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tony draper
5th May 2003, 18:25
Drapes found a great website yesterday, one types in the date, ie 5th May,(today) and a page appears informing one all the events that have occured on that particular date throughout history.
Drapes decides, in the spirit of edumacatin and informing his fellow prooners, to post this information everyday.
Splendid idea one hears you say.
Alack and alas,woe is me,on the first day of providing this splendid service,apparently, nothing has ever occured on this date,thoughout the entire span of recorded history.
It was ever thus with Drapers schemes.

:rolleyes: :( :{

5th May 2003, 18:40
What about the death of that french bloke Napoleon on the 5th May 1821?

5th May 2003, 18:41
Just tying to read betwen the lines here Drapes, does that mean we should be wishing you a happy birthday or something?

tony draper
5th May 2003, 18:49
Ah EGPF, I understand Napoleon was one of those foreign chappies,and his death probably occured in one of those foreign places, probably didn't make the news here.

5th May 2003, 18:54
1865:- The first train ropbbery took place near North Bend, Ohio.
1961:- The USA put Astronaut Alan Shepherd into a suborbital flight
1980:- The SAS stormed the Iranian Embassy in London, freeing 19 hostages, killing 4 gunmen

Born this day:-
1818 Karl Marx
1904 Sir Gordan Richards
1913 Tyrone Power
1943 Michael Palin

5th May 2003, 19:11
5th May 1945 end of WWII, Liberation of The Netherlands.
5th May 1898, (was) my Grandfathers birthday.

tony draper
5th May 2003, 19:13
Thank you Mr Monster, me google must be busted.

5th May 2003, 19:34
5th May 1947, Radeng was born.

Sultan Ismail
5th May 2003, 20:31
Happy Birthday

5th May 2003, 20:47
Thanks, Sultan

For the second year running, I'm in Sweden - and not getting taken out to dinner, either!

5th May 2003, 20:50
Radeng, hop over to OSL and I'll cook you a birthday dinner. :ooh:
Happy Birthday, and thanks for that very lucid post on the "phones" thread up in R&N!
Made the whole thing a lot more understandable. :ok:

tony draper
5th May 2003, 21:09
Likewise, Happy Birthday Radeng.:)

5th May 2003, 22:30
Thanks, people. Sorry I can't get over Flaps - would you believe, I'm actually having to work (in between ppruning!)

Still, they only owe me 13-1/2 days time off in lieu so far this year...

Better than having no job, even if I have had 3 US trips, 1 Moscow, 3 Copenhagen, 1 Geneva and 19 Stockholm trips in the past 15 months. Someone has to help the airline industry in its present state.....

Onan the Clumsy
5th May 2003, 23:55
The fifth of May...isn't that Cinquo de Mayo, the day they invented Mayonaisse?

19 trips to ... Stockholm? Hmmmmm ;) :O :zzz:

bubba zanetti
6th May 2003, 00:03
May 5, 1512 Geradus Mercator, German map maker, was born. And yes mr draper, I am still on a navigation theme with my reading. Where would we be without Mercator !

6th May 2003, 01:05
Bubba, was that May 5th in our calender? there was a change in the UK (and probably elesewhere) in the 1700s, so dates before that don't necessarily correlate.

tony draper
6th May 2003, 01:13
Mercator made Canada look a lot bigger than it is Bubba. ;)

6th May 2003, 02:32
Mrs Loki was carrying the Dyson downstairs this ack emma, slipped and fell on her biscuit. Has just invited me to kiss it better, but have declined politely.

bubba zanetti
6th May 2003, 03:45
Radeng ... there is much confusion as some sources list his birthday as March 12 .... but such maths are lost on me!

6th May 2003, 04:19
Napoleon's last words were "At the head of the Army."
I have no idea what the question was.;)

Tricky Woo
6th May 2003, 04:43
He's right, you know.

Soddin' nowt happened today, even though I watched it very carefully. Napoleon must have given it the hex when he snuffed it.


tony draper
6th May 2003, 04:52
Captain Cook discovered Australia yesterday! :(

One had suspected the Woo person would be franticly leafing thru the pages of his, Boy Own History, 1927 edition property of Manchester municipal Libraries and Cemetaries Dept.

