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5th May 2003, 06:02

I am currently working on a JP web project and would like to see if anyone can help me with two questions I have concerning Jet Provost T.1 G-AOBU.

Does anyone know when it was passed to the Shuttleworth Collection?

Secondly, can anyone tell me when the aircraft was loaned to Loughborough University, Leicestershire.

Thanks in advance, and I hope you don't mind this request.

Best wishes,


10th May 2003, 22:35
I may have got this wrong but is this the JP that Kennet Aviation had at Cranfield. I seem to remember that if it is then they have have moved it, along with their other aircraft, to North Weald. Something to do with concrete hard-standings at North Weald which stand up to jet efflux better than Cranfield's tarmac.

Random UAS Stude
13th May 2003, 00:47

I can't tell you when the Shuttleworth acquired the JP, but it left the collection in 1961 to go Loughborough in an exchange for VS Spitfire AR501, which went to OW (at this time Sea Hurricane Z7015 arrived at OW as well from L'boro, so that may have been part of the deal too)

G-AOBU I think first flew in 1954, so I hope that narrows down your search...