View Full Version : Harry Potter, Quidditch and Flying

8th May 2003, 16:58
As many Ppruners will know, Harry Potter, the famous boy wizard, is a Seeker in the sport of Quidditch, which is a wizarding version of ‘team handball’ or basketball, played on flying broomsticks with 5 balls.

Would any Ppruners have any comments on Harry Potter's flying style?

If he decides to become an airline pilot in the Muggle world when he grows up, which plane should he fly?


Biggles Flies Undone
8th May 2003, 17:05
Either Concorde or a Norwegian Blue ;)

Shaggy Sheep Driver
8th May 2003, 17:06
IIRC most of then flying skills in the game came from the broomstick itself, and very few if any piloting skills were called for from Harry.

He'd be well qualified for the A320, then ;~))


8th May 2003, 17:21
I find Harry Potter a bit too far fetched, a ginger haired kid with two friends!

8th May 2003, 17:40
Can only be an SD360 (schoolboy, shorts, geddit?)

8th May 2003, 17:42
He'll have to join British Airways. Aren't they all wizard pilots?