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5th May 2003, 11:36
Naked Air (http://www.naked-air.com/)

Okay, so it had to happen. For $1800 pax could fly nekid to the Caribbean. Can you see this on the Gatwick to Tenerife route?


5th May 2003, 11:49
What is the attraction?

Always prefered to get naked at final destination.

Nice soft bed 30 feet from beach. in-bound rollers.

Tanqueray&T in a tall glass with three ice cubes, extra lime juice.

Hello you. Is it warm?

5th May 2003, 11:53
Dunno mate, I'm nervous when I fly, now some f*cker's got their kit off next to me. Well that aint gonna do much for the nerves.

Okay so this might be a flight where you request the middle seat:hmm:

5th May 2003, 15:40
Is this what that stupid little blindfold they always include in the freebie kit is meant for, then?

5th May 2003, 17:34
Ozzy, you have an obsession about that kind of airline or what??? That's you third post about some gross airline. Does your wife know what you do when you pretend you're reading CNN online? :rolleyes:

5th May 2003, 23:33
I only count two techlog but never mind. As I see it, the industry is fragmenting into "boutique" airlines as the big boys' cost structures can't support thier business's, see the moves by operators wanting to replicate Southwest's business model and lower cost structures.

Maybe this discussion needs to move to Question Time.

So I expect we will see more of this type of specialisation. Maybe Smoking Only Airlines, or Veggie Air, whatever. And I do find some of this stuff on CNN online:rolleyes:


6th May 2003, 02:30
When are we to expect one of your post about a niche airline that doesn't show t!ts? :rolleyes:

6th May 2003, 03:03
Ah this is a weight saving technique I recon this is the way all budget airlines will go in the future. They will also include no flying for people over 75 kilos (thats with clothes off) and you will only be allowed to fly if you have had a sh*t that morning :p

6th May 2003, 03:12
So do the cabin crew / pilots have to comply too? :yuk:

6th May 2003, 04:20
techlog as soon as I can find an example of one:E There just seems to be the examples I have found that have been publicised. Do you think the industry is headed towards the boutique airline, or is price only ever going to be how airlines compete?


6th May 2003, 04:42
Smoking Only Airlines...Sign me up for that one! It would make longer flights so much more bearable. Comfortable armchairs, proper tables, complimentary smoking jackets, a proper bar with a range of fine single malts - I'm sure there is a gap in the market for this!