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3rd May 2003, 20:45
Please add to the list, any that you know of.

John Travolta
Michael Dorn
Harrison Ford
Patrick Swaze
Jimmy Buffet

Arnold Palmer
Phil Mickelson
Bobby Clampett
Nick Price

3rd May 2003, 21:03
Bruce Dickinson (singer out of Iron Maiden) - B737 pilot, as featured in this month's Pilot magazine.

Sultan Ismail
3rd May 2003, 21:26

Danny Fyne

Buster Hyman
3rd May 2003, 21:40
John Denver (Does that count?)

3rd May 2003, 21:43
Nicholas Lyndhurst - You know; "Rodney, you plonker!"

4th May 2003, 00:03
Mike Oldfield

Gary Numan (Stretching the 'celebrity' a bit)

Some Klingon off Star Trek who was featured on Discovery Wings the other night.

A couple of members of Pink Floyd (dunno which ones)

4th May 2003, 00:45
Tom Cruise
Ralf Schumacher

4th May 2003, 01:27
F1, Swervin Irvin: :}

Fly Stimulator
4th May 2003, 01:53
Eddie Izzard - Transvestite "Lesbian trapped in a man's body" entertainer

Joe Bolt
4th May 2003, 02:31
Hughie Green from 'Opportunity Knocks'. (Showing my age now).

'Fergie' Duchess of York???????

4th May 2003, 02:42
Dennis Quaid
Don Maclean (out of 'Crackerjack', not the singer/songwriter)
Martin Shaw

Graham Hill
Barry Sheene (mod, treat as you will)

4th May 2003, 02:44
>Some Klingon off Star Trek who was featured on Discovery Wings the other night.

That was Michael Dorn.

He remarked something to the effect of being grateful that his acting career could finance his flying obsession.

4th May 2003, 04:05
"Shirley" Strachan (RIP) ex Skyhooks bandmember and tv presenter. (Met his end flying a helo)

4th May 2003, 04:54
movie director Sidney Pollack

actor Kurt Russell

author Patricia Cornwell (helos)

4th May 2003, 05:41
Noel Eddmonds :rotary

4th May 2003, 05:58
Martin Shaw flies??

Mega swoon......... I used to carry a piccy of him in my pencil case as a teenager........ talk about guys getting better as they age!!!!

4th May 2003, 06:08
Yes it's true - he's got a big Stearman.

4th May 2003, 06:20
Yep, him and his wife, TV presenter Vicki Kimm. She has a PPL too - saw a TV programme some time ago that featured her flying a Stearman from Swanton Morley.

4th May 2003, 06:58
Helico, I think you've sent Techie weak at the knees with that remark! :)

4th May 2003, 07:05
Travolta wears four rings. Is he really the Captain or does he have a safety pilot? Being a 707-100 I realise that there must be two pilots plus FE, but just how qualified is JT?

4th May 2003, 07:26
Jasper Carrot
Derek Griffiths
The late Dick Emery
Dave Gilmour

4th May 2003, 09:28
Travolta wears four rings. Is he really the Captain or does he have a safety pilot? Being a 707-100 I realise that there must be two pilots plus FE, but just how qualified is JT?


Since earning his wings in 1974, John Travolta has logged close to an astounding 5,000 hours for reasons both professional and personal. He has trained in cockpits as diverse as his acting roles. They include qualifying as a captain in the Gulfstream ll, Lear Jet 24, Hawker 1A, Citation 1 and 2 and Vampire Jet, and as first officer in Boeing B.707. Following extensive sessions at Qantas's Sydney headquarters and with Boeing in Seattle, he has also successfully completed B.747-400 First Officer simulator training. Qantas Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Geoff Dixon presented Mr Travolta with his wings at Los Angeles airport on 24th June 2002.

4th May 2003, 09:53
I believe Jimmy Stewart was a Colonel the USAF in WW2, flew about 20 or so missions in the B-17.

Buster Hyman
4th May 2003, 10:32
Maybe we need to broden the thread to highlight the ones who should've stuck to acting or sport?:(

4th May 2003, 10:40
>I believe Jimmy Stewart was a Colonel the USAF in WW2, flew about 20 or so missions in the B-17.

Yes, I think it was "Biography" (A&E) that I saw about that.

Apparently he was quite the war hero.

>Maybe we need to broden the thread to highlight the ones who should've stuck to acting or sport?

Nominee #1 - Patrick Swayze


4th May 2003, 11:01
Dirk Benedict (actor on the old TV shows, "The A Team", "Battlestar Galactica")

Ted Williams (baseball player, flew 39 missions in Korea, was John Glenn's wingman many times)

4th May 2003, 11:20
Prince Charles .......... until he decided short runways were not to his liking!! :rolleyes:

4th May 2003, 12:14
George W. Bush was reportedly qualified on the F-102 in the Air National guard.

4th May 2003, 16:32
Isn't Rowan Atkinson now a pilot, after a pilot in his jet (single pilot) had some sort of fit, and Atkinson had to be told over the radio how to land it?


Chimbu chuckles
4th May 2003, 18:46
Can't think of his name...Phantom of The Opera and was the star in that Engish comedy...Frank was the character's name.

In one show he went for flying lessons and accidently knockedout the instructor..the subsequentflying sequences were flown by the actor...bloody hilarious:D


PS. Unfortunately Barry Sheen passed some weeks ago...he was my neighbour and a thoroughly nice fella.

Sultan Ismail
4th May 2003, 19:05
Chimbu Chuckles

You are referring to Michael Crawford I think.

4th May 2003, 20:56
Carl Palmer of the late '70s progrock trio, Emmerson, Lake and Palmer has recently gained a CPL.

Keith Emerson is also a Private Pilot... and not too shabby a Hammond player, either :)

Edit by Sick Squid, too lazy to hit reply!

4th May 2003, 22:37
Eddie Irvine has a PPL (H).

TV's Mike Smith can fly a helicopter too. Ahem. :eek:

5th May 2003, 01:17
So if John Travolta checked out as an F.O. on his 707 and wears four stripes, how many does the Captain have? Five?

5th May 2003, 02:19
Captains should have gold sleeves. :E

5th May 2003, 02:52
Comedian Jack Dee (well, he owns an aircraft at least - not entirely 100% sure he flies it)

5th May 2003, 03:15
>Some Klingon off Star Trek who was featured on Discovery Wings the other night.

That was Michael Dorn.

He remarked something to the effect of being grateful that his acting career could finance his flying obsession

Yes. And I remarked to my wife that he was a lucky bar steward being able to fly Saberliners and old military jets just for fun.

BTW, Richard Noble, ex-land speed world record holder, had just gained his PPL when I started training for mine down at Bournemouth Flying Club in 1982.

5th May 2003, 04:02
One I forgot - Nigel Mansell. Very experienced aviator, he pilots his own bizjet.

5th May 2003, 06:30
Anyone mentioned the Underwood brothers? Tony flying as FO with Easyjet as far as I know, but not sure if Rory is still on fast jets in the RAF.

5th May 2003, 11:17
Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle computers

(tends to tick people off with the noise though...)



5th May 2003, 11:59
The actor Sir Michael Gambon.

5th May 2003, 12:02
Dick Emery. Occasional Tiger bent at Fairoaks.

5th May 2003, 16:11
Ewan MacGregor's brother is a fast jet pilot in the RAF, I think!


Disrep Air
5th May 2003, 17:03
I read that Colin Mcrae flies choppers.

5th May 2003, 18:23
HRH The Prince of Wales and.........
One of his brothers
His Dad

5th May 2003, 18:38
Larry Ellison also owns and flies an ex-Soviet air force MiG. His son also has one and they fly mock dog fights together. Expensive to run....mind you he can afford it! He's valued now at $10 billion. Although that's down from $45 billion three years ago at the height of the dot com boom.

5th May 2003, 19:20
TheKentishFledgling: I belive you are refering to Colin MacGregor. A Tornado GR4 pilot, and part of last year's GR4 display team.

5th May 2003, 19:49
Also, Jack Higgins.


5th May 2003, 22:29
Dave Rowntree (Blur drummer)
(The bassist, Alex James, owns half of his aircraft, but I don't know if he flies.)

5th May 2003, 22:44
Did someone mention Dave Gilmour - pink floyd axe man.

B757,Hunter,Citation. Keen aviator and a pro too.

Bomber Harris
6th May 2003, 08:48
Also Nick Mason from Pink Floyd. I've had him as a pax in the corporate scene and he told me he had a chopper. My mate said he had a King Air when Floyd were up and running and he used to sit up the front with him cos he had 'some sort of license'.

Also Bill Clinton was USAF and decorated too. He went on to be an instructor and give interns hands on instruction on aircraft fitted with a joystick, but unfortunately didn't have an aircraft available so had to use his personal simulator. Most of the training was turbulance penetration techniques.

6th May 2003, 14:27
Excelent thread

Sir Jack Bravham flew his own aircraft (Think it was a turbo comander, my memory is on par with my liver though).

6th May 2003, 17:15
Dave Greenfield, keyboard player with The Stranglers...PPL
George Bush Snr, naval pilot in WW2
Norman Tebbit....should have stayed with BOAC and done us all a favour.

6th May 2003, 17:46
Helen something...the BBC weather woman.

And yes..Alex James from Blur does fly too.

I heard Swirvin Irvine always took a safety pilot with him because he wasn't arssed about doing any of the boring stuff like nevigating and radio..He just liked to actually fly it.

And Heinz Harold Frenzen's lancair has just been painted up at Turweston so I assume he flies.

6th May 2003, 18:09
And from the sporting world, former cricketer Ian Botham (helo) and rugby's Rory Underwoood (Jaguar!!).

6th May 2003, 18:29
Sticking with the Cricket world...what about David Gower...I know he did a stunt with a Tiger Moth at a test match a year or two ago...don't know if it was his own though or if he was just along for a ride?

6th May 2003, 18:35
doesn't class as a pilot.... however, Jeremy Clarkson had the great idea of buying an EE lightning and keeps it on his front lawn. :) :)

Shaggy Sheep Driver
6th May 2003, 18:44
I understand that the Clarkson 'gate guardian' was installed at chez Clarkson for that show. As soon as they finished filming, it was taken away again.


6th May 2003, 18:52
I stand corrected....... oh well, he's gone down in my estimations!;)

6th May 2003, 21:48
Any ozzies would know Charles Slade from CH10 news.

Ex BOAC/BA skipper. Always see him doing the aviation based news stories.

Buster Hyman
6th May 2003, 22:19
That's worth a thread on it's own! He went from being a pilot to a journalist!!!! It's like being the King & becoming a Queen, or driving a Ferrari & selling Daewoo's!

Check 6
7th May 2003, 02:33
Nic Mason is a helo pilot, as is his wife. They own a Bell 206. I flew them from Necker Island to Beef Island in 1994. The are very nice people.

Clint Eastwood is a helo pilot and flies his own AS-350B1 Squirrel.

Jimmy Stewart also flew some missions over N. Vietnam as a Reserve Brigadier General. He insisted that this info not be released to the public until years later.

Actors Harrison Ford, George Kennedy and Dale Robertson.


7th May 2003, 02:48
Yup, he's a pilot.

It wasn't his Moth, he rented, and he recieved a fine and a few games match ban.


Hostie from Hell
7th May 2003, 02:57
Sir Norman Foster .. who designs tall buildings, and Chris Reeve (Superman).. who used to leap them in a single bound

7th May 2003, 05:31
Tom Cruise - F14 Tomcat? :O :D

7th May 2003, 05:43
I believe that movie director Stanley Kubrick has also been known to commit aviation.

7th May 2003, 16:51
Andy Caddick New Zealand born England cricketer is a helo pilot.

9th May 2003, 05:05
Morgan Freeman too, according to today's London Metro (http://www.metro.co.uk/metro/interviews/interview.html?in_page_id=8&in_interview_id=571).Do you have a dream to catch?
Yes. I just recently got my pilot's licence but there are two categories of licence. IFR means you can fly through clouds and in bad weather and VFR means Visible Flight Rules. I only have my VFR licence. So my dream right now is to get my IFR licence. One of my dreams was to have my own plane and I have that now - a Piper Arrow....and for packsonflite...Tom Cruise PPL (http://www.hellomagazine.com/celebrities/specials/celebritypilots/pagina_2_1.html) :p

9th May 2003, 14:02
I can't believe no one mentioned Cliff Robertson. He owns a Spitfire or used to anyway.

16th May 2003, 05:35
What does or did Phil (D of E) fly?

Saw the bloke at St James Palace - if I knew he flew it would have gave me something to talk about :)


Sultan Ismail
16th May 2003, 11:58
Duke of Edinburgh


The D of E learnt to fly in a Chipmunk in the very early '50's, I don't think he had aspirations to fly a 146, he left that to his son.

He is a Grand Master of the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators.

You would have had plenty to talk about :D

Incidentally, some years ago when Prince Charles was training on helicopters, the base was visited by a film crew, Charles managed to get hold of the film equipment and made a short film on his training. It was a mixture of Charlie Chaplin, the Goons and John Cleese. Anyone remember it?

Sultan Ismail

Big Tudor
16th May 2003, 17:29
D of E has been known to take the controls of the Royal Flight 146 in the past, though not very regular. I know 'cos I spoke to him once, although "Clear land, surface wind calm" hardly constitutes an in depth conversation! ;)

16th May 2003, 18:00
Helen something...the BBC weather woman You are thinking of Helen Young.

16th May 2003, 18:32
Whatever happened to that Fenella George or whatever her name was that was learning to fly on the BBC's aviation version of Top Gear, years ago?? I thought she was quite nice... :O They showed her getting as far as her first solo during the series, then she moved onto gardening programs, or something... I think...

And I can't believe no-one's mentioned Raymond Baxter - top bloke, used to be the face (and voice) of Tomorrow's World. He flew Spitfires in WWII, I believe? He was commentating on the flying displays at last year's Goodwood Revival...

Slightly off-topic but I saw a very interesting program on BBC2 late last night, in the Open University bit. Not quite sure what the point of the program was, but it followed two young women taking their first lessons in an R22 with a dashing instructor called Quentin something. It was called 'Maiden Flights' (geddit?). Very good, god knows why they only show that sort of thing at 3am and save the prime-time slots for dross like Changing Rooms.

21st May 2003, 07:08
Whoopie Goldberg , Keenan Wynn, Steve McQueen, Arthur Godfrey and Bob Cummings of flying car fame.

7th Jan 2004, 04:31
A couple of members of Pink Floyd (dunno which ones)
As I recall, David Gilmore used to own and fly his own P-51.

There is a detailed report (http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/swayze1.html) on the Internet regarding Patrick Swayze's forced landing (http://www.eonline.com/News/Items/0,1,6626,00.html); I don't know if it is a fake, but it looks real enough.

