View Full Version : Shorts FJ30

1st May 2003, 22:14
Having reminded myself of the proposed Shorts Regional Jet on another thread, does anyone have anything on it?

I have had a good look through my own stuff and cannot find anything. I do seem to remember, however, that a mock up, at least, was built and either exhibited and/or touted around potential customers sometime just before the company was sold to Canadair. There were some who darkly suggested that part of the reason for the sale was to cancel the thing because it was too close to the Canadair RJ.

1st May 2003, 22:45
I knew it as the FJX, and as originally drafted it was very close indeed to the CRJ-100 in size, passenger capacity and range. Looked a bit like a smaller Airbus A319. It was first promoted to North Amercan carriers in early 1988 (with that mock-up you mentioned?), before Canadair froze the CRJ's design, and about a year before the final launch decision for the CRJ was taken.

2nd May 2003, 04:51
Yes, you're right Aerohack, it was the FJX. Thank you for your reply. Perhaps a smidge ahead of its time or a step too far for Shorts. Very sad. Does anyone have more info. like GA drawings, projected perfmance, weights, etc?