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2nd Nov 2001, 20:59
Right firstly I am a complete novice however I have had a few hours and love it. My plan is to go to New Zealand and train to Instructor level. Firstly has anyone trained in New Zealand? Is it hard to get a job in Europe after completion/Conversion?
Due to the excahge rate at present the rate is very affordable... Has anyone any ideas?

Luke SkyToddler
2nd Nov 2001, 22:35
Yes, with the current exchange rate, it's about the cheapest place on earth to train right now, and one of the nicest as well. However, due to the excessive rigidity of JAA regulations, you'll find it's no longer worth the effort to do any more than your PPL, and hour building to 150 hours or so, in your time down under.

Unfortunately, a New Zealand CPL, instrument rating or instructor rating will not be recognized in Europe to any great extent. If, for example, you pitch up back here in Europe with a kiwi professional licence and a couple hundred hours total time, you'll find yourself having to re sit all the ATPL theory exams, CPL skill test, compulsory 55 hour course of training for the instrument rating, IR test itself and most of the dual training and test for the instructor course as well. Minimum of around 20,000 for all that lot, even though you already passed all the qualifications in New Zealand. It'll actually end up costing you more to convert, than it would have cost you to train here in the first place. ( Which in my opinion is the whole purpose of the legislation, to protect Euro flying school business interests, and prevent smart wannabe's like yourself from slipping through the net of non-European flying schools and spending your money somewhere cheaper :mad: )

I'm a kiwi myself, just gone through the whole New Zealand-to-UK licence converting drama last year and now instructing in the UK, feel free to email me if you want any advice or highly biased opinions about the whole procedure.

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