7th Jan 2004, 06:01
George W Bush; US Air National Guard, when he could be assed to turn up:ok:

7th Jan 2004, 07:33
Suzi Quattro - she used to be allowed 'up front with the boys' for take off and landings on the ezy NCE flights.....when such things were permitted.....

Think she had her heli licence....

Check 6
7th Jan 2004, 13:11
Cumulus, I have not seen Prince Chazzzz or the lot flying in Iraq lately!


7th Jan 2004, 14:02
check 6

Thats because we cannot afford it, running out of 146s for him to crash.

Check 6
7th Jan 2004, 14:24
Cumulus, good one. Was this after you ran out of Gazelles for him to fly, or after the you ran out of Vampires?


7th Jan 2004, 14:57
What is the connection between celebrity status and being a pilot? Am I missing something here?

Some, many or most of the people here mentioned probably have a real love for flying but everytime I see that big cheese-eating grin topping his four-striper 707 F/O act by J. Travolta all I can think is that we are seeing some sort of PR action. Mind you it probably beats becoming governor of some US State or other, so perhaps I should ease up.

There were small headlines at one point in time when one of our most prominent Scientologists, for it was he, made some sort of precautionary or emergency landing at Washington National airport with an electrical malfunction (!) in his Gulfstream. Very much a non-event until the PR folks sprang into action. Could it be that some of these folks are just using aviation to get attention? Or am I just too miserably cycnical to live?

8th Jan 2004, 00:58
Re John Travolta

The guy actually owns a 707, and has what amounts to an en-suite terminal at his house. B:mad: d, f:mad: g b:mad: d

(In no way jealous though) ;)

Send Clowns
8th Jan 2004, 04:47
Have I missed something in my quick scan of this list? Surprised no-one seems to have mentioned the Underwood brothers - Rory a former crab (RAF) pilot, now some sort of consultant, Tony now an EasyJet first officer (ex-England rugby players, for any Americans here)

8th Jan 2004, 05:24
ex-orange: Well I think many of us wouldn't mind getting up front with Suzi Quatro (http://www.suziquatro.com/)..... eh? eh? Nudge nudge wink wink say no more!

astir 8
8th Jan 2004, 15:33
David Jason used to fly gliders:ok:

8th Jan 2004, 16:18
Alain de Cadenet owns and flies a Spit. (And is a Pruner I believe).:suspect:

8th Jan 2004, 17:04
Send Clowns......you had missed them in your quick scan! The underwoods are already in the list.

Mark Evans, the ex TV Vet who now does varios DIY shows and a plane/car/chopper/motorbike/etc is born.

Does he count as a celebrity?!

8th Jan 2004, 21:12
Suzzanne Charlton the former BBC weather lady did start to learn to fly but I dont think she completed the course (for some reason)

8th Jan 2004, 22:13
Me! .

9th Jan 2004, 04:40
And you are?????????????????????????????????????????

Just asking.:)

Send Clowns
9th Jan 2004, 06:16
Thanks baktrak! :O

9th Jan 2004, 14:26
My girlfriend just pointed out to me that having a brother who once came 5th in the world outdoor marbles champoinshup doesn't make me famous!:rolleyes:

I don't know whether he ever continued but I did take Jermemy Irons up in a glider once...

10th Jan 2004, 06:10
Isn't Nicko McBrain a qualified pilot? He's the drummer in Iron Maiden and very impressive with it too.

10th Jan 2004, 07:43
clark gable was a tail gunner on a (B-17??)

10th Jan 2004, 07:50
Brendan O'Brien of discovery wings fame - He opens the programme with "I'm a pilot" - Don't we bloody know it !!!

Hang on, he's not a celeb ! Sorry, momentary confusion due to his ultra white teeth !!! ;)

surely not
10th Jan 2004, 19:02
Dick Emery bent his Tiger very spectacularly at Wisley back in the 60's, the same day that G-ACDC crashed whilst doing some crazy flying act.

11th Jan 2004, 02:38
Ian Woosnam - golfer

Prince Philip also had a go on Concorde during its development!

11th Jan 2004, 10:33
Ed McMahon was a pilot during the Korean War era.

Some country music entertainers
Alan Jackson
Ricky Van Shelton
Aaron Tippin..has a sweet Stearman
Gary Chapman- (Amy Grant's ex-husband)

Whispering Giant
11th Jan 2004, 12:35
Surprised none of have mentioned the late Colin Chapman of Lotus car Fame also was'nt Glen Miller a pilot as well ??


Vector Pushtin
11th Jan 2004, 21:19
American Guitarist Steve Morse, now playing with Deep Purple, used to be a commercial DC9 Pilot.

Like This - Do That
20th Dec 2004, 20:31
Kris Kristofferson (spelling?) was a US Army RW pilot, possibly on Iroquois. Not sure if he still flies.

I think Mel Torme also flew, and I think Gene Hackman too.

16 blades
20th Dec 2004, 20:38
I think Gary Numan was a pilot who happened to knock out a hit record. He was certainly very active on the airshow circuit in the 90's as one half of the vintage pair. He was a pilot long before his music became known, I'm led to believe


tall and tasty
20th Dec 2004, 20:44
The 13th Earl of Wimburne

Oh yes Prince Andrew too - Rotary



20th Dec 2004, 21:20
"The Wright Brothers"

20th Dec 2004, 21:49
Has anyone mentioned Jimmy Edwards (c47s I think)?

Norman Tebbit? (prob not a celebrity)

21st Dec 2004, 06:24
Im doing the flying in a film starring Hardy Krueger does that get me a guernsey?


21st Dec 2004, 08:23
Nikki Lauda.

Not only flies but also got his own airline.

El Grifo
21st Dec 2004, 10:20
Well I saw Jimmy Krankie in Sauchiehall Street last Saturday night and he was definitely Fleein !!!

:ok: :cool: :ok:

21st Dec 2004, 11:36
I read that Colin Mcrae flies choppers.

Correct, last i heard he owns a squirrel.

21st Dec 2004, 12:03
8 pages? I haven't read it, OK? But does anybody else wonder why a "celebrity" who flies rates any interest at all? Is there something about flying that requires more than money to achieve? And if not, why would it be unusual for "celebrities" to achieve it?

So sue me!

El Grifo
21st Dec 2004, 12:25
I think some people are born with the vision of flight indelibly etched on their being. I feel that way.

Even as a child I would attract the chiding of my football mates by stopping mid game to stand in wonder at the sight of the vapour trail of a passing high flier. I made paper aeroplanes, spent all my pocket money on balsa gliders plastic catapulted deltas and the venerable Sleek Streeks.

I moved on to kit built elastic powered aircraft, Jetex powered aircraft, control line, pre-built, plastic, glow plug motor driven aircraft. Free flight diesel powered aircraft, which I trimmed to climb in huge spirals only to descend again in opposite spirals when the torque of the motor died.

I moved onto radio control aircraft and Peter Powell stunt kites, in short, anything that would fly and be controlled.

I joined the ATC and flew aerobatics in the Chippy, I bought and built a Chargus 850 hanglider, teaching myself to fly, I moved on to a succession of paragliders. I have flown in various military aircraft although never in a fast jet.

I also own every version of Flight Sim that Mr Gates ever built.

Now that I live in Lanzarote I take on every Aerial Photo shoot that I get offered at any price. The only time the pilot gets hold of the controls is when I am holding the camera.

