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4th May 2003, 21:46
So let's start another one. I'm away from home at the moment with a DVD and free evenings, and what I'm particularly after here is recommendations from PPRuNers who, like me, don't care if they never see another explosion, car crash or computer-generated special effect in a movie as long as they live. Let's call them talkie movies, the ones that have the action freaks reaching for the off button after three gunfight-free minutes, but make the rest of us think. About anything, but generally our humdrum lives and relationships rather than solutions to The Big Picture.

I suppose almost all of Woody Allen's movies fit the bill and I went through a passionate WA phase a few years ago till they all started to blend together and only Manhattan, Hannah and Her Sisters, and Mighty Aphrodite stood out from the pack.

This thought for a thread only hit me ten minutes ago after watching a DVD which shall remain nameless, so it's not exhaustive and deliberately so. I'll start my list off with three of my favourites, which are in my opinion quite accessible to those of us with average concerns as opposed to "psychological thrillers" which I avoid like the plague.

Before Sunrise
A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries
Jean de Florette

...and in the spirit of spontaneity, several of Edward Burns movies which I won't even go and look up in imdb.com to get the right names.

Other suggestions gratefully received; over to you.

5th May 2003, 00:48
I agree with Jean De Florette, not sure it's one of my favourites though. having only really sat down to watch in twice.

I do enjoy watching The Five Pennies, really cheers me up on a bad day.

I. M. Esperto
5th May 2003, 03:53
The Yangtse Incident - How HMS Amythyste slipped away from the ChiComs, and raised a lot of Hell along the way. downriver.
Brilliant exploit, something like Sand Pebbles, but not fiction.

5th May 2003, 05:18
Isn't the Yangtse Incident a bit bang-bang for this thread? Years since I've seen it so I could easily be wrong.

What about Local Hero? That would be especially good if you fast-forward through the bits with the psychologist "tormenting" Burt Lancaster. The Company of Wolves (aka Red Riding Hood, mind you, a bit bloody in the third reel). The Mask? Bit cartoony but I still get the impression there were some intelligent people trying to say something. To Have and Have Not. Chinatown. LA Story.

I'll get my coat.

5th May 2003, 06:06
L.A. Confidential.

Where a Kiwi and an Aussie playing americans nearly stole the show from Kevin Spacey. And a slight nit to pick...an Oscar for Kim Basinger? I'd have given the clingy satin backless dress an Oscar for sure. But her acting? Oh well. Back to the satin dress....

5th May 2003, 06:12
I suspect I'm turning into a woman, but The Bridges Of Madison County. A bit corny, but I actually think old Clint and Meryl get the emotions across quite well.

5th May 2003, 07:05
Bought and watched this weekend,

So I married an exe murderer. Mike Myers, funny.
Ice Age. Very very clever animated movie. Worth seeing.
Miss Congeniality. Sandra Bullock at her best. Very funny and moves along nicely. Her dialogue with the writer is hilarious too.
Scooby Do. Hmmm ok. I'm not a fan but if you like Sarah Michelle Gellar.....
Last but not least. Breaker Morant. Ripper of a film. Based very closely on a true story. (Oz history, Boer War)

5th May 2003, 09:37
Lakeboat (watched it last night) by David Mamet, ah eff it, anything written by David Mamet

Robin Williams Live in NY, heh heh

Last Rounds, Michael Caine etc

A Shot at Glory, Robert Duvall (football team in Scotland...funny)

Rogue Trader, Ewan McGregor as Nick Leeson

Red Dragon, Anthony Hopkins - no explosions but scary as hell


5th May 2003, 10:46
First post on JB, so hello all


Manon Des Sources - Jean De Florette follow up.

Once Were Warriors

Band of Brothers - OK, not a movie, but great none the less.

Life is Beautiful


Oh, and the Muppet Movie. Love that one from my younger days. Turn left at the fork in the road!

Le Pen
5th May 2003, 15:04
Have to say that I agree.....

Band Of Brothers

10 hours of the bes type of entertainment. The only problem is that you wont be able to switch the damn thing off!



5th May 2003, 17:47
I have to say some people have some funny ideas on what constitutes a talkie movie! LA Confidential and Once Were Warriors are both in my all time top 10, but talkies? :confused: Witchdoctor, agree with you on B of MC, though I normally keep it quiet too. :O

Ozzy, might be a couple there I'll check out. Anybody who likes David Mamet can't be all bad. Glengarry Glen Ross... hmmm, wonderful.

hkwannabe, welcome to Jet Blast. Loved Amelie but I think my biorhythms must have been all astray when I tried to watch A Beautiful Life. I switched off after fifteen minutes of irritation and have never bothered trying to watch it again. :hmm:

Thanks folks, keep them coming.

5th May 2003, 17:58

Your secret's safe with me! If we ever go shopping for shoes together though.......:ooh:

Anthony Carn
5th May 2003, 18:37
"The Miracle Worker" -- Helen Keller story up to the point where she understands the concept of communication. Superb. Very emotional ending. One of my favourites. :ok:

Edit : Just been away reminding myself of the cast (brilliant acting by the two main actresses) and found http://www.firsttvdrama.com/show2/history/mir1.php3 for an accurate description (if anyone's actually interested).

