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2nd May 2003, 15:31

The following memo was posted on the airfields-uk-ireland forum.

Can anyone help

Regards Martin Burney


When looking at what is left of Stretton Airfield and it's buildings
I have photographed a small square (say 20ft * 20ft) brick building.
This has a wall with no windows but which has airvents top and
bottom. The next wall has a doorway roughly midway and a small window
between the door and the first wall. The next wall has a large
opening into a five foot square room (floor full of rubbish). Last
wall has a doorway (directly opposite the other). Just inside this
doorway is an internal doorway to a small sqaure room which has a
channel all around the outside of the floor. The main building area
(I suppose about 2/3 of the total floor of the building) has more
channels and they apear to be connected with earthenwear pipes. Again
there is a lot of rubbish piled in there. Nothing else looks like it
belongs to the building.
This building was just outside the perritrack at the eastern end of
the airfield. Can anyone tell me from my description what kind of use
this building would have had or point me to a source of info on
typical airfield buildings from WWII.
Stretton was active as HMS Blackcap between 1942 and 1958 though
originally "ordered2 as an RAF airfield.

Negative 'G'
5th May 2003, 03:42
Sorry I can't help you with any answers, whats the address for the Forum you mention?


Neg G:D