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4th May 2003, 03:29
There are two movies that I am aware of "On the Threshold of Space" and "Bailout at 25,000 Feet" which are docu-dramas about early development and testing of ejection seats and systems.
I've been interested in either seeing them again or getting copies for years. The last time I saw them was at least 20 years ago as a teenager. Unfortunately, I have no idea where one might find them.
Several years ago when I did a concerted search I discovered "Threshold of Space" is owned by 20th Century Fox. When I inquired there, I was told it remains in their film library and at the Library of Congress film library. I was told at the time that the films were not accessible to the public or for sale.

Anyone out there got a copy (or access to them)?

4th May 2003, 08:37
You might get lucky. A lot of old films are owned by distribution companies to sell usage to TV etc. Some years ago I found an old tankard sculling around one of our old 'attic' boxes. It was just engraved "The Flemish Farm" From that I learned my father was in a wartime movie, he was 'Loaned' from the RAF and as a serving officer was not allowed to be paid so the tankard was the acceptable gift.

After about maybe 15 years desultory search I found a new reference on the internet, maybe the distribution had changed hands or something. Anyway the new owners could not have been more helpful and four weeks later an NTSC copy turned up on my doorstep. It was definitely a 'B' film and at best we might only just have caught a glimpse of him but it was strange knowing the father I never met was actually there and then.