5th May 2003, 22:04
I just found the tape I recorded M*A*S*H on when it was shown over the xmas hols.
still haven't watched it yet.

Anthony Carn, I've just finished reading Helen Keller's biography, it's called "Around The Block in Eighty Days" ;)

Home Signal
5th May 2003, 22:22
One good movie watched recently was "13 Days" about the Cuban Missile Crisis, being only 4 or 5 when it was reality to see what went on was very interesting.

Plus the DVD has an excellant news reel collection of the real events.


5th May 2003, 22:37
Funny you should say that, Home Signal. I watched that very movie last week, and it was a fascinating memento of a crucial time.

But what a shame nobody knew until Kevin Costner got hold of the screenplay that such a bit player played such a crucial part. JFK sure was lucky to have him around.

Has there ever been a movie where KC played a loser? Sheesh, what an ego. Maybe he never recovered from the shock of his part in The Big Chill finishing on the cutting room floor?

tony draper
6th May 2003, 00:26
One of my favourites just been on TV here, Barry Lyndon, Kubricks best IMHO.

6th May 2003, 00:59
A few IMHO worth watching, in no particular order:

Glengarry Glenross. Jack Lemmons finest performance ( you cannot watch "Gill" in The Simpsons without thinking of him.

The Shawshank Redemption. Best ever adaptation of a Steven King novel.

Stand by me. Second best.

A matter of life and death. This film is over 50 years old, and still stunning.

Band of Brothers. For the same reasons as said before.

6th May 2003, 01:45
I agree with Band of Brothers - got the box set a while back and enjoyed it immensely. Great camerawork - the 1st person perspective stuff works especially well. However, probably not exactly what Binoculars was looking for here!

Once Were Warriors - good film. Haven't seen it for a few years, so I might have to try and track that one down.

Donnie Darko - this is worth a look. It's very strange, but compelling.

Mulholland Drive - also strange, but hey it's David Lynch, what do you expect! Naomi Watts gives one of the best performances I've seen for ages.

Straw Dogs - remains quite powerful. Worth watching just to see why it didn't get cleared for a video release for so long.

6th May 2003, 03:36
Two more while i think of it Bins.

Trees Lounge.

Fargo. Not strictly what you asked for, as Fargo has a couple of v disturbing scenes in it. But both star the very underrated actor Steve Buscemi.

Did they model "Gollum" from Lord of the Rings on him, or do i need to visit Specsavers.

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

6th May 2003, 06:46
Fargo also in my top 10, max. How could I have left out the Coens? Barton Fink!!!

I'll research Trees Lounge on your say so. Never heard of it myself.

Watched For the Love of the Game last night. Guess what? Kevin Costner played a hero!

Uncle Cracker
6th May 2003, 07:04
Bend it like Beckham. Forget the football connection, just a wonderful story. Aaawww!

6th May 2003, 17:35
God, how could I have forgotten "Some Like It Hot". That must be the funniest film I think I have ever seen - it's even funnier than any of the Monty Python films or Airplane (and THAT is saying something).

Also can't ever go wrong with the old staple favourites "Alien", "Jaws" and the original "Star Wars" films, especially "The Empire Strikes Back"

tony draper
6th May 2003, 17:43
Humour is subjective, I found Some like it Hot, mind numbingly unfunny, I did watch it for MM of course, besides for some reason I cannot stand the sight of Jack Lemon.
Personly, I think from now untill the heat death of the universe, nobody can possibly make two funnier movies than Life of Brian or Holy Grail

6th May 2003, 17:55
Channel 4 have just completed a "100 Greatest Movie Stars" poll. Below I post the "Top 20". Needless to say hopelessly biased against "Oldies". Olivier, Guiness, Tracy, Peck and Fonda(H) don't even get a mention!:mad: :mad:

See also http://www.channel4.com/film/newsfeatures/microsites/M/moviestars/index.jsp

1. Al Pacino
2. Robert De Niro
3. Tom Hanks
4. Kevin Spacey
5. Harrison Ford
6. Jack Nicholson
7. Anthony Hopkins
8. Sean Connery
9. Ewan McGregor
10. Cary Grant
11. Samuel L. Jackson
12. James Stewart
13. Audrey Hepburn
14. Steve McQueen
15. Brad Pitt
16. Paul Newman
17. Mel Gibson
18. Clint Eastwood
19. Robin Williams
20. Sigourney Weaver

6th May 2003, 17:55
"you're all individuals"

"i'm not".

6th May 2003, 20:05
Newswatcher, i have to agree, sadly it's the general public that votes on these things. Remember "Greatest Britons" featuring Princess Diana(!) alongside Shakespear etc etc....

Movie wise, French film Nikita gets my vote. Remade (badly) in the US as The Assassin.

6th May 2003, 20:22
Give The Hairdresser's Husband a try, seriously good film... As previously mentioned The Shawshank Redemption rocks.

Sultan Ismail
6th May 2003, 20:54
Best Movie Star

Now let me think, wasn't there a chap, ummm, ummm Orson Welles that's the guy.

