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30th Oct 2001, 03:42
Hello everyone!

I've got a new question for today :D ! Do Airlines in Europe value command single/twin piston flying? Or is 1000 hrs multicrew on a turboprop with no command time apart from your training more valued. Over here, it seems that a high percentage of operators take a dim view of a CV with thousands of co-pilot hrs combined with minimal command. Can anybody help me with this query?

30th Oct 2001, 15:12
Do the turbo prop job, In the UK and Europe turbine time whether its P1 or P2 is concidered more valuable that P1 Piston.

I guess the Piston job is single crew and airlines don't like that, they would prefer you to have multi crew experience.

Do the turbine job and who knows by the time the industry has picked up you might be flying it P1. :)

30th Oct 2001, 15:20
Take the Turbo prop job.

Later on in your career if you get the chance of P1 Turbo prop, or P2 jet, take the jet time.

31st Oct 2001, 00:34

I guess the Piston job is single crew and airlines don't like that, they would prefer you to have multi crew experience.

What a load of old tosh. Let me tell you something about single crew IFR. It is going into Heathrow, Gatwick, Berlin, Bergen, Dublin, Amsterdam in all weather, at all times of the night. Have you ever taxied in Amsterdam or Heathrow in the middle of the night, with the rain lashing down, reading a taxi plate and taxing the a/c at the same time?

Single crew IFR, is great experience, and one that any operator will rate.

Ask any single crew pilot out there, it is the most demanding job you will EVER do.

123.40, If you can get co-pilot on a respectable turbo prop, go for it. Two crew time is invaluable, but be careful, a small number of turbine aircraft are single crew certified, operating with two crew.

If this was the case you should consider the Multi Engine Single crew work.

Wishing you every success, in whatever you decide.


31st Oct 2001, 01:49
They are both good. My own experience in Aus was of 1,000 hr command m/e piston single pilot IFR. I then went to Dash 8 F/O for 800 hr now Command for 1,200 hr on the -8. Lets be honest and say that I'd take what's ever available, but if you already have some piston command time, say 500 hr, I'd go for the multi-crew turbo-prop F/O job. I only did what I did because it happened that way!

31st Oct 2001, 03:34
Thanks guys for all the replys. At the moment I'm only on pistons and it may stay that way for a while with the job situation over here. I've just always wondered about the value that you would get out of doing 1000 or 500 multi IFR command vs the two crew stuff. What I'm trying to say is that I thought it would be better to have been in the single crew IFR situation so that later in the career if need be, you could draw on the experience. I suppose though - the airlines decide what they want and at this point in time the GA flying seems to be losing its gloss (see Dunnunda where a rumour has started about QF taking only cadets and no GA in 2 yrs)

Quite frankly I think I'd be a little useless to a captain on a turboprop under the IFR as my experience is in this area is limited to my training. Even more so if I just compare the lessons I've learned under the VFR in just 600hrs since my training..imagine IFR.

Scenario: A pilot with a fresh CPL MECIR is flying as co-pilot at night, in cloud and bad wx and suddenly finds him/herself in command as the captain is incapacitated. Is the sh*t going to hit the fan when they get to the minima - don't get visual and lose an engine? Now I know that when you get the stamp in your logbook it means that you can excercise the full priviliges as you've proved yourself capable - but wouldn't a little prior industry experience help rather than being totally fresh? Anyway, those are my thoughts.

1st Nov 2001, 03:58

Just my two cents worth

Command Piston or turbine P2 Which do airlines prefer?Airlines I take it are those flying the shiny jets and turbine props.

You are never going to be hired direct entry into the left seat of any airline in a multicrew envoirnment with P1 piston time no matter how much time you have, therefore go fof the F/Os job on the turbine.

Its safer ,its two crew you'll always have someone beside you with more experiance to learn from and boy will you learn fast.

The airlines will find your experiance matches their mulit crew demands more closely

and it will probably pay better

above all its safer

best of luck and Im not trying to be a smart ass just a help

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