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5th May 2003, 09:26
I'm sitting here watching a PBS documentary on Elvis Presley's gospel music. What an effing brilliant singer this man was, pity about the end he came to. In any case, seems he was really into the gospel stuff more than one might imagine. So many great songs, rock and roll man, but, so much great gospel music too. I still remember hearing of his death. In the UK, listening to Radio Luxembourg one night, then the news was announced.......ah christ:(


5th May 2003, 14:31
Yes, Elvis was and will always be THE KING.

5th May 2003, 14:37
Elvisīgospel roots were another thing he had in common with many of the (mostly overlooked) black stars of popular music. Much of the imagery used in gospel music can be adapted easily to popular music, simply substituting erotic for idealised love while keeping the musical techniques. Elvis came across as something new to mainstream white audiences unfamiliar with the large body of pre-existant black music, something which more than upset many black musicians of the day.