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4th May 2003, 19:24
Hi folks,

Not got time to do a trawl through the net for this one so I come here in hope that some of you well-read peeps will have a few answers.

Dad just found a WWII survival dingy in the garage complete with red sail. The dingy itself is yellow with writing in different langauges on it (Italian, English, French, Polish) and is in very good condition as it's been folded away in a box for the last 60 odd years. The red sail has instructions in English on it. We also have the metal mast to go with it.

It would have been picked up somwhere between the English Channel and Sicily by my late grandfather who was an officer in the Royal Navy during WWII. Quite a wide area of sea to cover there so the possibilities are endless I would imagine. I guess an inspection by a suitably qualified specialist is in order but in the mean time does anyone know if this sort of thing is rare, collectable or simply ten a penny?

Also, who would be the best persons to get in touch with about this find so we can get some info on it's history?

Thanks for any info,


PS: We have a feeling that this dingy came from an aircraft as it's a one man raft.... not likely to get a one man survival dingy aboard a warship I'd imagine.

4th May 2003, 22:35
Failing all else, ring any museum and they should be able to help ... or at least direct you to the right place.

pax anglia
5th May 2003, 03:01
Try the RAF Museum at Hendon. They've been very helpful with occasional bits of research for me, or failing that the Imperial War Museum.

6th May 2003, 23:23
To increase the potential profit, buy an old clarinet and inscribe it "Glenn Miller 1944" add dried seaweed and conceal within dinghy.

tony draper
6th May 2003, 23:28
I thought the protocol was to sink such craft after the occupants had been rescued, so as to avoid confusion in later searches.

Ah sorry, didn't read your whole post, if its in a box obviously its never been used. :confused:

Biggles Flies Undone
6th May 2003, 23:32
I'm with pax anglia on this. My son is an avid collector of militaria and every time he has unearthed a new acquisition one or both of these great museums has been able to give him a full heads-up. You could also try a post on the Aviation History and Nostalgia forum - lots of knowledgeable peeps on there.