Onan the Clumsy
6th May 2003, 05:02
Not many people know this but back then, but to be in the Royal Navy you had to be from a family who could show a great history of domestic service.

So it was therefore, that Captain Cook discovered Austrailia.

He sailed in the footsteps (so to speak) of his mentor Captain Footman who was quite a notorious figure in the jungles of Borneo and who in turn had been recommended for a knighthood by none other than Admiral Gardener. The citation listed a rather daring adventure involving Admiral Gardener and Chief Petty Officer Chambermaid. History is silent though as to the exact nature of the event.

tony draper
6th May 2003, 05:21
Shhh Onan, captin cook is held in high regard in smoggytown, Being the only famous person ever to hail from that sad bailywick.
There are numerous streets, roads, municipal parks, museums,and gardens named after and devoted to him, poor buggas don't have a great deal of choice when it comes to renouned Teesiders.

Tricky Woo
6th May 2003, 05:35
...although the Woo Person has at least heard of Napoleon. Still, to be fair, I received my education at a school, rather than having it grunted into my ear in the traditional geordie fashion.

Geordie Multiple Choice Exam: "which French Emporer dominated Europe from 1791-1812? Throw two lumps of coal for Napoleon; throw three lumps for Charles Aznevour". Trick question, really, cos the examinees are only given one piece of coal at the beginning of the exam, and that's to write with.


bubba zanetti
6th May 2003, 05:35
LOL ... From my office I can see a street sign called ... Cook Street and of course it intersects with Vancouver Street right near Quadra Street .... etc ... etc ....

Onan the Clumsy
6th May 2003, 05:38
What about Laurie McNemenemamie?

"It's Alk-o-hool free...Officer"

tony draper
6th May 2003, 05:41
That Napoleon was a bloody Frenchman, we seldom give them a thought up here.

Onan the Clumsy
6th May 2003, 06:11
Corsican actually.

tony draper
6th May 2003, 06:26
So, Corsicans are suseptable to Arsenic same as Frenchmen. :rolleyes:

able was I ere I saw elba

6th May 2003, 06:38
You need to find a better Website my friend.

Good job you're not in El Paso, Alburquerqe or Phoenix tonight...let alone Mexico...

Cinquo de Mayo is a huge celebration and an even better party.

Sorry i missed ya :p


6th May 2003, 21:07
Deeply traumatic day, 5 May. Yesterday was the 24th anniversary of PP committing the ultimate act of foolishness.

6th May 2003, 21:43
Congratulations, it was 24 years for me also.

7th May 2003, 01:28
No, no, Congratulations are due on 12 May, the eleventh anniversary of the decree absolute.

Celtic Emerald
7th May 2003, 02:44
Bl**dy hell

It's not the end of the world again is it???? :eek:


7th May 2003, 06:07
1865:- The first train ropbbery took place near North Bend, Ohio.

So, How may train robberies have there been at North Bend, Ohio?

tony draper
7th May 2003, 06:39
Couldn't have been Butch and the chaps Reynoldsno1, he didn't start robbing trains until 1875.

7th May 2003, 06:46

We note the second part of your earlier post.

Yup, we could tell that from your spelling.

Tricky Woo
7th May 2003, 20:12
Wassup wi' me spelling?


tony draper
7th May 2003, 20:18
Listen, in Manchester,PWATT!!!(Draper pauses to spit), Mr Woo would prolly be Mancunian Professor of spelling at the Salford Royal College of spelling Manchester..

7th May 2003, 20:24
Has radeng some secret feelings for Flaps? We need to know!:p

Sorry I can't get over Flaps

and one for Drapes - http://www.datesinhistory.com/cgi-bin/bigphp.phtml?v1=may05

8th May 2003, 00:33
Shoodnt that be "speling", Mr. Drapes? :p

tony draper
8th May 2003, 00:54
Yeh. I just noticed collidge was speldid rong as well.
What the **** yer expect I'm a Geordie. ;)

Tricky Woo
8th May 2003, 05:19
Spelling's not a high priority at a geordie school.

Hard enough to write at all with those crayons they use up there.


tony draper
8th May 2003, 05:40
Least we got pointers on our clocks,we don't need no small bird to pop out every fecking hour and tell us the time.