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2nd May 2003, 05:40
What is your all time favourite cake?

Flourless chocalate cake that i had once, mmmmm lovely :}

Worst has to be victoria sponge, dry and tastes like vomit :yuk:


2nd May 2003, 05:45
Big chunk of rich fruit cake (wedding or Dundee type) with a pint of cold full fat milk....
mmmmmmmmmmmmm Heaven!!!

2nd May 2003, 05:50
Dorset Apple Cake
Dorset Lardy Cake
Scwarzwaldkirschentorte mit Sahne

2nd May 2003, 05:50
-A south American cake called "tres leches"
-Chocolate cake :p

2nd May 2003, 06:50
Battenburg with some of that nice marzipan.
Combined with a good cup of tea and bread pudding.

2nd May 2003, 07:03
If cakes are dry, chances are they didn't have enough egg in them or were cooked at too high a temperature. Using flour that isn't fresh can also make a difference (it doesn't keep that long once opened).

The classic sponge cake should be moist and springy.

2nd May 2003, 10:19
Baked cheesecake (lemon or vanilla) mmm mmm MMMMMMMM.

2nd May 2003, 10:38
"Better Than Sex" Cake.............................

(And no it's not, but it's a rather nice cake..................:E )

2nd May 2003, 10:54
.... or Black Forest ... Yummmmmmm.

2nd May 2003, 11:03
I don't know about all these fancy cakes. Having had any choice over the years in various countries and cities...

I used to love plain pound cake. Still do. Nothing added. Yum.

2nd May 2003, 11:30
wombat's lemon cake
and - though i do say it meself - i make a gorgeous chocky bread and butter pud and a flourless chocky cake too!!

mmematty - got the recipe if you want it hon !!!!!


2nd May 2003, 17:07
My Nana's(ie Grandmother's) Ginger cake with Lemon icing. Unfortunately, she's no longer with us so no cake, but then again I really don't need to eat cake anymore.

tony draper
2nd May 2003, 17:39
Yeh Dundee cake, hard to come by here now, Mr Kiplings Battenburg thingies,and Russian cake from the local baker, for more traditional fare, Eccles cakes.

2nd May 2003, 17:50
Lardy................as long as it's crunchy on top and squidgy in the middle. Not too many raisins and those that are in there haven't still got the gritty stalky bits still attached.

It musn't be too tall so you can't get your chops round it and it musn't be too thin so there isn't enough squidgy bit.


2nd May 2003, 18:09
I find all of the above mouthwatering but the most irresistible for me are:

Carrot cake from a local sandwich bar
Fresh jam doughnuts - bought in packs of six, they have to be eaten whilst fresh so an excuse for a real gorge:ok:

2nd May 2003, 18:49
MMEMatty - victoria sponge is only dry and horrible if you haven't poured enough alcohol into it. :E

2nd May 2003, 21:19
I rather like my wife's buns...

George Dicer
2nd May 2003, 22:45
My granny used to make the best fishcakes ever - does this count as a cake. All the same I still consider a good fishcake the best meal of all time.

2nd May 2003, 23:37
Well, it used to be black forest gateaux, but then I learnt to make cheesecake, so I'll go for baked baileys, vanilla and white chocolate cheesecake (shortcrust base) - or unbaked baileys, vanilla, raspberry, strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake with a topping of fresh strawberries and a biscuit base with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, raisins and crushed pecans.
(Actually, pecan pie is nice too).

Sadly, all of these work out at about a mile on the treadmill per slice :(

3rd May 2003, 01:00
George Dicer I'm with you on the fish cakes. My mum did the best ones. Also like crab cakes and clam cakes. Don't like sugar :(


3rd May 2003, 06:23
Somebody mentioned Battenburg and a nice cup of tea.....heaven!

3rd May 2003, 06:44
Mrs WD and I also love white chocolate cheesecake, especially from Joe Rigatoni's. Mrs WD didn't do a bad job herself with a home-made version.

EI Sparks

Mrs WD's eyes almost popped out of her head at the mere mention of that Baileys concoction. Where can she get some (cheesecake that is) and if home-made, what is the recipe?:D

3rd May 2003, 07:12
WD, it's a common reaction :D
I'll PM the recipe for the unbaked one, I don't have the baked recipe typed up.

3rd May 2003, 07:24
......SpAcE CaKe......

"I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. I think about it every night and day. Spread my wings and I fly away".......

3rd May 2003, 08:53
Best cake - Mrs Synth's Carrot cake

Worst cake - Stoma cake

Alright I'm leaving

4th May 2003, 09:02
A big muffin during a morning shift helps raise my sagging spirits.:)

5th May 2003, 00:16
Just as an addition to the worst cake - Otis Spunkmeyer Double Chocolate Muffins

Sickly sweet, and taste absolutely :yuk:


(these are my own opinions and dont sue pprune)

5th May 2003, 01:53
Does any of you ppruners have a good recipe for chocolate cake ? I lost my fav one and couldn't make a proper one since :{


5th May 2003, 21:35
Mmmmmm......dribble, dribble!!!!

Mrs WD just baked off some Apricot bread and Date bread (just like cake if you ask me) - deeeelishusss!

Can't wait 'til next weekend when we get to try out Sparky's white choccy cheesecake recipe!:D

Drool, drool.

5th May 2003, 22:22
Well of course I don't eat cake, because nothing unhealthy shall ever pass my lips. My body is a temple, you see, and quite a large one too, especially around the circumference, and as a fitness freak I reject such wanton disrespect of God's creation.

Besides, there's bugerall cakes that go with beer. :(

5th May 2003, 22:57
Cakes are more precious than a lot of things in my family...we like our food. :D

My favourite cakes are made by my Aunt. Her fruitcake is absolutely goregous. Even though it isn't a cake, her rhubarb pie is delectable. BUT OOH!!! Some beautiful variations on the madeira cake are the best. Orange cake with orange cream. Her cake tins are always occupied, too.... :)

Even though they're not cakes, my favourite slices are made by my mum. Apricot slice!!! YEAH!!!


Windy Militant
6th May 2003, 06:09
You've never tried Welsh cakes then! A few years ago I helped to build a grass track outfit with a mate. We might have finished sooner if we hadn't spent so much time drinking homebrew and scoffing Welshcakes.:D