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7th May 2003, 04:58
Back a while, chap got cashiered, bad show misdemeanor.
So thought start a humourous thread.
Conduct Unbecomming.
Lady G says that playing the trouser trombone in company is bad form.
What think you Ppruners?

7th May 2003, 05:06
Sleeping with the Colonel's wife without permission from either of them.

tony draper
7th May 2003, 05:49
In my day, one would be expected to do the right thing and have a accident when cleaning ones Webley if one, heaven forbid, passed the port the wrong way at table, or even worse, brought a black bottle into the mess.
Regiment has gone to pot since, good lord man, they even allow ladies in now.

7th May 2003, 10:14
Isn't shagging the Colonel's daughter without permission more unbecumming?


Uncle Cracker
7th May 2003, 12:49
Is it? Oh ******.
I am a cad and a bounder and not to be trusted.:E

7th May 2003, 13:35
It's only conduct un-becoming it you get caught...........................

Getting caught proves you didn't plan the mission well enough

:E :E :E :E :E :E :E

7th May 2003, 15:00
Scran shouldn't that be "emission"

In my time in the military shagging the Co's wife was considered a fair challenge and to my knowledge successfully accomplished on more than one occasion.

Seems the old man spent too much time in the mess and on the golf course so we spent a bit of time on his wife. Not done to get caught and not spoken about in the mess.

Uncle Cracker
8th May 2003, 02:05
Cookie - Good 'un! ;)

Scran - I didn't get caught. Ha! Emssion accomplished!:E

8th May 2003, 02:40
I knew of a certain Major - now his daughter was definitely not considered much of a challenge! :ok:

In trim
8th May 2003, 04:16
Old comrade, squiffy one night after one too many sherrys, managed to follow through after breaking wind....in cream trousers.

Certainly livens up a quiet evening in the Squadron mess!

Noah Zark.
8th May 2003, 06:36
"Dammit man, you've just farted in front of my wife!"
"Awfully sorry, old chap. Didn't realise it was her turn!"

8th May 2003, 17:35
Well there was the old saying

"England expects every man, and carrot, to do his duty." but they didn't have a flag for carrot.


8th May 2003, 23:58
MO to Soldier "You've got syphilis. You'll have to tell me with whom you slept so that we can eradicate this disease"

Soldier "I can't tell you sir"

MO "You'll have to, it's an order"

Soldier "OK Sir, it was your wife"

True strory ;)