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1st May 2003, 00:34
Anyone ever had the bullet for not being any good???:E

1st May 2003, 02:58
And is there any-one who's crap in bed?

1st May 2003, 04:19
Are we talking jobs or 'on the job?':D
I was sacked from my job as a janitor at Tesco's and resigned from my highly paid position as a petrol forecourt attendant before they could sack me.
As for 'on the job,' well yeah - crap but always willing to practice!

1st May 2003, 04:22
Recently 'invited to resign' from Churchill insurance after just 2 days thanks to a certain schedule clash with my flying job.:}

simon brown
1st May 2003, 23:25
Absolutely, I was once CEO of BP and got a half million pay off for being total shite.I then went to Woolies and got another payoff for being even more incompetant. Then I moved to Railtrack and got the same deal. Im currently CEO of Chorus having to lay off staff and have awarded myself a 50 % pay hike. At the moment I,m in preliminary negotiations for my next golden "F**k off" and possibly a knighthood

Biggles Flies Undone
1st May 2003, 23:50
Simon, are they the shteel manufacturers? :confused:

At least this didn't turn out to be another vasectomy thread :p

2nd May 2003, 00:07

Award yourself another 50% instantly for not knowing how to spell CORUS.

2nd May 2003, 05:56

It was also Woolies after Railtrack - unfortunately I was there when the t055er arrived.:mad:

2nd May 2003, 09:48
Yeah, I punted a bloke for being lousy in bed. Couldn't be arsed training him.

2nd May 2003, 15:07
I got the sack from a bakery once for curling up on the flour sacks and going to sleep.

Joe Bolt
2nd May 2003, 15:59
I was moved between different departments 6 times in the space of 14 months with one company. I walked out before they ran out of places to move me.

simon brown
2nd May 2003, 18:37

Do you mean to say ive been managing the wrong company all this time! Yesterday I couldnt spell CORUS, today I are the CEO.:ok: ;)

2nd May 2003, 23:42
Grief reds - was he even trying? :D :p

2nd May 2003, 23:59
Are you assking or telling Thparks? :O :ooh:

3rd May 2003, 00:11
(Come on chaffers, you know I'm too young and innocent to be telling ;) )

3rd May 2003, 00:45
Hell your purity score would treble just by looking at a bed with a girlie in it. :)