I was born with flight in my blood

itchy kitchin
21st Dec 2004, 14:54
John Prescott

...no really! Apparently Sepcat built a special "twin" version for him. That's why he's called 2-Jag's!!!!


21st Dec 2004, 15:03
no-one mentioned Lembit Opik yet? (yes not that famous I'll grant you but I've seen him on TV at least 3 times).

21st Dec 2004, 22:56
Les Ferdinand - Rotary, and he owns an R22 i believe.

Anyone know if Richard Branson has any flying qualification? I'm guessing he has something:confused:

Vlad the Impaler
21st Dec 2004, 23:01
Knows a thing or two about balloons

22nd Dec 2004, 06:57
Dear Mr Stram,

I read through the question from Mr Raptor about your celebrated Scientologist's 707 qualifications (John Travolta wearing four stripes - is he command-qualified?) and your answer, which left me a bit confused.

Can we take the short answer to be that Mr Travolta is qualified to wear three stripes, the number being three, when forming part of the required crew complement for the Boeing 707?

I am asking you since you seem to have some role in bringing this matter to the attention of the waiting pilot population with your various posts about 'How about that John Travolta, celebrity pilot?'

Is there, perhaps, some interest here you wish to declare, such as membership in a certain organisation, one perhaps founded by a man with a first intitial for a first name, such as J. Edgar Hoover?

Also, would you happen to know if Mr Morris Cerullo, the celebrated evangelist, is command-qualified on the Canadair Challenger? I often see his challenger parked in Lagos, Nigeria, so that I wondered if he flies it himself or if he uses the services of hirelings. Perhaps he could be included in this list.

Ric Capucho
22nd Dec 2004, 07:01
Thought Branson has an ballooning ATPL? Well, if not he should get one. And a skipper's licence 'cos his balloons spend more time bobbing about in the sea than up in the air.

Salt of the earth, that man. Won't hear a bad word spoken against the pretentious git.


22nd Dec 2004, 07:43
I believe Iain Banks, the author has a PPL.

22nd Dec 2004, 09:09
Clint Eastwood (H)

Colin McRae (H)

Lon More
22nd Dec 2004, 10:29
Loki Jimmy Edwards DFC, I believe

Re Suzi Quattro, alas the link was a very old one, now 40+, but still a very nice lady.

Add to the list almost every F1 driver. except DC (?) who walked away from an accident where the pilot was killed.

Graham Hill, father of Damon and F1 team owner, killed at Elstree. trying to land in fog.

Roger Whittaker (sp) the famous whistler, had G-CLEF mant years ago - can't remember if he flew it himself though.

Lon More, here before Pontius was a Pilot or Mortus a Rigger

Speed Twelve
22nd Dec 2004, 19:20
Gary Numan started out with a PPL around 1980 or so. He'd been in the music business since the late 70's, and is still going! His latest stuff is considerably different to the 'synth-pop' stuff of 'Cars'; it's more Nu-metal/industrial.

He was leader of 'The Radial Pair', flying with the late Norman Lees. Became the highest-hour 'current' Harvard pilot at one point, and was a CAA display authoriser and examiner, while still doing the music thing.

David Gilmour owned the Intrepid Aviation Company, and had a P51, Beech Staggerwing, Harvard and Folland Gnat, mostly painted yellow. He flew P1 in all of the types except the Gnat; he reckoned the systems were too complex and didn't have the time to train properly.

Eddie Izzard has a Chipmunk, Michael Dorn an F86 Sabre. Nicko McBrain does indeed have a PPL, with M/E rating.

Don't think Travolta is into flying as a PR stunt; I reckon he does actually love it.

As regards the F1 drivers, Michael Schumacher has a Challenger, but unlike his brother, seems uninterested in learning to fly it.

Martin Brundle has a PPL(H).


Fancy Navigator
22nd Dec 2004, 23:58
...Bruce Dickinson, from Iron Maiden, is also a pilot and has been for a while. He flies commercially for Astreus on the 737 whenever he has a bit of time to himself. He first started flying thanks to Nicko McBrain who already had his PPL...
Bruce also flies/used to fly the rest of the band in a C421 Golden Eagle.
Iron Maiden got two pilots, these guys are cool:cool:!

23rd Dec 2004, 11:22
What about the Tracey Brothers???

Thunderbirds 1 - 5???:E

23rd Dec 2004, 13:04
Loki and Lon More

Jimmy Edwards did indeed fly Dakota (C-47s) and got his DFC at Arnhem with 271 Sqn.16 Dakotas were used on Wednesday 20th [September 1944], and all safely returned home, though in the face of enemy fighters and heavy ground fire. On Thursday, three of the 12 Dakotas sent were shot down. One of those to go down was piloted by Jimmy Edwards, who would later find fame as a popular entertainer, and for his bravery in attempting to crash land the aircraft, which at the time was being shot at by an Fw-190, he saved the lives of his four wounded air despatchers, who could not bail out, and so was awarded the DFC. Now that's what I call a celebrity pilot!!

23rd Dec 2004, 21:16
Believe Graham Hill died outside Le Touquet

henry crun
23rd Dec 2004, 21:40
OZAZTEC: You are wrong, Lon More is right.

Noah Zark.
23rd Dec 2004, 21:45
Graham Hill did crash at Elstree. I happened to call in there by road earlier in the evening of the accident, and it was becoming foggy then.

23rd Dec 2004, 22:09
I was just speaking with some guy, an aircraft maintenance engineer, who knew Graham Hill from the aviation side of his life. He said that his whole approach to aviation was a bit casual in relation to licensing, registration and all that sort of thing. He supposedly was not qualified for flight in IMC so that this may have had something to do with his accident. On the other hand he said that he was a really wonderful guy to get to know.

On to a completely different celebrity pilot, F/O John Travolta! Is that his 707 one sees parked at Port Harcourt International Airport (DNPO)? I was asking about this, just the other day. 'Whose 707 is that, anyway?' I asked my co-pilot.

'Probably John Travolta's. Why don't you walk over and ask for his autograph?'

I was going to do that but it's an awfully long way to walk and then the dispatcher came out with the manifest, in a hurry as usual. I will get around to that first chance I get and let everyone know about this....

Some guy tried to sell me a copy of 'Dianetics' in an airport parking lot once but I forgot to ask if he was a pilot, too.... I don't think it was John Travolta but it might have been.

Lon More
24th Dec 2004, 02:32
Chuks, Graham Hill was one of my heroes.

As you say his attitude was somewhat cavalier

GH and some of his mechanics crashed at Elsloo returning from a race on the Continent having made an instrument approach to a nearby field (Radlett?) and then tried to find his way along the railways/roads to Elsloo, he had done it before and the ground is pretty flat - unfortunately not 100% so ....

10th Feb 2005, 10:49
Anyone know any celebrity flying fans & pilots?

Hey there, I'm looking for names of celebrity/famous people in the UK (and elsewhere) who love planes, and flying. Or who have their pilot's license (or are working towards getting their pilots license).



10th Feb 2005, 11:05
Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden is an FO at Astreaus.

Angelian Jodie has a PPL - they guy who did my PPL skill test in California taught her to fly. Came up in a programme on TMF recently I think.

Sir John Stevens who was until recently head of the Met Police is a keen PPL I understand.

Andy Caddick, former England cricketer, holds a PPL(H).

I am sure there are many many more.

10th Feb 2005, 11:31
Surely one of the most high profile pilots is our mate John Travolta, known to have made a $million or two on the big screen.
Has a fleet of aircraft parked at home just off his main runway, best known being the ex- Qantas 707, done out in the kangaroo livery and very nice fitout inside.

