View Full Version : Ok ! time for some neologisms

8th May 2003, 08:17
Have you invented a new word today ?

Well if you have, please post.
I'll start of with a few I've heard.

Bagonizing - to wait anxiously for your suitcases to appear on the baggage carusel.

circumtreeviation - the tendency of a dog on a leash to want to walk past poles and trees on the opposide side to its owner.

fagony - a smokers cough.

footbrawl - physical violence associated with the game of soccer.

litterate - said of people who care about litter

illitterate - said of people who do not care about litter.

catfrontation - the cause of nightly noise when you live in a neighbourhood full of cats.

polygrouch - someone who complains about everything

hicgap - the time that elapses between when hiccups go away and when you suddenly realise that they have.

leximania - a compulsive desire to invent new words.

Proxus - oh that's me... sorry no meaning attached to that.:D