View Full Version : Flight Deck doors

1st May 2003, 04:28
With the introduction of secure flight deck doors for flights to the USA, does anyone here feel that these will cause a breakdown of CRM, as access to the FD is now somewhat restricted?

1st May 2003, 05:06
They have certainly caused a massive CRM problem over here in the UK.

1st May 2003, 16:59
The strengthening of the bulkhead(s) either side of the door is the next phase of the mod which is to be implemented over the next few months (with our UK airline anyway...)

At least the FO has a couple of ovens to suck up any stray bullets !!

Max Angle
1st May 2003, 17:54
They are certainly causing CRM problems, the flightdeck is becoming "out of sight, out of mind" for a lot of cabin crew and I suspect the other way around for a lot of pilots. New video gear is making access a bit easier but IMHO the whole thing is a token gesture. If the CAA, Airlines and the DFT (bless em) where serious about it we would have El Al style double doors that actually do provide protection for the flightdeck.

1st May 2003, 19:05
Maxangle,couldn't agree more,and thankyou to A4 for your worthwhile comments.
I feel it is a valid point about the bulkheads and I know that plans are in foot to address it,also,I'm sure that this isn't breaking news to OBL and co.