View Full Version : What animal could you liken yourself to?

3rd May 2003, 04:40
What animal could you liken yourself to?

For me, its a sparrow, small, round, tough,cheeky and resilient........

what about other ppruners?:D :D :D

Takan Inchovit
3rd May 2003, 05:44
For me, its a cock.

3rd May 2003, 05:50
A ground sloth :D

3rd May 2003, 06:04
I'm a moggy! cos I'm mysterious and gorgeous ;)

3rd May 2003, 06:20
A dodo. I'm just about stupid and trusting enough that left to my own devices I would be extinct by now. You are all using your real names and telling the truth on here aren't you?:O

Oh, and I can't fly too well either.

Secret Squire
3rd May 2003, 06:43
Strangley, a Squirrel!:D


3rd May 2003, 06:49
I'm my favourite - a cat. I appear totally independent, but if I like you and you treat me right I'll curl up in your arms and purrrrrrrrr.

tony draper
3rd May 2003, 07:34
Velocirapter.-----:ooh: :suspect: :uhoh:


Yer wanna pat me?? :rolleyes: :E

3rd May 2003, 08:16
im a tiger baby....


(but i dont lick my bum)

3rd May 2003, 08:41

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3rd May 2003, 08:47
Bear - big, round and cute:D

3rd May 2003, 12:43
Cliff or barn swallows, the ultimate flying machines.
Hummingbirds, next best flying machines.

I'm the worst flyer in the world but I could only dream,right?

3rd May 2003, 16:00
A wombat. Big, tough, thick, slow and always hungry.

As we say in OZ Eats, roots and leaves.

Uncle Cracker
3rd May 2003, 20:04
Oi Synthetic! I'm a bear as well. (Young and fit obviously, not yer Baloo type.)

Reddo - I wish I'd done that.:cool:

3rd May 2003, 20:12
A tree sloth....on valium...:D

bubba zanetti
3rd May 2003, 23:48
I'm a Tiger when I want love ... a Snake, if we disagree. :E

Anthony Carn
4th May 2003, 02:11
Albatross !

Maybe just wishful thinking. I'd love to be an albatross.

4th May 2003, 08:58


But what flavour, Mr.C,? ? ?

the wizard of auz
4th May 2003, 18:34
Gotta be a hoss. ;)

5th May 2003, 01:51
While I think I might like to be a bat, according to many who claim to know me, I am a turkey. I never bothered to ask if that would be the wild turkey, once put forward as the candidate for American National Bird as a bird of exceptional enterprise or just a domestic turkey, the sort that can drown if caught out in the rain while looking up. If my day-to-day life `on the line´is anything to go by then I am a battery chicken.

DX Wombat
5th May 2003, 03:17
Oi Cookie99! We wombats are NOT thick :mad: :mad: :mad: We are one of the few aussie animals with a degree of intelligence. Those burrows of ours are fireproof so we don't get roasted like those cute, cuddly koalas when there is a bushfire. :ok:

I. M. Esperto
5th May 2003, 04:48
A seagull. All I do is fly, eat, squawk, and shite.

5th May 2003, 04:53
Tigress -- I smile and look cute, am loyal to my close friends/family, walk alone, am territorial, will defend those who matter to me and ........ well have other attributes that will remain between me and those who have given me the designation :E :E :E

Tricky Woo
5th May 2003, 17:13
I'm a leopard on a good day... and a slug the rest of the time.

The reality, on this planet of 6 billion people, is that we're more akin to a single animal plankton. Anyone know if there's another single land animal species which survives in greater numbers than human beings?


5th May 2003, 22:26
A cheetah.

Slim, sleek and quick. (I think)


:D :) :D

Windy Militant
6th May 2003, 06:20
At the moment being an animal would be several large bounds up the evolutionary chain for me so it would have to be an Amoeba :\

edited as it's hard typing when your an amorphous blob.

6th May 2003, 15:29
Wombats not thick! Tell that to the one I ran over and destroyed the sump on my holden, got up shook itself and walked away costing me $600.

****** the little bustards.

Celtic Emerald
7th May 2003, 02:48
I remember telling a Portuguese friend of mine that I loved cats. He retorted "I'd say you're like a cat, if you're nice to me I cuddle up to you & purr but if you ain't I'd scratch".

I think he'd figured me out mightily alright :D


7th May 2003, 07:23
Oi Synthetic! I'm a bear as well.

Sometimes ursa horibilis

Sometimes Ursa edwardii

Get off my honey!

tony draper
7th May 2003, 07:55
I still recon mine was the best. :rolleyes:

Uncle Cracker
7th May 2003, 08:16
And I feel like I've just come out of hibernation....:zzz:

7th May 2003, 18:22
Me, I suppose:



7th May 2003, 18:46
:ok: I would be a bird of course. But which one? A Ruppell's Vulture which is the highest flying bird of them all. One collided with a commercial aircraft at 37,000ft over Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, on November 29, 1973 - Like to keep an eke on things ;c)

DX Wombat
24th May 2003, 18:42
Cookie99 I have only just noticed this as I have been away visiting my Uncle Bruce who was the victim of attempted murder by somebody driving a Holden near Melbourne. :{ He is making good progress :ok: and has been able to give a full description to the local Wombat Police who are now searching all Holdens for one with a new sump. :E Personally I think $600 is far too little to have to pay for attempted murder. :*

24th May 2003, 21:36
a cute little bunny wabbit

25th May 2003, 05:16
Any sort of vulture. Almost always plenty of food about if one's not picky over flavour or ripeness. Good range. Daylight-only flying. Lots of mates to practice collision-avoidance with. Innate blasé attitude to human foibles. Just have to watch out around long strips of concrete for those alumin..WHAAAPP

25th May 2003, 23:16
I think that I would really like to be a "Willey Conch," out there in the mountain air leaping from tree to tree...:uhoh: