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4th May 2003, 10:51
Does it happen any stories to liven up PPRUNE? Ill go to sleep now.

4th May 2003, 11:08
You should not forget the "Jet Blast" Forum it is, literally a blast.

And that's where this post is going. :D

Buster Hyman
4th May 2003, 11:31
Hmmm....that reminds me...

Does it count towards the mile high club membership, if you were alone at the time????:eek: :p := :oh: :E :ooh: ...:ok: :yuk:

Onan the Clumsy
4th May 2003, 22:03
BH, Why the last smily? What exactly did you get up to?

Uncle Cracker
4th May 2003, 22:20
Onan, yer've done it again! I just sprayed the monitor with tea. (Now choking, tears etc.)

4th May 2003, 22:29
Certainly expains Pilot Induced Oscillation a lot more credibly than the Mathematics/Physiology done at Farnborough ! :D

5th May 2003, 01:58
I always have a smile when I think about the lav in a 767.

5th May 2003, 06:32
I guess BH swallows then?:}

Mister Geezer
5th May 2003, 08:33
There was a rather amusing moment a few years ago which involved a businessman, his secretary and a Cessna 152. Due to a stuck PTT switch the encounter was broadcast on Edinburgh Approach. Apparently the story made the Sun or they were offering lots of for the story, one or the other. The aircraft used to be one that I instructed on. Suppose it must of been a bit more interesting than the EDI ATIS.

5th May 2003, 08:55
I really wish the sex in the space shuttle report had been true but, alas, twas an urban legend. However this clinical write up explains how it can be achieved with said underpants:O

Sex in Space... (http://www.guardian.co.uk/spacedocumentary/story/0,2763,420058,00.html)


Buster Hyman
5th May 2003, 21:38
I resemble that!

The last smilie, Onan, was from a time when I was a famous Has-Been German tennis player, and....oh never mind.:uhoh: