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4th May 2003, 05:15
Thought people might find this interesting - it just leaked into the news. Democrats are worried that they will be losing ground in the Senate in 2004, from a deficit of 51 - 49 down to 55 - 45 as Democratic senators in the South (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida) are in trouble. South Dakota and Nevada also look promising for Republican gains while Alaska might be the exception for the Democrats to pick up a seat. It looks as if Bush and company are only getting stronger.

4th May 2003, 05:57
That's nothing! Britain's been tilting more to the right since 1979!

Y'all know Maggie got in that year, stayed 'til 1990, flogged off the family silver - that is, sold what we all already owned to a few of us (the gas company to "Sid" for example). Michael Foot of the Labour party lost the General Election, big surprise. Neil Kinnock of the reformist tendency also lost it. Blair comes in and turns the Labour Party into the Conservative party while John Major energetically costs us all folding money against the Euro. General election comes, Tories lose spectacularly and Labour default winners.

2004, Ian Duncan Smith still leader of Cons, loses spectacularly to Blair, who is still leader of "Lab" (ie real Cons).

So I find it interesting that we have a Government supposedly sponsored by the Trades Union movement that has introduced tuition fees for University Students - hmm, that really emancipates the proletariat - and that sticks with the tax rates left by the Cons.

I can only conclude, 46Driver, that living for so long in a socialist republic like the USA has turned your political judgement.

4th May 2003, 18:10

Just keep an eye on the economy, it will effect everything. if it keeps going south, then Bush and his merry band of millonaire crooks will be out on their street.

War/terrorism/abortion rights/healthcare/education/religious concerns/crime

All these issues take a backseat to the percieved value of the dollar in your pocket.

It's the economy, stupid!

4th May 2003, 20:24
Gee....since Daddy learned that lesson the hard way....reckon Junior might be getting some good advice from somewhere? Duh!

Actually guys....what we are seeing is a transformation of the American political system. Fox news, conservative talk radio, and other media outlets are now exposing the liberal media and the liberal agenda for what it is and the majority of the voters are finally hearing what they have in their heart. You are seeing a political system that remembers the huge red and blue map and the message that had. The Democratic party took a position on the Iraq war that required us to lose for them to benefit. We did not lose....we won brilliantly. They are now trying to recoup from that position....but the train has left without them. Hell, they are beginning to mention "The Bitch" as a possible candidate.....since the current 500-600 front runners for the nomination are all busy beating up on one another and making a bad deal of it. Young Edwards from my state forgot himself and made a Dixie Chick like mistake and decryed the "Old South" thinking he could use the Trent Lott issue to his advantage. He will not do that again....better not if he considers himself to be serious about this. The economy has taken a tremendous blow from 9/11 just as it was coming out of a Recession....it is about ready to improve (if you believe all the data from the economists) it is just a matter of time. The deficit and the deficit spending is a very real issue....both parties better recognize that.

My money is on Bush and the Republicans.....I have pledged to my Republican fund raiser all my savings I get on Dividend taxes this year if they get that passed. Being "Rich" I need that kind of tax relief to fund my own retirement.

4th May 2003, 22:15
Rather infantile way of looking at the political landscape SASless, I've heard all this before from republicans. About how the US was finally learing the mistakes of "trusting" the liberal agenda and after waking up, were finally turning to the right. I heard it in '68 with Nixon, '80 with Reagan and then again with Bush's father when he was courting Pat Buchanan and the southern christian facists, I heard it with Gingrichs "Contract with America" and of course we hear it now with Bush junior. Each time it's proved to be a false dawn and the country then voted in a democrat. US politics is cyclical, republican one term or two then a democrat one term or two, bottom line is everything depends on how the economy is doing.

Where do you get your facts that the US was climbing out of recession just prior to 9/11? It was contracting significantly prior to that and is now getting worse. The trade and fiscal deficits are at nightmarish proportions.

And yet another statement of yours,

The Democratic party took a position on the Iraq war that required us to lose for them to benefit.

is complete B/S, the three democratic front runners Dick Gephart, John Kerry and Joe Liebermann all supported the war.

I don't think Georgie will need your contribution, he recieved $100 million for the last campaign, (the largest in history, thanks to some very wealthy "friends") and also spent 3 times as much as Gore on lawyers and co. to make sure that Florida was his as promised by Jeb.

Go on and on about the war all you want, but the economy will decide this election. I look forward to it.

Democrats abroad (http://www.democratsabroad.org) :ok:

4th May 2003, 22:40
southern christian facists

Smile when you say that....

5th May 2003, 02:40
Prior to Sept 11, I would have said you are correct: "It's the economy, stupid". There are some voters who are single issue voters (i.e., abortion, gun control, etc) but most traditionally vote primarily on the economy. However after the terrorists attacks, national defense is a much higher priority and poll after poll shows that Americans do not trust the Democrats when it comes to that issue. My neighbor - a Democrat originally from Boston - said today while we were discussing this issue that he is definitely voting for Bush because of Bush's foreign policy. Interesting times.....
Personally, I think Bush is going to win easily, the Republicans are going to make significant gains in the Senate - and then the nightmare: Hillary is going to make a strong bid for the White House in 2008.

I. M. Esperto
5th May 2003, 03:38
I have a feeling that Bush's war may just backfire on him. He is catching Hell from the Right, Left and Center.

This is the war of 1,812 Lies, and as they are exposed, watch out.

He won the last "Election by 1 Supreme Court vote.

I was glad to see Gore beaten, but since 9-11, iI have no faith in Bush, and I'm a conservative Republican.

5th May 2003, 05:44
Oh sh*t, I must have got in the wrong thread, I thought it said "America t*ts more to the right."

5th May 2003, 06:33
Ah, it is funny how the liberal democrats tell us all these evil scams of the republicans.....they feel our spending was wrong....only because they got out spent. Not withstanding the 40 million dollars the Teamster's union gave them. The shits of that deal....is the members usually vote more conservative and republican than their Union bosses do. But then democracy is supposed to have checks and balances. So long as the Dems get the checks....they do not care about balances....especially the spending versus revenue part. All they want to do is raise taxes...and spend. Will Rogers in the 1930's wrote politcal commentary that is just as accurate now as it was today....and he had no use for the liberal democrats then.

Gephardt, Liberman, and Kerry all "supported" the war.....to the extent they did not campaign against it and merely voiced support. I did not see them standing up to their own party about its position papers. There is a difference between "supporting" the war .....and actually backing the war by taking a leadership role.

Yes it is the economy....and beyond maybe appointing the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board....which was a Republican appointee....and re-appointed by both Clinton and Bush....there is very little the President can do. If our liberal democrats here will recall....John Kennedy....pushed reforms that today would have him squarely in the center of the Regan/Bush school of government. Tax cuts and reduced spending being the core issues.

When even the pundits on CNN flatly state the Dems are "dead" this next election unless the economy melts down....then we can safely assume our liberals will continue to have Bush to beat up on for four more years.

The thought of "The Bitch" running just scares the pants off me....at least around her....it would not be a dangerous situation to be in. I am sure Janet Reno must be Chelsea's daddy....that would explain the poor girl being so appearance challenged.

One Supreme Court vote was enough....I guess the Dems will say the Republicans "bought" the highest court in the land. Seems that is the way they think business is done...but wasn't it the Dems that first filed the court challenge after Gore admitted defeat then changed his mind?

West Coast
5th May 2003, 08:42
Please state your source in saying the economy was contracting prior to 9/11.

The GDP, the broadest measure of the US economy was in positive territority till 3Q of 2001. Granted, it wasn't the boom times of the late 90's but it was expanding not contracting as you say.

5th May 2003, 22:57
West Coast

Please excuse OneWorld, he never lets a solid fact get in the way of a good slagging. And GWB is the target for OW's daily slagging. You are correct, the GDP was in positive territory up to 9/11. Destroying a large chunk of the most expensive real estate in America can have a traumatic impact on any economy, to say nothing of the psychological impact on the population. I predict that the silent majority in the US will relect GWB in '04 unless the economy melts down But we are starting to see signs of life in the old girl now. I know what the published numbers are, but remember they "LAGGING" indicators. As far as "nightmarish proportions" where were you in the 70's and 80's. The Great Society programs , OPEC and Whip Inflation Now price freezes gave us real deficits and we didn't have the political will to fight inflation then, try to reinflate the US economy while Greenspan is at the FED and watch the sparks fly.