Does a great PR job for Qantas when he is tripping around.

10th Feb 2005, 12:25
much appreciated! please let me know if you think of anything else.

Also, if you're in the UK. What do you think is the best flying mag out there?

11th Feb 2005, 06:32
bruce dickinson is actually a f/o on the 757

12th Feb 2005, 07:18
The late King Hussein of Jordan.
Hugh Falkus ( a God to those of us who are salmon/sea-trout anglers).

12th Feb 2005, 14:57
Wasnt the late Ayrton Senna a fling wing driver?:sad:

Sir Stanley Bigh
12th Feb 2005, 17:29
Alan Williams, lead singer of 70's chart toppers The Rubettes (remember Sugar Baby Love?) owns a Piper Aztec in which the band still fly around Europe. I believe he has over 3,000 hrs.

12th Feb 2005, 17:41
Chris DeGarmo guitar player for Queensryche (sp?)

He flew FO for me in the Lears a few years back in Seattle. Good competent pilot, absolutely humble, worked hard. It was a pleasure.


12th Feb 2005, 19:33
Anyone mentioned Pontius Pilot?

Standard Noise
12th Feb 2005, 20:30
Bertie Fisher (RIP), rally driver - AS50

Martin Pipe, Racehorse trainer - A109

14th Feb 2005, 17:07
The late Christopher Reeve, before his accident, flew his own Beech Baron into Toronto Island Airport. This would have been in 1985, as I recall. When he checked in at the airport office, the clerk made the obvious wisecrack about Reeve (who played Superman) needing a plane to fly. Reeve must have heard it a thousand times and had no reply.

14th Feb 2005, 18:13
Les Ferdinand
Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah

Was watching Football Focus on BBC Saturday Noon-ish they had a segment on Les Ferdinand (former England, QPR, Newcastle, Spurs and a few other clubs stiker) flying in his helicopter, so I presume he must be one.

The Sultan of Brunei, hold a pilots licence and apprently flies the plane himeself whenever he is no board his own private jet.

The link below is an article about the Sultan of Johor (one of the nine Kings in Malaysia) and at the bottom of the article is a small segment on the Sultan of Brunei.


14th Feb 2005, 18:17
Tony underwood at Easyjet. Ex england rugby player

14th Feb 2005, 18:36
Harrison Ford - you would expect no less from Indiana Jones - is both fixed wing and rotary. Has being known to help out the Jackson Hole SAR on occasion.

14th Feb 2005, 19:24
Eddie Irvine (ex F1 driver) has a rotary wing licence

The bloke from the Corrs has a PPL

There used to be a show on Discovery Wings called Celebrity Wings. It featured mainly US celebs but there were quite a few.

White Bear
14th Feb 2005, 19:33
I must take issue with you over the somewhat snotty tone you took making comments about John Travolta, and whether he was qualified to wear 4 stripes, or as you put it “Is he command qualified?”

Then you went on to say:
“Can we take the short answer to be that Mr. Travolta is qualified to wear three stripes, the number being three, when forming part of the required crew complement for the Boeing 707”

To me this comment drips of sarcasm, and arrogance. The ‘Command Pilot’ is still one of the “required crew complement”, when I last inquired.

Why do people like you get their knickers in a twist about ‘command’?
Understand this:
The owner of the aircraft, or his appointed designate, decide who gets to fly, or ‘command’ their aircraft. If the pilot holds a current ATPL, and is type certified, that is all the qualification he needs.

Who are you to comment on an ‘Owners’ decision?

I am not great admirer of Travolta, but snotty comments from an ’employee’ of an airline about the ‘Owner’ of a commercial aircraft, sounds like sour grapes to me. I suggest the following; When you spend your hard earned cash on your own 707 you’ll be in a position to decide who ‘commands’ for your self, won’t you?


15th Feb 2005, 12:05
Barry Lang, ex popular Irish DJ now with Gulfair on A320 or 330.

Dan Winterland
15th Feb 2005, 22:15
Keith Chegwin. Oh, sorry he crashed!

16th Feb 2005, 06:24
Paul Jones :O an ex radio DJ for Reddragon FM, now flying the 737 for Baby. ;)

16th Feb 2005, 07:12
I can't believe no one has mentioned Noel Edmonds!!! Chopper pilot. I remember him shooting about the country at Christmas time delivering presents to sick kids. A real life Santa! ...Well, he had the beard.

16th Feb 2005, 08:06
Wasn't it Mike Smith who crashed (with Sarah Green ) ?

Phileas Fogg
16th Feb 2005, 08:24
Travolta's B707 is not ex-Qantas. It's a VIP machine, previously owned by other celebrities, he's simply painted it in Qantas livery.

16th Feb 2005, 11:46
Travolta's 707 is indeed ex Qantas: <anorak> a -138 which joined them new in 1964 as VH-EBM. Then sold to Braniff before passing through a number of executive hands. </anorak>

Mike Smith had a prang in a R22 with Sarah Green. Dunno about Cheggers...


16th Feb 2005, 11:56

You are correct, with regards to the Travolta B707, being ex qantas.



16th Feb 2005, 12:26
...Nikki Lauda (F1 celebrity)

767 capt at Lauda air i think ???

Global Pilot
16th Feb 2005, 12:56

"Tony underwood at Easyjet. Ex england rugby player"

His brother Rory flew fast jets for the RAF throughout his playing career. I seem to remember that he also joined EZY but am not certain about this.

Dave Gittins
16th Feb 2005, 13:43
I remember a Monaco GP many years ago when Nikki spun out on about the 10th lap and Murray said .... he won't be too sorry, he told me this morning he had to rush home as he's doing his 737 type rating in the morning.

Nick Mason - Pink Floyd - flies a JetRanger (sometimes even into Goodwood whilst competing with his ten tenths motor racing team) and a year or two back did his instructors rating to smarten up his flying (there was an article about it in one of the mags methinks).

Martin Shaw has a lovely old Boeing Stearman based somewhere in East Anglia. I hear that he "lent" it to somebody who crashed it.


iain mchenry
16th Feb 2005, 16:10
Dave Gilmour, Lead singer from Pink Floyd also has his licence and flies with Nick Mason. He wrote a wonderful song "Learning to Fly".

16th Feb 2005, 16:32
Liberal MP Lembit Öpik is a PPL and I gather he flew Charles Kennedy around on a political tour. He is more of a celebrity because he hangs around with Sian somebody who reads the weather on GMTV.

Edited to add Eddie Izzard who is also a pilot, I think.

fescalised portion
16th Feb 2005, 17:06
Tom Cruise as well

16th Feb 2005, 19:28
Gary Numan - does a lot of flying, flew him in a Hawk once, think he also got a Tornado ride. Chatted to Tom Cruise about flying his (or maybe it was a mates L39) when he landed at Boscombe to visit Nicole Kidman who was filming nearby.

Great leveller this learning to fly lark, seems to knock some of the big-headedness out of these celebs.


tall and tasty
16th Feb 2005, 20:41
Also, if you're in the UK. What do you think is the best flying mag out there

Well most male pilots would say Play boy! :p

But only cos I caught them reading them on the flight deck on numerous occasions

But Flight International (always read back to front)


average bloke
16th Feb 2005, 20:57
I believe Orville and Wilbur Wright were quite famous. Not sure if they had PPL's though, so they might not count.

