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Anthony Carn
2nd May 2003, 16:06
My TV guide lists William Hague as the host of Have I Got News for You, 2nd May, UK BBC1 2130-2200.

I'd hate for you to miss it ! :ok:

2nd May 2003, 16:11
William who?????:confused:

2nd May 2003, 16:36
I gather Martin Clunes was good last week - sadly I managed to be out for both showings, and my VCR is kaput...

However, I shall definitely be in to watch Hague, should be excellent viewing!

2nd May 2003, 16:53
Martin Clunes was good. Hague might be interesting, better ensure there is nothing I want to watch on afterwards in case his droning sends me to sleep!

tony draper
2nd May 2003, 17:48
I hear that many tories would like Willy back, I liked Haig he was a man of genuine wit, he didn't need a joke writer like most of them.
Re Have I got news, IMHO the prog is getting tired, it has become repiticious, the flashes of wit seem to be reheared rather than spontanious, don't bother watching now.

You want it when?
2nd May 2003, 20:05
Mr Clarkson of "Ohh I hate Volvos" fame is one of the guests tongiht. This is one I shall be watching...

4th May 2003, 06:48
Very amusing......it's on again now if you are close to a TV with BBC2!

Secret Squire
4th May 2003, 06:56
Martin Clunes was top notch the other week, best one of the guest presenters so far! still want to see Andrew Marr present one, think he'd be quite good for the job...

'tis Charlotte Church next week isn't it? Can't remember who is lined up after that....


4th May 2003, 09:39
Why not bring back Angus?

Clunes was good, but a major part of the show depended on the interplay between the "captains" and the host.

So what if Angus got caught doing something extracurricular?

I realise that the reason he got the boot was that he "became" the news rather than commenting on it, but in the public memory, surely that's ancient history?

tony draper
4th May 2003, 19:12
Iliked the one about Chirac,
"He has done that much twisting and turning he has to screw his socks on now".

4th May 2003, 21:03
I don`t know who wrote the gags for Hague, but his timing was spot on. This should silence some of the stuffier critics of mr Kennedy.

4th May 2003, 21:23
Hague is the first guest I have seen who has successfully shut Merton up! His delivery of "Just because I am telling jokes it doesn't give you the right to a political opinion" was first class.
I guess you can't be leader of a large political party without having something about you.:ok:

5th May 2003, 04:46
I guess you can't be leader of a large political party without having something about you.
Yes, such as the ability to read an autocue machine, maybe?

5th May 2003, 05:44
I don't think his one-liners were auto-cued... If they were then credit to the man for his impeccable delivery ;)

Particularly liked his(?) comment about the franco/german/belgian army :D

tony draper
5th May 2003, 05:50
As I said in a previous post Haig is a man of genuine wit, something rare in a politician now, I used to enjoy seeing him make Tone squirm at PM question time, he used to come out with some good one liners off the cuff.

5th May 2003, 06:25
Oh, I watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it! I thought Clarkson was especially good value myself.

But William was clearly reading from an autocue - you could see his eyes following the text from left to right and from top to bottom.

As for his one-liners, why not? Most of Angus Deayton's were scripted, and the show is semi-rehearsed and edited before transmission, you know.

5th May 2003, 07:19

Have you got Oor Wully mixed up with a certain General Haig, or is the mis-spelling deliberate?