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7th May 2003, 03:05
Edited version of mesage just received from my local Neighbourhood Watch:-

(Updated to give full details - exactly as received from police)

This is Ringmaster message no xxx from xxx of the Neighbourhood Watch office, Amersham on Tuesday 6th May.

Police are anxious to trace the whereabouts of a known burglar by the name of Dominic Zammit who is known to be operating in the High Wycombe, Princes Risborough and Aylesbury areas. He was until recently living in a squat in the Bassetbury Lane area, High Wycombe.

He is described as 5'6", medium build, brown eyes, dark brown hair and is believed to be Maltese. He also has a scar on the right-hand side of his nose, another above his left eyebrow and has several tattoos.

Police believe he is using a grey BMW 318 with vehicle registration E663 WGT.

If you know of his whereabouts or have any sightings of the car, please contact the police on 01494 786092 between 7.30am and 10 pm.

So if he is inconsiderate enough to appear in your garden between 2201 and 0729, give him a wave for Thames Valley Police, won't you? If he can hear you tell him that as soon as the nice policemen have had their breakfast he might be in real trouble.

Words fail me!

7th May 2003, 03:14
U-R well at least you have a Neighbourhood Watch ("NW")that is, to an extent anyway, effective and in operation!

When I was told my home insurance would come down if I was in a NW area I decided to find out if I was in such an area. Calling my local police office, this is suburban and leafy London/Kent so we just have an office open for a couple of hours a day, I was told that there was an NW in the area but it was not particularly active and would I be interested in joining. So far, so reasonably good! I said I would be interested in finding out more and gave my address and telephone number and added that as I live alone I would appreciate only my telephone number being given out (OK so I am in register of electors and phone book BUT I don't like my details being passed on to all and sundry!).

Nothing happened so a couple of weeks after the original conversation I called again and was told that my address had been given out and that someone (they couldn't tell me who) would be stopping by! I was angry (a) they didn't have name of co-ordinator and (b) they had given out my address!! grrrrrrrrrr

Needless to say I never did hear from anyone connected with NW so as far as I am concerned it is hopeless - us folks who regularly walk dogs and who spot stuff are a much better network of "informants" although we are a little stymied in that there is never any way of informally feeding information back to the Met!!


pax anglia
7th May 2003, 03:21
U R...........

Consider yourself lucky that TVP make themselves available at all. On a couple of occasions that I have had need of their help or had information for them, they have not been in the least bit interested, in one instance being thoroughly bxxxxy rude.
The Chief Constable's whinge about his lot comes around with all the predictability of Halley's Comet, but somewhat more frequently. I understand their budget is in the region of 245 million quid a year. Quite what they do with over 2/3 of a million a day isn't known.

Anthony Carn
7th May 2003, 05:54
At least it keeps yet another bunch of public "servants" in a job, lots of sick days on full pay, short working life and decadent pension.

How the other half live (at my expense). :mad:

7th May 2003, 06:00
Needless to say I never did hear from anyone connected with NW so as far as I am concerned it is hopeless

Then why don't you make it more viable? I used to be a NW co-ordinator, though not in the UK. It works well, but only if people have a "can-do" attitude...

7th May 2003, 06:17
reynoldsno1 absolutely fair comment. What I suppose I should have added to my original post, when told that my addy had been given out and I would be called upon, was that I asked for name and contact details so I could phone the (alleged) co-ordinator but I was told that that information could not be released to me!!

To be honest, since the time of my enquiry (some four years) I have had rather a lot to contend with both personally and professionally so haven't considered pursuing matters further... but ... who knows ... maybe I will!! :D

7th May 2003, 09:06
I recently received my council tax bill, showing an increase of 28% over last year for the contribution to the police.

Imagine my satisfaction on Easter Sunday evening to receive a very worried phone call from my teenaged son, out in the family car (legally, with my permission). Having parked the car for a few minutes to watch some off-road bikers, he returned to to it to discover that all four tyres were flat. As it was nearly dark, he wasn't sure if they had just been let down but he knew at least two had been slashed.

Rather worried that a knife-wielding madman was about and he and his girlfriend were now stranded on an unlit and narrow country road, he phoned the local police station (about 3 miles away from his location). He was told because he was over the county boundary they wouldn't send anyone. To his amazement, he was given another phone number for the adjacent county force! He rang it but no-one answered.

I went out to rescue him and the car, but I had to make a return trip home to get more equipment. On my return, the thugs who had presumably slashed the tyres were now in an adjacent field, shouting insults and threats in the dark. Fortunately my son had the good sense to call on the help of his mates, who turned up in another car. The thugs legged it when we went mob-handed into the fields armed with the jack handles and breaker bars.

I later checked the location, it is actually in the same county as the one where I pay 28% more police council tax this year.

So what am I paying for? I thought this was UK, not somewhere that criminals can escape by going over the "state or county line".

Do you think the Chief Constable would give me my 28% back so I can buy four new tyres?

The most annoying thing is, I used to fly for the ******s! :*

tony draper
7th May 2003, 16:37
I never understood the objection to a national police force, why have all these separate force areas with all the duplication that implies.?
Its time we did away with this, I'm sure chief constables, (they are little better than politicians now anyway) enjoy having their own little empires to run, but it does lead to a lot of silliness as described by Shy Torque.

You want it when?
7th May 2003, 22:00
Not sure about the police but the council tax is a pain.

In the list of costs for this yeaqr I noted a 3.5% pay rise across the board for the staff - I 've not a had a raise in pay for two years. Seems you should only get more money for doing a better job unless of course you can just steal it out of someone else's pocket.

Also - last September the council voted to outsource the management of car parking to a private company. Who promptly created a parking scheme from hell where you have to buy the right coloured tickets from the right machine otherwise you get a fine of 30 going up to 60 in 28 days. This firm halved all the free pay slots and are raking in millions in ticket sales and fines.

The money the council saved? I'm glad you asked - they allocated it to building a free car park for their employees in the town centre.

I now pay almost 2K per annum for bin men to come along and leave rubbish all over the road - I don't get any other service. At least short person goes to school next year so I'll start to get some benefit.

8th May 2003, 01:00
No burglars operating in MY Neighbourhood Watch area......:E

Can do, will do....done.

8th May 2003, 03:04
And I thought the council tax rises were only to top up the local government pension fund black holes!!!!

simon brown
8th May 2003, 22:38
Anthony Carn ,I couldnt put it better myself.

I also pay a fortune for the refuse"collectors" to distribute the contents of my bin up the street, and when I complain that the lazy basta**s couldnt even be bothered to pick it up again , I get some surly response from some underpaid unmotivated council vegetable telling me they cant pick it up as it may contain a syringe or something. Somewhat miffed I tell them I dont have a drug habit and I'm not running a bloody crack house and since when have baked bean tins and a copy of the Sunday Times resembled a syringe?. I tell them that if they dont return I shall distribute the contents of nexts weeks rubbish on the doorstep of their corporations offices and invoice them amounting to one weeks poll tax.

A couple of days later when I'm out and about out and low and behold 3 squad cars , 2 motorcycles a van and about 10 coppers actively serving the community on an empty stretch of "A" road vainly trying to nick local motorists whom have failed to notice the newly instituted speed limit of 40mph. Guess whom has let the trees branches obscure the new speed limit signs?, yes the bloody council. I stop and have a word and am asked why I have stopped, as I wasnt speeding. I inform them that the sign is obscured by vegetation and why 1 week after the new speed limit....at the end of the month mind you ...are endless resources being used to entrap unwary local motorists. They should be targetting the little boy racer shits for racing around the one way system at 100mph on a Sunday instead. What answer do I get "Its Friday sir and to be honset they all look after their motors so we've ****** all chance of doing them for faults" A week later Cheltenham Boro council spend a bloody fortune on flowers.....

I'm begining to think by all the complaints Im making I should call myself Victor Meldrew..Just what do we pay for because I'm very much begining to wonder....

Ive often advocated the use of a local electric chair for criminals and miscreants. A Kangaroo court could be held for these criminals and old Elsie at No10 could administer the punisment in her basement. Each street would have a chair sponsored by NPower These could be sold by enthusiatic NPower reps whom take a commission on the power used. It would free the Police up for other things such as golf and masonic meetings and the crime rate would drop.

Wee Ali
8th May 2003, 23:25
Having a good ol' rage reading this..
I bought my new flat in October.The very day I signed for the place,a raft of letters (most of them duplicates) arrived demanding payment of Council Tax.Like the law-abiding middle-class mug that I am I signed the Direct Debit & let them help themselves to over one hundred quid of my hard-earned cash every month.
Shortly afterwards, the developer went bankrupt, leaving the Site without street lighting,road surfaces,secure front entrances or any finishing to the Common areas. Apparently the Local Authority were to assume responsibility for completion of the lighting & roads. Seven months later, in spite of repeated letters, phone calls & visits to Councillors,MP's, planning departments sod all has happened & we are still living on an insecure building site.
The useless f*****s have collected about eleven thousand pounds in Council Tax from us in that time..
Needless to say, the local junkies, wasters & low-intelligence superbreeders have no such difficulty in getting things done.
And as for the police, last year,whilst doing a job as a locum registrar in A&E the local police dragged in some drunken idiot,who in the process of assaulting several female passers-by,fell & sustained a head injury.Left unrestrained,although supervised,he then proceeded to kick me in the ribs. The response of the 2 officers attending was 'Now Jamie that's not nice,sit still for the wee nurse' That was it. They wouldn't charge him,caution him or even restrain him.Still pissed off!
I am now of the opinion that if you are a decent law abiding middle class person in this country, you would be as well painting a target on your head. It is a goddamn disgrace..Roll on Australia! I have had enough.

simon brown
8th May 2003, 23:47
Im thinking of giving up my job, being law abiding and paying my taxes, its too much to expect any sort of service.

Im going on to become a transvestite, drug taking bisexual Assylum seaker whom has to rob in order to fuel my habit. I shall also attempt to father half the b***ards in the area in order to sponge get my moneys worth from the housing benefit register. I shall also convince them i'm Albanian and that I expect a council grant to get my "Escort Services" and "Pizza Delivery" company up and running.

In order to obtain planning permission for a small discreet satellite dish, I shall tell them its part of my "communication as art" project as i'm thinking of turning my house into a refuge for diseased lesbian artists. I shall also drive an MOT failure with false registration plates and run it on Mazolla

That way, my life style will be greatly enhanced and the local authority will treat me with less contempt than those law abiding mugs whom are treated as bottomless pit of cash ....

9th May 2003, 00:16
Yeah, and if you complain nothing happens, you might as well not bother - and my back hurts and when have we had a fine day ? and I'm sick and tired of this office.....

9th May 2003, 00:21
But guys, with all the crap the council and police dish out, you have to remember. Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad. Other things just make you swear and curse.

When you're chewing your life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle, and this'll help things turn out for the best. And, always look on the bright side of life. Always look on the light side of life.