View Full Version : Forgive me Father for I have sinned!

1st May 2003, 18:23
I replied to a post by Airbubba entitled "Stewardess takes off as plane lands" under the subject of 500mph streakers, in Rumours & News. I related the well documented inflight romp af a rampart Air New Zealand off duty stewardess,who distributed her largesse to several willing and lucky punters on board. Eventually, she came unstuck due to complaints from IMHO, pax who missed out. My cardinal mistake was the closing sentence of "Here is an Airline that really does give a f**k"! My post was obliterated. Mea culpa.:(

1st May 2003, 18:29
You may remember the unfortunate Irish Bishop who was found to have a teenage son, which dented his celibate credentials. It is said that he went abroad after resigning, and found himself in the Phillippines, where he saw the local Archbishop, Cardinal Sin. (yes, really!).

Dropping to his knees, he said:-

"Bless me Sin, for I have fathered"

1st May 2003, 18:33
U_R, I assume you refer to Bishop Eamon Casey, as immortalised in a song by Stephen Eagan, much sung by Christie Moore?

I have to declare an interest here - Eamon Casey married my parents! :ooh: :uhoh:

1st May 2003, 18:49
My God! Was he AC/DC?:D

1st May 2003, 19:42

I hope that the marriage remains valid despite subsequent events. The consequences for yourself don't bear thinking about!

Rallye Driver
1st May 2003, 20:08
At the time, the Guardian wittily remarked that he had resigned in order to take up a missionary position elsewhere.


1st May 2003, 20:39
Ah, Eamonn Casey - inspiration for quite a few gags in the TV show 'Father Ted', e.g. 'that money was just resting in my account' and of course Bishop Brennan (who had a son in the USA).

The thing is, what he did wasn't nearly as bad as what some of his colleagues in the clergy have been up to... :yuk:

pax anglia
2nd May 2003, 02:26
At the time of Bishop Casey's "little problem" I consulted my copy of "Debrett's Etiquette" to find that the correct form of address for a Roman Catholic Bishop is "Hi, Dad!"