View Full Version : Does the race of an offender affect UK police charging policy?

5th May 2003, 23:37
I saw an article in the paper yesterday that led me to asking this rather ‘charged’ (no pun intended) question. The headline read: “50 bombers ‘waiting for the right time’” and the by-line was from London.

A gentleman by the name of Hassan Butt, “a self-styled recruiter of British volunteers for jihad”, said that he had been approached by Asif Mohammed Hanif and Omar Khan Sharif, the two British citizens who recently travelled to Israel with the intention of becoming suicide bombers, (one of them successfully), asking for guidance on how to carry out “martyrdom operations” in Israel.

Mr Butt says that the number of British volunteers for such operations “…is getting close to fifty. They are contacting me about organisation.” He goes on to say “It’s about screening them, testing them, making sure they are sincere. Then, when it’s right, they’ll all be used.”

Which leads me to my question: if a Caucasian was recruiting ‘volunteers’ for, let’s say, the National Front “to kill blacks”, how swiftly would the law have the man behind bars? Let’s remove the racial dimension and say that a white, skinhead National Front bovver boy announced that he was seeking recruits to kill – I don’t know – Frenchmen, or Irishmen, would he be treated any differently by the police than Mr Butt, who, it would seem, is still at large?

Possibly a separate issue, (but topical given that today’s paper reported that a senior ex Iraqi Republican Guard officer has applied for asylum in the UK), how do people feel about allowing asylum seekers to remain in the UK after they have demonstrated quite clearly, once having gained permanent residence, that they are antipathetic to the UK and are seeking to harm or destroy it? Is it fair to say that they have failed to live up to their side of the contract that was (or damn well should have been) understood to be part and parcel of their being accepted into the country when they sought asylum? Or does Political Correctness dictate that we must accept that newcomers such as these gentleman must be tolerated and allowed to continue to act with seeming impunity as they strive to destroy the society that has accepted them as refugees – while, in many cases, they collect Benefits?

I know I’m going to receive some replies slating me as a racist, but let me assure any and all that I’m anything but. However, I am quite happy to be branded a ‘culturist’, if there is such a word, in that I believe we Caucasians have as much right to fight proactively to defend the lifestyle and culture that we have developed if someone, particularly someone we have allowed in to share that lifestyle, is attempting to destroy it.

6th May 2003, 00:36
It does seem strange that President Blair has not opened our own camp Zulu or Charlie at Alum Bay on the Isle of Wight to circumvent any of those boring democratic processes

tony draper
6th May 2003, 01:35
I see tha hooky handed wock eyed peice of shit, Abul Hamza is still preaching jihad and hatred,well, at least he's outside the mosque now, pity a few cockney lads couldn't do to him what we did to Oswald Mosley and his chaps up here.

6th May 2003, 02:19
I suppose you couldn't arrange to send some of the boys down South to sort out F1 racing

6th May 2003, 06:32
Good post Wiley,

Agree with you 100%.I have oftened wondered that we have such a fifth column in this country its quite frightening and worrying.
We seem to let all sorts of people into to the country some genuine,some out for a free meal ticket and some with more of a sinister motive.
Your quite right if it was a Dr martin wearing skin head he would be arrested before you could say national front.
IMHO the Police and powers at be are too scared to arrest these people because of the backlash that it would cause,with the PC brigade playing the race card (yawn,yawn) yet again.

In the interests of national security its time to sort these sh1ts out and make them disappear for good.

7th May 2003, 17:43
Police and policing policy is a reflection of contemporary society. If the police arrest a left wing or racial minority agitator, there’s always the regulation outcry from the ‘rent a crowd’ mob regarding thei infringement of his or her Human Rights. However, if they arrest a National Front agitator for doing exactly the same thing, the silence from the same people is deafening, a classic case of selective outrage.

It's a pity the first few replies weren't a bit more considered, as this should be a serious subject.

7th May 2003, 19:54
Apparantly, in London, Police began carrying out "Stop and Search" policies on anyone that looked suspicious, searching them for drugs, guns, knives, stolen property, anything that was out of order basicallly. When the figuers were published, it turned out that a higher percentage of Young, Black men were stopped and searched.

Naturally there was an outcry from the Black community, and i believe "Stop And Search" tactics have all but stopped in London.

The fact that most of those young black men were found carrying drugs, guns, knives and what have you counted for nothing.


[ Apologies to Mr Draper - I have just read his Post on another thread that says basically the same thing :O ]

8th May 2003, 04:17
Your post Wiley touches a chord, and I suspect with more than a few. The antics of the hooked one eyed 'cleric' who persists in his jihad here in this country, having declared his personal hatred for it and how he despises being here, defies my sense of logic. He is obviously successfully fighting extradition to Egypt from where I believe he hails, or is it Yemen. He is of course only one of many who use this country as a soft touch and base in which to act with seeming impunity.
The seperate cultures that have sprung up and make little or no effort to integrate, but merely serve as 'little' isolated communities with their own foreign identities, are beginning to seem less like quaint pockets of multicultural diversitie than reservoirs of hostile 5th columns that are not interested in being incorporated into the host country, but merely financial opportunities for those who wish to escape from their own home countries lower economic situation.
There are some, possibly more prudent, countries who require some effort to be made by would be citizens to learn the language, and at least some of the general knowledge of the countries constitution. Sadly nothing like this appears to be required in the UK and there seems to be a steadily growing sector of the population who are in fact overtly unwilling to make even a token effort at assimilation, since that was never their intention in the first place.
It would seem to be a dangerous trend which if allowed to continue unchecked will result in the floodgates being opened from within and any form of controls simply shouted 'voted' down.
Even the Romans had controls about who could become a citizen centuries ago and they knew a thing or two.

With reference to statistics the Police Commisioner who replaced Condon and who was reckoned to be very PC also released statistics that have raised eyebrows. But then the cry will always be raised that statistics mean nothing and can be manipulated. But at some stage the mountain of evidence will refuse to be hidden or swept under any convenient carpet, it may be too late to do much about it then, but what's new.:(