Citizen Kane

The Third Man

Greatest films ever made

and just to upset Mr. Draper, Jack Lemmon's best film was "Days of wine and roses".

Binoculars if you can sit through that you will quickly close the 'fridge door, probably put a lock on it.

Sultan Ismail

6th May 2003, 21:21
I've been scratching my head over title and place of origin but saw a movie on SBS a few years ago that I think was called "The Bell Boy" of mediterranean origin. possibly Spanish or Italian.

Mrs Cooda's equally vague on the details but we both remember it being a great rib tickler...if you don't want action/violence/effects.

6th May 2003, 22:02
Cooda, are we talking short films?

Try "Le Bell Boy" - http://www.britshorts.com/mod_perl/film.mpl?film_id=51

I. M. Esperto
6th May 2003, 22:42
I clicked on Le Bell Boy, watch movie, selected Broadband, but nothing happened. How do I get it to start?

7th May 2003, 04:31
I quite like "A beautifu Mind" with Russel Crowe

Also, The 6th Sense, and by the same director, Signs, both good films


7th May 2003, 04:42
This Is Spinal Tap
My Life As A Dog - Swedish with sub-titles, and no it's not one of "those" - very funny movie if you can find it.

cabin secure
7th May 2003, 17:16
Snow Falling on Cedars
Road to Perdition
Meet Joe Black
My Life Is a House
I am Sam

no sponsor
7th May 2003, 22:54
Here goes:

Dr Strangelove
Battle of the Sexes
Blazing Saddles
Back to the Future
The Man who would be King
The Abyss
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask: the sheep scene
Life of Brian

7th May 2003, 23:12
Gotta be 'Elvira Madigan' for pure unadulterated schmalz with lashings of Mozart thrown in.

Dunno if its on CD [email protected] usually turns up on channel 4 at christmas tho' you may have to wait till then.


7th May 2003, 23:14
Not often in agreement with Michael Winner, but share his views in today's article.


7th May 2003, 23:27

In response to a search for bellboy, my movie bible, www.imdb.com doesn't produce anything remotely similar to your description. But when you mentioned Mediterranean films I realised another group of films that qualify perfectly for my initial query (did I read wrongly or did somebody suggest the Star Wars series? :confused: :confused: ) and that is the Eric Rohmer "Seasons" series. Lovely. Oh, and Cinema Paradiso, which fits so perfectly as to be beyond description.

A few futher comments on responses received, with thanks to those responding;

Movies I've put on my To Be Watched list based on recommendations on this thread, (and a quick look at imdb's reviews); Trees Lounge, Hairdressers' Husband, Snow Falling on Cedars, Life as a House (only just)

The 20 minutes I managed to watch of I am Sam were so intensely irritating it almost put me off Sean Penn forever.

Every movie critic in history puts Citizen Kane in their top ten, usually at number one. After three viewings to find out what I missed, I gave up and decided I just wasn't as smart as the critics. Hey, I like Field of Dreams. So sue me. :8

Just watched A beautiful Mind without expecting much, and thought it was terrific. Watched Bend It Like Beckham expecting too much and was disappointed.

Hey, please keep the suggestions coming in, Ppruners. My list of things to see is expanding.

Nikita a talkie?????

Errr, :rolleyes:

P.S. And dammit, one I keep meaning to recommend, maybe especially to cabin secure, is Lantana. Fabulous.

Tricky Woo
7th May 2003, 23:35
Being a wee bit isolated from the usual Brit stream of films and TV programmes, I took to the DVD player in a BIG WAY.

I guess my approach has been to tackle films by genre, i.e. the top three of any particular type. Of course, some genre's deserve more than three films, and the productions of some directors should simply be watched en masse.

Anything by the following directors...

David Lean (Bridge Over the River Kwai...)
Coen Brothers (Barton Fink...)
Stanley Kubrik (2001...)
Francis Ford Coppola (Apocalypse Now...)
Krzysztof Kieslowski (Three Colours...)

Genres're a bit more tricky, but here's a beginning...

Spaghetti westerns (Good, Bad & Ugly...)
Modern war movies (Platoon...)
Old war movies (Longest Day...)
Traditional westerns (Magnificent seven...)
Film noir (Blackboard Jungle...)
Private detective (Chinatown...)
Cool old French films (Le Samurai...)
Cool modern French films (Diva...)
Cool old Sci-Fi (Solaris...)
Cool modern Sci-Fi (Blade Runner...)
Depressing Scandawegian stuff (Seventh Seal...)
Depressing Italian stuff (Bicycle Thief...)


7th May 2003, 23:38
Avoid "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" what a load a bollocks

The Shipping News, very good - Kevin Spacey and Judi Dench

Pass it forward, Kevin Spacey

KPax, Kevin Spacey (bloody ell, Kevin Spacey makes a lot of talkies)

As Good As it Gets, Nicholsan and Helen Hunt

Good Will Hunting, "how'd ya like dem apples" Daemon and Affleck


7th May 2003, 23:47
Re: Top movie stars

Sigourney Weaver is ahead of Meryl Streep??? :confused: :confused: :confused: