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7th May 2003, 04:40
OK here we go. I dont normally go for all this touchy feely new age pap about dreams being able to tell you things about your life, but this one freaked me out something awful, and i have to tell someone, get it off my chest, like. So i turned to PPRuNe. (You'll see why).

Ok so it wont make a lot of sense, but dreams dont really so here goes.

I was going on holiday with my mother and father, from Newcastle Airport (UK) (definately Newcastle-dont ask me why it just was) on a certain Orange-Tailed, Low-Cost airline who will remain nameless (you will see why). boarded plane, sat next to father, about on the wing (it was a 737-type a/c - again dont ask me how i knew-it just was). Mother was sat towards the nose.

a/c taxied out, and lined up about half way down the runway. I can remember thinking vividly "This 'Plane won't have enough runway to take off". So the a/c begins to roll, and eventually rotates to about maybe 10 degrees, then the nose pitches violently forward, and people begin to scream. I also vividly though "We've stalled, we're not going to make it" and the plane lost height, and started to yaw Nose right, with right wing low. Anyway, the nose hits a tree more or less side on, and gets snapped off, almost back to the wing root. I can now see the ground and sky through this hole in the a/c a few rows in front of me. the a/c rolls violently left, almost inverted, then the other wing hits the ground and the a/c cartwheels. people are screaming, and there is a lot of blood being splashed on the bulkhead.

Next thing i know, im sitting upright in my seat in a field of grass, bounded by hedges and trees. Think of a typical English field and you wont be far out. Only thing is there is debris from the aeroplane all around, pieces of metal, seats, carpet, some buring fuel, all sorts. And bodies. Dead bodies. Mangled dead bodies. not very nice. My father is sitting next to me, he is still alright, so we unfasten ourselves (we were wearing seatbelts at this time) and get up. He says "we have to find your mother" so we start to walk uphill towards where the nose came off (Again dont ask me how i know to walk in this direction-i just do. its a dream)

So anyway i walk up this hill. All the way up there is more debris, and more dead bodies. Other people are walking with us now, some with injuries, some unscathed. perhaps 20 or so. we find my mother, still alive, at the top of the hill, where we wait, presumably for the emergency services.

Now i'm not one to normaly put much stock in dreams, i tend to view them as a random memory dump when i ocasionally have them (Perhaps once every other month), but this dream was so
vivid . i could smell the blood, hear the screams, feel the plane bucking and rolling.

So what are your opinions? I would appreciate any reasonable comment. I know its illogical, and i doubt that an aeroplane will crash on take off from Newcastle Airport, but still, the dream freaked me out, and i can still remember every last detail about it to this day.

(a very confused and concerned)


7th May 2003, 05:02
All I can say is that if you ever book a holiday and it turns out you are flying from Newcastle with a certain low cost, orange tailed airline then don't take it!

I doubt the dream means anything. I had a similar dream not so long ago about a certain low cost blue tailed airline flying from Stansted to Prestwick, the aircraft pitched violently up then rolled inverted and nose dived straight into the ground after take off. The scary thing was two days later I was taking that exact flight! I sh!t myself all the way through takeoff and in the climb but thankfully nothing happened. I guess it's just another dream so don't worry about it. Mindyou a woman had a dream about a ship named Titan which sank and a few days later the Titanic sank! :uhoh:

7th May 2003, 08:17
Several years ago I had a dream which was similarly freaky. It was not as scary as yours but was really weird.

I dreamt I was on a beach and the tide was so far out it could not be seen. It was a typically overcast British summers day.

We are standing on the beach having just arrived when my Aunt, (moronic) uncle and their 3 particularly obnoxious children walk up to us. They said they had been delayed as a woman in a wheelchair had been knocked over by a reversing bus and they stayed to help.

Now I hate my irritating Aunt, dislike her lunatic husband aand would cheerfully set myself on fire not to spend time with any of them if I can avoid it. I told my brother about it and forgot about it.

About 4-5 months later my mum twisted my brothers arm and "pursuaded" him to drive her to Western-Super-Mare for a day trip, and by the way my bloody aunt and uncle would drive down in convoy.

We arrived at WSM and it started to ring bells. After we got on the beach my aunt wanders up and tells this story about how some woman in a wheelchair got knocked over by a reversing bus...

Talk about deja vu.

My dream may not be as traumatic as a plane crash but then you have never met my aunt and her team of mental defectives, or been forced to spend a day withthem in bl++dy Western-Super-Mud.

(If only I could have a similar dream about the Lottery on a double roll over day!)

7th May 2003, 08:20

All I can say is , YOU NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR.

7th May 2003, 09:16
Have you tried asking Marge on the agony aunt forum ?:hmm:

7th May 2003, 13:46
I haven't ever had a dream/nightmare about being in an actual plane crash, but I have had some about seeing a plane in distress.

Pretty much they're all the same (strangely enough none of them have sound :confused: ). The worst one I can remember was looking at contrails in the sky in the early morning about 6.30am, and seeing the contrails just go in different directions.

I have had other dreams (not freaky though). Okay, here's one from a few days ago. I was back in Seoul for a holiday and was being met at the airport by friends. The strange thing is, though, they met me at the gate of the aircraft and there were no immigration facilities, baggage collection points or customs checkpoints. And even more bizzarely, the terminal was (after about 5 metres) almost exactly the same as Stockland shopping centre here in Townsville. It was weird!!! :ooh:


cabin secure
7th May 2003, 17:29
Was sitting up late one night... Couldn't sleep. Switched the idiot box on.
Watched a plane crash into a building and thought to myself..
I've just had a dream about this a week ago. I think I've seen this movie before.
But alas... it wasn't a movie.
....and the world will never be the same again.

The day my grandfather died he sat on the end of my bed. I was 12. And living in a different state.
When my dad came to tell me, I told him grandpa was dead . He asked me how I knew and I told him he had come to see me on his way to heaven.

And that's just 2 occasions of many.
Spooky? Yes! Completely freaks me out!! But some people just see stuff.

Don't get on a plane from Newcastle airport with an orange tail!

Tricky Woo
7th May 2003, 20:24

Fear not: it simply means that you have surpressed heterosexual longings to shag yerself into an early grave.

All very normal.


7th May 2003, 20:34

I could have an attempt at interpreting the dream for you, but I think you would rather keep some things to yourself.
You’ve got a lot on your mind.
A look at some key words might help you understand your dream.
I found some basic interpretations and they are in approximate order to coincide with the chain of events in your dream. It may not be accurate but this could give you some basic ideas.
I'd hate to think what Tricky has been dreaming of lately. :eek:

Tickets:??? admission; vanity (tickets on yourself); inclusion (on the ticket)
Do you give people admission into your emotions?
Who is vain?
What are you including in your relationships?
Vacation/Holiday: time out; reward; laying back
Do you need time out?
Who deserves a reward?
Are you the type to just lay back and relax?
Jet: elevated awareness; being propelled; intensity
Has your level of awareness been elevated lately?
Do you feel you are being propelled in a certain direction?
Are you living life to its full intensity?
Flying: higher perspective; freedom; journey
Do you need a higher perspective on matters?
Where do you feel you achieve total freedom?
Who are you travelling with on your journey?
Emergency: sudden change of direction; quick thinking; a test (fight or flight)
Has your life taken a sudden change of direction?
Do you rely on quick thinking to get you out of situations?
Are you undergoing a test?
Crash: lack of attention; out of control; ending
Do you feel you suffer from a lack of attention?
Who is out of control?
What is the ending needed for?
Accident: warning; unobservant; hasty decisions
Is this a warning sign?
Who is being unobservant?
Have you made any hasty decisions?
Sky: limitless; peace ; an expression of mood (blue skies, grey skies, etc)
Are your options limitless?
Do you want peace in your life?
Are you able to fully express your mood?
Ground: Getting back down to earth/basics
Blood: life force; ancestry; revenge
Is someone draining your life force?
Do you want to research your ancestry?
Are you seeking revenge for past wrongs?

Mangled Bodies/ Bone:
Do you feel you need to get the framework of your life back on track?
Are you able to get to the core of most problems?

Death: completion; starting anew; moving on
Are there situations in your life that need completion?
Are you starting anew?
Who is moving on?

Massacre: termination; inhumane; helplessness
Have you recently been terminated from your job?
Fire: purification; creativity; ritual
Are you looking for purification?
Do you nurture your creativity?
Do you abide by any rituals?

Climbing: moving upwards (socially or economically); advancements; desire for achievement
Do you want to be moving upwards either socially or economically?
Is an area of your life advancing in the way you would like?
Who has a desire for achievement?
Farm: productivity; understanding of the seasons; hard work
Have you been working to your full productivity level?
Do you have a spiritual understanding of the seasons?
Are you afraid of hard work?
Grass: informer; getting high; greener pastures
Are you someone's informer?
Do you feel the pile of problems is getting too high to control?
Are you always looking for 'greener pastures'?
Hills : Do you think your mum is “over the hill” or old fashioned?
Hill(s): small obstacles; old age (over the hill); a collection of thoughts
Do you get too stressed out by small obstacles?
Are you scared of your impending old age?
Do you need an outlet for your collection of thoughts?
Junk/Debris: second-hand; addiction (heroin); drift away (a boat)
Do others make you feel as if you are second-hand?
What is your addiction trying to compensate for?
Do you feel people are drifting away from you?

Walls (Hedges)?: confinement; to be cornered (back to the wall); barriers
What makes you feel confined?
In what situations do you end up cornered?
Who is putting up the barriers in your life?

tony draper
7th May 2003, 20:58
Oh Dear, Last night I dreamt of seven fat sheep and seven thin sheep, does this mean I should buy a pair of wellies?.

Let my people go.


Windy Militant
7th May 2003, 23:24
I remember reading something about Igor Sikorsky(spell?) where he was asked if he'd ever been scared whilst testing his designs. his reply was to the effect that he'd had a dream about walking down a corridor in a giant aircraft and until he'd lived that experience he felt assured that his life was never in danger.
He went on to build an enormous bomber which had a corridor in it. Did the dream foretell the future or did he just build his dream?
I think Arthur C Clark wrote a short story based on this but with a twist in it:ooh:

Oh yeah and lay off the limberger before bed:ok:

no sponsor
8th May 2003, 00:10
Cabin Secure: your story freaks me out. People just see things? !!

Let me know if you have a dream about meteors wiping out the planet so I can go and buy the 911 Turbo before we all die.

Matty - you've probably just watched too many movies. It sounds like the one where a bunch of high school students escape death because one of them has a dream about the plane crashing before it takes off, so they get off, and death comes after them... quite a good movie.

8th May 2003, 00:52
Did somebody call for a doctor?


That's what happens when you go running as a way of trying to get to sleep at night. Stick to the booze and you can't go far wrong!

Oh, and I've just been watching 'Final Destination' on DVD this weekend - that's the one no sponsor was on about.

However, have no fear - I don't work for EZ out of Newcastle yet, but if you ever have vivid dreams of a Cessna out of Carlisle making a small hole in the ground.................:ooh:

8th May 2003, 05:22
I have seen final destination, and i guess the dream is similar to it, but only in so much as one plane crash will look reasonably similar to another from the inside.

I didnt go running before, and i certainly dont eat before bed.

Mr Draper - Who would want to keep geordies? More trouble than they are worth :p