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tony draper
6th May 2003, 22:35
I see that the tariff has been announced for Britains first Toll road, 3 quid for a car, 5 for a van and 11 for a Lorry, apparently there is to be a discount for the first tem million users.
I would think it will not take long to recoup the cost of building this road, what is the intention then?,to turn it into a normal free road or hand it over to there friends in the city so they can cream off a fat profit for the rest of recorded history.
If they could get away with it the powers that be would stick a meter on our backs and charge us for the feckin air we breathe, Oh! I forgot, they already did that, its called the Poll tax.

6th May 2003, 23:06
drapes, it's like the Ritz Hotel. If you don't like the price, don't go in.

At least the M6 will have less traffic on it than before, so that those who chose to pay for convenience will subsidise the rest of us.

If it wasn't for the toll the road wouldn't be there at all, and the M6 would remain solid for ever and a day.

tony draper
6th May 2003, 23:16
Oh I have nothing philosophicly agin this method of paying for roads UR, I just wondered what will be done when the cost is recouped,? I suspect it will be a bit like the Tyne Tunnel, very carefull accounting will ensure it is never paid for.

7th May 2003, 00:00
I don't know the precise details, but I do know that some Private Public Partnerships provide for the asset to revert to the state in a certain number of years after the investment is amortised.

You're the Google king - you tell us!

7th May 2003, 00:45
Oi! We've already paid for it, many times over :mad:

Only a small fraction of all taxes levied on motorists are spent on the roads. Now we have to pay twice :mad: :mad:

One of the arguments during the fuel protests a couple of years ago was that you couldn't compare fuel taxes here with those in other countries because they had tolls and we didn't.

If we are getting tolls, will the price of petrol come down ?

Will it fcuk :mad:

7th May 2003, 00:48
Why do they need roads in the first place?

I thought they lived under bridges and ate billy-goats.

oh........................TOLL Roads! :oh:

7th May 2003, 01:57
I just looked it up. The road is a 50 year concession. The project is entirely funded by the consortium that has built it. A bit of public money has gone into the M42 improvements that link to it.

So it's cost you nothing unless you choose to use it.

Departures Beckham
7th May 2003, 02:45
The same applied to the Dartford (QE2) Bridge. I think they were also given 50 years to get their money back and profit, and then ownership is transfered to the public.

Out Of Trim
7th May 2003, 03:09
Well If it's not a Public Road - Part of the Queen's Highway network; I take it there is no speed limit. Sounds Interesting...;)

Maybe a kind of unofficial road test road like the M1 used to be in the 60's:suspect:

7th May 2003, 03:16
I travelled into Central London last week for the first time since the 'Toll' has been introduced. It was certainly quieter and I paid the charge on the ‘net and seeing the option to receive a receipt via the mail I thought, “well, why not, at least it’ll cost the bu**ers the price of a stamp to send it to me!”

Anyway, the receipt arrived, quickly and efficiently and then it struck me!

Here we have ‘Mad Ken’ with his jobs for London, Charge for London, Mayor for London, London for London etc. etc. and the address at the Top of the receipt read:

Transport for London
Congestion Charging
PO Box 2985
COVENTRY!!!!!!!!! :uhoh: :oh: :uhoh: :oh:

7th May 2003, 03:43
greatorex....That's outsourcing for you mate...! Costs too much for it to be done in London, so they look too the North.......! :D :P

tony draper
7th May 2003, 03:58
Next year it will prolly be run from Bombay, we have converted from manufacturing industry to service industry ,now that is being transfered to India.
Phone the local councill cleansing dept up a few years from now and you will find the offices are in Calcutta.
Dunno what we are all going to be doing ten years from now.

7th May 2003, 04:00
True enough, Ozpax. Come to think of it, it would certainly be cheaper if we outsourced Ken and 'sent him to Coventry!!!!!' ;) :D ;) :D

7th May 2003, 16:13
Well greatorex, it is a fact that the congestion charge offices which are in London are located.....

.....yes, you've guessed it! Just outside the charging boundary!!!