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4th May 2003, 11:19
Touring AMS in a taxi with GPS, looking for someone..

Just over the bridge of the canal.

Passed a young woman riding a horse,

More a shetland pony sized horse,

Gently down the verge past the canal.

The horse was trimmed so that his coat was in two dimensions,

in a sculpted type of style.

Barbers probably have a name for this.

All of a sudden, I wondered if I could live in The Netherlands.

Uncle Cracker
4th May 2003, 14:53
I think I could no problem.

4th May 2003, 16:41
:sad: so could i.....

Uncle Cracker
4th May 2003, 16:52
Shall we apply for asylum there?:cool:

4th May 2003, 22:30
There are (allegedly) too many asylums there already Uncle Cracker (sorry flaps - joke - honest). ;) :E

4th May 2003, 22:51
Whols you're right, place is full of 'em. Started in the 1500's with Postugese Jews I think, then came the Huegenots and God knows what else in the centuries since. More money to be made from freedom of religion than from dogmatism; can't blame my countrymen for overlooking a financial opportunity, ever. So in piled the foreigners from every corner of Europe and later the known world and the colonies.
When the Russians killed the Hungarian student revolution in '56, my parents were among the lucky ones who managed to get out.
Warmly welcomed in Holland they were; and I'm grateful for having had the chance to grow in that tolerant country.
Tulips, Windmills, clogs, window prostitute unions, legal euthanasia and soft drugs at the corner café. :)

Amsterdam has been the proverbial melting pot for centuries; combine that with a very pragmatic view of rules and moral regulations, and you get my favourite city.

Lotsa bad stuff you can say about it, and you wouldn't be wrong.
But the wrongs of Amsterdam are shared by every major city in the world.
Amsterdam is unselfconsciously relaxed like few other places, and living in the old centre of town is plain and simple great good fun.
If you like to live life without too many rules that is..........

Cracker, I'll sponsor your asylum mate; with a name like that you'll fit right in! ;)

Uncle Cracker
5th May 2003, 00:00

Ta for that!
Only been briefly (a few years ago now - I was probably too young to fully appreciate it fully.) I promised myself I would return
but the chance hasn't arisen since. I may well have to force the issue and make time!

(I still may be too young though... ;) )

Tricky Woo
5th May 2003, 15:43
Hmm, the thread title misled me somewhat. Never mind, I think I'll post what I dreamt up while I waited the two minutes for the damn thread to open up...

Seems to me that owners very often do impose fashion values upon their unsuspecting pets. Witness french poodles so beloved of the rouged old biddys of my childhood, although one can barely comprehend of a time when that look could be even slightly fashionable. (shudder).

Of late, two more doggy fashions spring to mind: the South Sea Bubble in the cost of old english sheepdogs that followed the Dulux campaign on the 1970s; the proliferation of dalmations of late. Still old english sheep dogs are as passe as the Jilly Cooper haircut that came with them, so there's still hope that the half-witted dalmation breed will decline.

Still, there could be hard cash to be made from anticipating the next fashionable pet. Cor, if I'd spotted the recent maine coon bandwagon earlier, I'd be loaded by now. Personally, I believe the tortoise could be a good sleeping investment, protected status non-withstanding; it's been in and out of fashion for ages. Failing the tortoise, this could be a good time to salt away a pristine giraffe or two.

Remember to keep the boxes they came in.


5th May 2003, 22:37
After all my years of flying I have just come back from the land of tulips and gunja! :p everytime I made it to Amsterdam I was always stuck out by the airport and never had a chance to get into the city. while it was a culture shock I had a LOVELY time. i must admit I was surrounded by teams of uk men all hopped up on testosterone who all thought I was a holland native. I couldn't believe how many 'stag' parties were taking place. I guess they can't ask for more... smoke up.. get laid with no worries! The city is very picturesque and the people there are lovely. It still shoke me up that people can walk into a cafe and order weed off a menu! with Canada about to legalise cannabis, I was wondering if AMS would be a cesspool of derelics. NOT AT ALL! The people are lovely and laidback. I can't wait to go back! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh those flowers, I have never seen such beautiful varieties!
As for fashionable animals? My weimaraner is pretty flash ;)

5th May 2003, 23:04
"I'm grateful for having had the chance to grow in that tolerant country"
I agree 110 percent with you Flaps.
It might have its own problems with their liberal views on things but you can not beat it for growing up in.
"Waarom gek? Omdat het anders is?" was the well known poster in my time. That set my vision on things for life and I am greatfull for it.

And than the kroketten! :{ :{ :{ I can't get them here!:{ :{

6th May 2003, 17:13
IFTB :) Highlight of the annual flight safety recurrent is the kroketten in the bedrijfs kantine at midday. :ok:
:{ when the recurrent is on a saturday or sunday

Lox, funny you mention the drunk Brit stag parties......
Last month, the prostitute union together with the organisation of people living in the red light area have filed a joint complaint about just that.
The Wallen are being flooded by gangs of totaly out of control brit young men who scare away the paying trade by behaving obnoxiously, foul up the area by puking and p!ssing everywhere and generally ruin the relaxed small village atmosphere that was chracteristic of the area. The petition is being supported by the Police Office Warmoesstraat, the local cops prefer to deal with the normal mix of gawkers, junks, families out for a stroll, men looking for some affordable sex and people of all ages looking for a bit of a thrill.
The Brits are considered a menace by both the whores and the police; two trades not known for shrinking violets in their ranks.

Happy you enjoyed The Lowlands mate, not susprised they took you for a local; tall blonde & gorgeous............ :=
And yep, those flowers are gorgeous too. :ok:

6th May 2003, 17:52
I'm still not giving up to try and get FEBO to open a shop in France! :D :D