17th Feb 2005, 09:38
Jimmy Buffett, US rock band leader. Has quite a fleet including a Citation and a grand old Grumman Albatross. His book "A Pirate looks at Fifty" describes it all.

17th Feb 2005, 22:05
Prince Charlie had his fixed wings before slightly overrunning, and Prince Andrew has his rotary wings.

19th Feb 2005, 23:26
Richard Wallace, ex-Irish rugby international - FO at CityJet

19th Feb 2005, 23:27
Stan Stennett, Hughie Green (Big deal Atlantic Ferry pilot before he became famous), Jimmy Logan, Joe Brown (Of Bruvvers fame) John Denver used to be, Arnold Palmer, Prince Bernhard, Prince Phillip, Prince Andrew, and his ex Wife, Sarah, drone drone drone drone.!

19th Feb 2005, 23:35
The late King Hussein of Jordan.

20th Feb 2005, 04:42
King Hamad of Bahrain flies rotary. Don't know if he tries his hand in the B747SP Royal Barge though.

eurostar builder
20th Feb 2005, 05:58
What about jermey from aerolfot...

Sorry no he just spotted them.

How about gary Numan also a spotter and pilot of a harvard once

30th Jun 2005, 19:51
Hasn't Gary Numan done some aerobatic display flying in the Harvard? I'm sure I remember reading something about that...

Marky the Guitar Man
30th Jun 2005, 20:33
The singer from the band 'the Offspring' (Dexter Holland) also flies his own Citation that has anarchy airlines written on it. He recently flew it solo around the world. I also believe that Nicolas Lyndhurst from 'Only Fools and Horses' flies too.
Angelina Jolie gave her instructor one of her bra's after she completed her ppl..... interesting present.

Self Loading Freight
30th Jun 2005, 22:01
Gary Numan (nee Webb) got his aerobatic instructors rating, I seem to remember, but cut back drastically once people stopped buying his records and the money ran out. He played Top Of The Pops the day he got his PPL, and completely ruined his cool, robotic, paranoid image by grinning like a goon all the way through.

He's got some money again now, but I don't think he's very active in the air. His brother John certainly used to be a commercial pilot, but more than that I can't say.

Not quite a celebrity, but Andy Hopper, professor of computing at Cambridge, has a six-seater Cessna (don't know what type) which he flies out of his garden a la Travolta.

Alan Sugar used to fly, but gave it up when his aircraft threw a cylinder coming into Southend. He keeps - or at least kept - a twisted chunk of the offending engine on his desk.


Mark Noble
1st Jul 2005, 01:56
Mark Byrne - ex full time Irish DJ but still does part time work while sitting in the left seat (although could be still a FO) for Ryanair based in Dub.

Mind you, working as a radio DJ myself I wouldn't class us as celebs!! ;)

1st Jul 2005, 02:27
Actor Cliff Robertson had a Renault-powered Me-108 (French copy) - I met him at an airshow at Pease AFB (New Hampshire USA) about 1970.

1st Jul 2005, 05:57
sorry if this has been said, but does Richard Branson fly himself?

I wonder if his interest in aviation is purely financial?!!


1st Jul 2005, 06:05
Steve Morse, guitarist with Deep Purple.

1st Jul 2005, 07:55
Try this lot from a list I got a while back

John Travolta
Michael Dorn
Harrison Ford
Patrick Swaze
Jimmy Buffet
Arnold Palmer
Phil Mickelson
Bobby Clampett
Nick Price
Bruce Dickinson
Nicholas Lyndhurst
Mike Oldfield
Gary Numan
Tom Cruise
Ralf Schumacher
Swervin Irvin
Eddie Izzard
Hughie Green
Don Maclean
Graham Hill
Barry Sheene
Martin Shaw
Sidney Pollack
Kurt Russell
Noel Eddmonds
Jasper Carrot
Derek Griffiths
The late Dick Emery
Dave Gilmour
Dirk Benedict

1st Jul 2005, 14:58
Jack Nicklaus. I'm sure Arnold Palmer held the record at one point for the fastest circumnavigation of the globe.

1st Jul 2005, 17:02
Errr How about Charlton Heston, he landed that 747 in the film 'Airport 77' :p

no sponsor
1st Jul 2005, 19:50
That would be the late Barry Sheene.

My ex-boss bought himself an EC-155

Tight bastard

1st Jul 2005, 20:45
Ah, Tom Cruise

Once heard a story that "Maverick's" Baron got a bit lost in the vicinity of Denham??

Guess this was back in the days when his and Nicole's G3 was an apron queen at LTN

To add to the list:

Nigel Mansell (has a Citation X these days, I believe)

Lembit Opik, the flying MP

Rick Wakeman (Rock Group "Yes" etc) - sure he used to fly from Blackbushe

Les Ferdinand (ex footballer - choppers, I believe)

Ian Botham (ex cricketer - ditto)

David Gower (another ex-cricketer)

The late John Denver

George Bush (senior & junior)

And so the list goes on.....

1st Jul 2005, 21:00
There's only one celebrity pilot - my Mum:ok:

She took flying lessons without my Dad's knowledge, then took him on a trial flight for his 55th birthday present, the look on his face when he realised she was the pilot will go to the grave with me...:p

1st Jul 2005, 22:01
Another for the list is Clint Eastwood. He flies helicopters I believe


Speed Twelve
8th Jul 2005, 17:21
Martin Brundle, ex-F1, has a PPL (H).
Colin McRae, ex-WRC driver, has a PPL (H) and a Citationjet.

Always amazes me that Dubya was once a combat-ready F102 fast-jet pilot. The mind boggles... His Dad flew combat in the Pacific during WWII piloting a Grumman Avenger.


Heavy Wake
8th Jul 2005, 17:54
Alan Sugar used to fly, but gave it up when his aircraft threw a cylinder coming into Southend. He keeps - or at least kept - a twisted chunk of the offending engine on his desk.
Sorry if I'm treading on anyones toes, but I think you'll find Alan Sugar does still fly! :O
He owns a very nice N-reg Cirrus SR22 based at Stapleford, where I saw him today.
He also used to own a PA-28R Arrow III which now belongs to Stapleford Flight Centre (G-WAMS).

26th Jul 2005, 11:41
I think Dave Gilmour has or had a Gnat

i play the drums, can i be a celebrity pilot?

Im really good!!!!!!!! :O

Ropey Pilot
26th Jul 2005, 11:56
Global Pilot:
His brother Rory flew fast jets for the RAF throughout his playing career. I seem to remember that he also joined EZY but am not certain about this.
I am pretty certain young Flt Lt Underwood flew multi-engine for the RAF. He disappeared from the rugby scene for a while so the RAF could get him through the fast jet course to capitalise on the free recruiting ad even more - didn't finish though. (And no disrespect either - exceptionally difficult course). He did indeed join EZY soon afterwards (I think there is some brotherly confusion here - only one of them was a pilot)

26th Jul 2005, 12:45
Nigel Mansell was once known to have a Jetranger here on the Isle of Man which he kept in a hangar next to his house..

He got inot a bit of trouble with that...He upset Roanldsway ATC by taking off without calling up Radar or evening ringing them up to tell them what he was doing..:confused:


mr ripley
26th Jul 2005, 13:00
Sorry Ropey you're wrong.;)
I think there is some brotherly confusion here - only one of them was a pilot

Rory flew Canberras with 360 Sqn, Hawks with 100 Sqn and Dominies with 55 Sqn. He then left the RAF to set up a 'Management Development' company with John Peters, another famous RAF pilot.

I last saw Tony (on TV) as a FO with EZY.

26th Jul 2005, 13:28
Ha,Ya pontious pilot flies with royal Jordanian

26th Jul 2005, 15:24
Greg Norman; fixed and rotary-winged.

+'ve ROC
26th Jul 2005, 16:08
Alex James of Blur fame flies a C152 I think.

27th Jul 2005, 20:09
I read somewhere that Senator John Kerry has his commercial, along with glider and seaplane ratings.

Does this qualify as celebrity????

17th Oct 2005, 21:14

I work for the CAA and actually issued Les Ferdinand's licence. Was also there when Angelina Jolie came to Aviation house to pick up her licence.

short final 28
17th Oct 2005, 21:31
Jim Corr has a chopper licence

Human Factor
17th Oct 2005, 22:54
Always amazes me that Dubya was once a combat-ready F102 fast-jet pilot.

A matter of opinion apparently. :}

Dave Gilmour's Gnat was G-MOUR. It's now operated by a syndicate out of Kemble.

No-one's mentioned Frederick Forsythe (author) either. Allegedly the RAF's youngest fighter pilot at one point....

captain cumulonimbus
19th Oct 2005, 22:32
yes,im a celebrity!

the grim repa
19th Oct 2005, 22:47
micheal o leary of ryanair has a pilots licence.keeps it in the closet or so i'm led to believe.

daisy bender
19th Oct 2005, 23:01
I heard Angelina Jolie has her ppl too


20th Oct 2005, 09:49
Does anyone know whether Andy Caddick completed his heli ppl?

20th Oct 2005, 13:07
John Travolta keeps his Boeing 707 not far from me here over in Ocala, Florida..

whoops sorry someone already mentioned that one..well I mentioned the town for you..:}

Stephen Chambers has got a license too..

20th Oct 2005, 13:18
The name Edward Chester Babcock may not ring too many bells, but if you're over 50 and love pop music of the 40s & 50s you might recognize the music of Jimmy Van Heusen.

But Babcock was a part-time test pilot for Lockheed during WWII.

21st Oct 2005, 22:11
guys i got a license and waiting to be spotted in tv as a cleb so count me in

21st Oct 2005, 22:42
Alan Sugar flys a cirrus

The AvgasDinosaur
25th Oct 2005, 14:01
The famous horror actor Christopher Lee was a WW2 pilot World War 2 broke out, and Lee spent the next five years working for the RAF and British Intelligence. He reached the rank of Flight Lieutenant, and was decorated for his distinguished service, in particular the time he volunteered for active service during the Winter War in Finland from 1939-40. His ancestors would have been proud
Also and an alternative level of fame footballer Michael Owen commutes from near Wrexham to Newcastle in his own whirlycopter. Is it hard to fly whirlycopters with a knackered hamstring??
Be lucky

26th Oct 2005, 20:18
I'm not, but the bloke who uses my name for his handle is! That doesn't count then.

26th Oct 2005, 20:36
Patricia Cornwell flies her chopper between Washington qnd New York.


28th Feb 2006, 21:59
Hi guys

(off topic) name the flying celebrities. I can only think of John Travolta, Bruce Dickinson and David Gilmour (well he never finished his training did he ?) :-)


28th Feb 2006, 22:10
(off topic) name the flying celebrities. I can only think of John Travolta, Bruce Dickinson and David Gilmour (well he never finished his training did he ?) :-)

Off the top of my head

Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie (ahhh),

footballers carlo cudicini, les ferdinand (H)

28th Feb 2006, 22:36
and tom cruise, in top gun....

Send Clowns
28th Feb 2006, 23:14
Oh, and Tony Underwood has an ATPL. I think Roger Waters is a keen private pilot. Oh, and some Newcastle footballer who lives in Cheshire (ex Man U then?) was in the paper having bought some helicopter way beyond a novice PPL, A109 or S76 or some such, and is doing a PPL(H).

Ben Parkin
23rd Mar 2006, 14:18
Harrison Ford , Nicholas Lyndhurst ( Rodney you plonker)

23rd Mar 2006, 21:20
Celeb pilots; Gary Numan(or is it spelt Newman, the singer that did Cars and Our Friends Electric), the late Jim Reeves and John Denver.

23rd Mar 2006, 21:29
and John travolta of course! he pilots his own jet, and he's airline pilot at Quantas.

23rd Mar 2006, 21:45
David Jason also now a chopper pilot! All the trotters are at it (and it is Numan!). Mike Green (radio DJ/tv presenter of old) owns G-PIXX and also flies choppers around providing aerial tv images!

23rd Mar 2006, 22:06
Mike Green?, Do you mean Mike Smith, but Sarah Green was a passenger when he crashed, from the same era, Noel Edmunds runs a helicoptor charter firm. Some one mentioned Tony Underwood early on (Easyjet pilot), but his brother Rory was an RAF pilot.

The drummer from Blur holds a PPL and I am sure the lead singer of the Offspring is a pilot as well.

I really should be doing something more constructive than this.

24th Mar 2006, 08:32
Eddie Izzard (although as he thinks he trained on a Piper Alpha, he may not be that good).

James Blunt :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: :zzz: (passed on his 17th birthday apparently).

Michael Owen is training for his PPL (H). Wayne Rooney is training for his Bicycle Proficiency Test (Bronze).

24th Mar 2006, 09:10
I haven't checked the whole thread but how about Prince Andrew, Prince Charles and Howard Hughes.


24th Mar 2006, 09:10
That bloke who plays Judge John Deed. He's got a Jungman or something similar.

Most of our illustrious Royals fly too don't they? I hear HRH the Prince of Wales is particularly good with a 146.:E

Ashley? Cole - Arsenal footballer, flies an R44

24th Mar 2006, 09:17
Iain Banks writer has a PPL.
Helen Young the weather presenter - her husband flies 777 for BA
Arnold Palmer has flown his own biz jets for years.
Jonathan Palmer, former F1 racing driver.
Kurt Russell owns a King Air and flies it himself.
Micheal Crawford has a PPL
Nikki Lauda was rated on 757s
Derek Griffiths (the Playaway presenter) has a PPL
Nigel Mansell owns and operates his own Citation
Jasper Carrott has a PPL
Jim Davidson has a PPL as well I think.
Duchess of York famously got her PPL and then wrote a bunch of kids books

24th Mar 2006, 09:19
Oh yeah - Lembit Opik has a Mooney.

Bob Viking
24th Mar 2006, 09:30
Saw a programme with Dennis Quaid flying some sort of biz jet. Couldn't tell you what it was though.

24th Mar 2006, 09:40
Tony Underwood's now at Virgin I'm told.

David Gilmour has a licence and numerous warbirds (including a Mustang and a Gnat) but he has been flogging some of these off.

24th Mar 2006, 09:44
Loads in this (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=162780)thread.....

..and this (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=88950)one...

24th Mar 2006, 11:00
Norman Tebbit flew for BOAC

24th Mar 2006, 12:36
If John Travolta flies a 707 for Qantas then Clint Eastwood flies a Firefox for the CIA! Dirty Harry rules ok.

Your Prince Charles once went gardening with a 146, yes, yes, someone always has to bring that up, poor guy. But our own John Swazey, thespian, managed to land his Cessna on a housing estate, hand over the leftover supply of tinnies to a startled workman and then b*gger off sharpish before the authorities pitched up. And hardly anyone ever brings that up. Could it be that our American PR guys are better than your British PR guys?

24th Mar 2006, 20:58
Mike Green?, Do you mean Mike Smith, but Sarah Green was a passenger when he crashed, from the same era, Noel Edmunds runs a helicoptor charter firm. Some one mentioned Tony Underwood early on (Easyjet pilot), but his brother Rory was an RAF pilot.
The drummer from Blur holds a PPL and I am sure the lead singer of the Offspring is a pilot as well.
I really should be doing something more constructive than this.

Hehe - oh yeah! And commendations for noticing. :D

24th Mar 2006, 21:19
OK, Martin Shaw has a Stearman, it's the bass player from Blur (Alex James) who flies, has written several aviation friendly articles and is anall round good bloke, and I am proud of being one of two people who got Eddie Izzard hooked on flying. He wants a Spitfire, and he could probably afford it !

25th Mar 2006, 02:10
Hilico: Is there a small Stearman?

25th Mar 2006, 02:20

75% replica:-

25th Mar 2006, 08:36
Keith Emerson (ELP). Was a neighbour of his in the 80's and we hired a Cessna from Shoreham and flew over Roger Daltrey's pad (nice). I believe Roger Daltrey has his own microlight. Does that count?:ok:

25th Mar 2006, 09:29
Has anyone mentioned Kris Kristoffersen; he was a pilot in V N during the war...Rhodes scholar as well!


Low Flier
25th Mar 2006, 10:51
King Abdullah II of Jordan is current on the Puma and several plankwing jets.

Another Biggles
26th Mar 2006, 20:11
Hi All
Doesn't Peter Jackson (Director of LOTR fame) fly his own vintage Tiger Moth (or am I getting confused now)?

8th Apr 2006, 14:01
He has a 707 that he flies for Qantas, I believe...

Mr Stam has all the details if anyone is interested, but I believe he parks it in his living room when he's otherwise busy making such things as the sequel to 'Battlefield Earth.'

Then there is that other prominent Scientologist, Tom ('Shorty') Cruise, who flies an F-14 Tomcat when he's not busy doing his own movie stunts on a Triumph Sprint.

Not to mention our very own Clint 'Dirty Harry' Eastwood who tops the lot of them by flying his Firefox using only the power of his sheer physical presence and a few random thoughts. On the other hand he seems not to have even heard of Scientology. I am not sure if that is a 'plus' or a 'minus.'

Having just had a dekko at Posh Spice in a 'Red Top' I assume that she too has some aviation involvement if the size of those sunglasses is anything to go by. Perhaps a diamond-studded A109 is parked on the heli-pad at Beckingham Palace? I await further details here.

8th Apr 2006, 20:37
niki lauda (ex f1 world champ) lauda air //flyniki

gerhard berger (ex f1 driver) now co - owner of scuderia torro rosso (ex minardi f1 team)

didi mateschitz (red bull owner) operates flying bulls
great outfit in salzburg - they have an aircraft display including dc6b, b25mitchell, cessna caravan on floats, lockheed p38l,t28trojan,f4u 4 corsair, a bunch of alpha jets, pitts, a few pa18s, 4choppers of different makes, a falcon, a citation, and lotsa other stuff - talk about being enthusiastic

you ever get to salzburg - check out hangar 7 (www.hangar-7.com)

10th Apr 2006, 11:02
This is quite a funny read about Fiona Mont


10th Apr 2006, 11:10
I think King Abdullah II of Jordan had a Hawker Hunter delivered recently specifically tailored to his taste/requirements (whatever that is :)

26th Apr 2006, 21:59
Sexiest pilot in the world.... Angelina Jolie:


26th Apr 2006, 22:02
Sexiest pilot in the world.... Angelina Jolie:
Not so, not so! There's a Russian Doll that flies aerobatics. Svetlana Kapanina. Now she IS tasty!

Noah Zark.
26th Apr 2006, 22:52
As in.........

Constable Clipcock
26th Apr 2006, 22:54
US country & western vocalists Jim Reeves and Roy Clark. The late Mr. Reeves (d.1963) reportedly learnt to fly in an effort to cure his acrophobia.

Charleton Heston was a US Army Air Corps gunner in WW2.

Former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith flew Hurricanes on 237 (Rhodesia) Squadron, RAF during WW2.

Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi of Iran was an active pilot throughout his adult life, with both military and civil qualifications.

General George S. Patton, Jr was a private pilot.

James Doohan flew as an artillery spotter pilot while serving in the Canadian Army (WW2). Having played one of Star Trek's finest characters, it's worth noting another late associate of his from the same series:

Gene Roddenberry was a US Army Air Corps navigator, who later flew as a nav for Pan American before going on to other things (including service as a Los Angeles police officer) before finally settling into a career in TV production.

Former US Senator Robert Dornan flew F-84's for the USAF during the late 1950's.

Late icon of the US Marine Corps, General "Chesty" Puller, washed out of primary flight training in the 1920's, returning to his duties as an infantry officer.

And speaking of aviation and infanteering by celebrities....

Former astronaut James Buchli (Col, USMC) served both of his Vietnam tours as an infantry officer before qualifying as an A-6 navigator.

Likewise, the late "Gordo" Cooper started out as an infantryman in the US Marine Corps, finishing his engineering studies at the University of Hawaii after his discharge prior to taking his Air Force commission.

....and yes, Kris Kristofferson not only flew as a UH-1 pilot in 'Nam, he had also commanded a Ranger company at one point during his service.

26th Apr 2006, 22:56
As in.........


27th Apr 2006, 08:43
Both the sons of the late Indian Prime Minister Indra Ghandhi were pilots, I think the elder Rajeev who was himself assassinated in the end was current on the 737 and even flew for Indian Airlines at one point. Flying is no doubt littered with celebrities.

Gene Hackman has anyone mentioned him he's a pilot too in his Pitts.

27th Apr 2006, 11:24
Sanjay was a pilot, and was killed when he started a loop at too low an altitude and went SMACK into the ground :uhoh:

(I am allowed to make fun of Sanjay Gandhi - if he hadnt killed himself in comical fashion he should've been assassinated....)

Rajiv Gandhi went on to become Prime Minister after Indira Gandhi's assassination and was himself killed by a suicide bomber around 15 odd years ago.

And you thought only British monarch lived and died by the sword (bullet, bomb...)? :uhoh:

27th Apr 2006, 18:32
There's a Russian Doll that flies aerobatics. Svetlana Kapanina. Now she IS tasty!I think I'm in love.....


Constable Clipcock
27th Apr 2006, 18:35
Ah yes.... Almost forgot....

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was a former Tu-16 bomber pilot.

Past US Presidents Eisenhower and Ford were private pilots.

Fiona Mont
26th Aug 2006, 11:35
Thank you for your comment and link. Not quite sure what is funny about it but anyway. I had a co-D in your part of the country but I always kept him annon and will continue to do so unless he wants me to do otherwise. He was a pilot too!

Seeing as you are so interested in my story I thought you'd like to see my website which is www.freewebs.com/LIFEONTHERUN (http://www.freewebs.com/LIFEONTHERUN) . It makes an interesting read in comparisson to the media rubbish. My gorgeous Graham is on it, he is a pilot. He fly's slingsby's and Extra's mostly, there are some featured in our film at http://media.putfile.com/Pussy-Cat-aka-Fiona-Mont-Britains-Most-Wanted and I'm very proud of him.

Perhaps one day I will get the chance to meet Amelia Hill, perhaps in the Brighton Thistle, it's lovelly there you really must go sometime.

God bless you

Fiona Mont