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5th May 2003, 03:06
... to the following dilemma:-

After having had visitors for lunch during which proud kids showed off the hamster to the visiting kids, after everyone has departed, you've cleared up the dirty plates, washed the stacks of glasses, are working off a major lunch, the other half announces we have a major alert on our hands - WHOOP! WHOOP! Hamster Alert! We have a hamster on the loose in the house!

Small visiting child has let small mammal out of its solitary confinement.

So - having searched all the obvious places and found no trace, how does one coax said small rodent out of wherever he's hiding, preferably with minimal harm to his physical and psychological well-being and with minimal harm to susceptibilities of resident small girls?

5th May 2003, 03:27
Critters like errant husbands and teenage children.....will usually pop-in just about dinner time if you are patient. Just do not let the neighbor's cat sneak in first!

After it quiets down.....the little rascal will re-appear....particularly if you display a small bowl of his favorite chop down on the floor where you can see him.

5th May 2003, 03:31
We had this same problem with a gerbil when the children were little, it took a lot of listening for it , then food to coax it out, then a towel over it to catch it when it appeared for the food. Not easy with exited worried children about, it took hours. Good luck.

tony draper
5th May 2003, 03:39
Put its box/ cage on the floor where the critter can see it, I once spent 12 hours trying to catch a Gerbil without success, I did the above and the Gerbil ran straight into its cage.
Spock it was called, just thunk I would mention that.


5th May 2003, 03:49
HugMonster + family I had a similar problem light-years ago when my aged grandma was visiting (she who had a classic phobia of mice, rats and "hamsters" ). Hammy (for such was the name of my golden--- no comments on lack of inventiveness OK) went walkabout for two weeks!!! We knew he was fine as my mothers full-length velvet curtains appeared to suffer a lace-effect modification overnight a couple of nights ... FINALLY wee hamster was found in corner of old-fashioned couch where he had made a wonderful nest ... this was an old style couch with chintz covers and in one corner (couch was convertible to chaise-longue) he had found the extra space to make a nest. Fortunately for me, my grandma, who had made this couch her resting place while visiting, never did find out where Hammy had made his nest hehehehe

SO........ I would look for cosy nesting places in the room(s) where said hamster has made good his/her escape ... put out pumkin seeds and other tasty treats and ... follow the trail from there!

I can assure you that the he/she hamster WILL turn up and will prolly want to write an autobiography when "rescued" hehehehe escaping does give em attitude :D

Hope this helps!!!

5th May 2003, 04:01
We had one on the loose a few years ago - was found peering out of the eaves in the bungalow we owned at the time.
It was spotted by the cat who was sitting salivating on the driveway looking upwards......rang the RSPCA for advice on catching him - they laughed their heads off and had no idea!
It was impossible to catch the critter in the loft and had to wait a few days for him to come down.
We eventually caught him at the dead of night going for the dish of food we left in the middle of the floor.

I used to go out with someone who had a pet shop, a hamster escaped and was spotted a year later waddling down the hallway!

When I was 10 my hamster escaped, he made a nest inside the settee by going in underneath.

It's a pain when they escape, you can't do anything but wait... I guess using a humane mouse trap may work!

Hey, Brocken - one of ours was Hammy too! :D

5th May 2003, 05:28
See, there's your answer!

Get a cat on the case - it'll soon find the pesky varmint:ooh:

5th May 2003, 05:37
I can lend you a ferret !!

5th May 2003, 10:06
First off, search the setee. We had one that lived there for a week nicely feasting and building nest from setee stuffing.

If no luck, stay up all night with loadsa food in the critters cage in the middle of the floor. Wait til the ****** runs into scoff grub and SLAM cage door shut. Then immerse in bath tub full of water and, ooer, that's not needed here.


5th May 2003, 10:37
Be hi-tech here.....get some of that sticky mouse catching paper.....put the food bowl in the middle of it.....and take turns checking the paper. Downside is the little varmint might leave his fingerprints behind when you attempt to peel his pinkies free from the glue. I can assure you he will be there when you look if he trods upon that stuff. Kinda like the Bates Motel that stuff....you might check in...but you will not check out.