaccurately known as vanity Publishing you might drop a PM to Whirlybird, who published her own book of Guinness-record-breaking-exploits privately, she may have some useful advice to offer. (If you don't know the good lady, she's often found hanging around in Rotorheads, Jet-Blast or Private Flying). (And a very readable book it is too, I recommend it).


(First book coming out later this year, not under the name Genghis, but not self financed either - I'll leave you chaps and chapesses who don't know me personally to guess which is mine when it appears in the Christmas pilot-shop catalogues.)

N.B. There are two books, you can usually get them in mainstream bookshops such as WH Smiths called "The Writers Handbook", and the "Freelance Photographers Market Handbook" which are invaluable to those of us who supplement our income through the written word and occasional photograph. The former at-least might be worth an investment.

Dr Jekyll
9th May 2003, 15:14
As a general rule, reputable publishers live in tunnels and caves hollowed out between piles of unsolicited manuscripts. Any publishers that actually advertise for manuscripts should be avoided.

Far better to spend a few thousand and publish it yourself, it's probably cheaper than vanity publishing and at least that way you have some chance of a return on your investment.

10th May 2003, 08:00
Do you have any information on how you would go about publishing it yourself? I'd be interested in knowing more about this.


Lu Zuckerman
10th May 2003, 08:16
Contact Phil Croucher at http://www.electrocution.com/aviation.htm

Phil publishes all kinds of aviation related books and he is presently editing a book that I wrote. Phil also writes a monthly column for Vertical Magazine and he contributes to the Rotorheads forum under the name of Paco


12th May 2003, 01:21
As long as you're in Canada you might also take a look at


12th May 2003, 20:12
Thanks for the advice!

I'll pass it on and hope that he finds someone willing to take it on!

Ghengis: g'is a hint as to who you are, so I don't miss your book when it comes out!



Genghis the Engineer
13th May 2003, 15:24
The book, when it comes out, should be rather dull, moderately technical and hopefully quite useful. Much as most people I suspect see me.


13th May 2003, 21:47
Genghis - you do yourself an injustice!

14th May 2003, 02:07

Do you know of:

Midland Counties Publications (Aerophile) Ltd
Publishing - specialising in aviation and railways


Airways Ed
14th May 2003, 10:03
If anyone is publishing anything related to air transport (and that can include military + civilian careers), particularly self-published, please drop me a private email.

Besides being a publisher, we have a very active catalogue of books that we flog worldwide and we are happy to include and promote your title. Sometimes these are difficult to track down.