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Cardinal Puff
30th Apr 2003, 23:32
While prowling the forums I've noticed certain signs pointing to that rare breed, the Hasher. Anyone who's a member please make yerselves known along with yer Hash name and how ya got it and hopefully we'll meet at some point.

I'll start:

Hash name BUFF. It was almost Bottomless Pit but a vote on my size and looks put paid to that.


2nd May 2003, 13:41
Certain signs, Your Eminence? There isn't that much bog paper scattered over the forums... :hmm:

Through difficulties on, on to the cinema

Cardinal Puff
5th May 2003, 17:52
Just the odd one or two, mate. Sirwa69 with the sign off "On, On!".

Probably find most of 'em among the expats who post here.

5th May 2003, 17:53
This will make the forum not so anonymus anymore!
A Down-Down for that one Buff!

Anyway, it is :E

(BKK Monday Hash)

5th May 2003, 22:03
i remember a kiwi at the hochiminh HHH by the surname of shadwell - his hashname was SHA6WELL - his wife was WELL SHA66ED..........

5th May 2003, 22:18
If we change the tread to good hash names (not your own) than it could become quiet entertaining.
A fellow in BKK disappeared out off sight for a little while during the run. In the circle (at the end) he was blamed to have gone for a quick [email protected] by the side of the trail.
this earned him the name "Forrest Dump"
The best one I have seen sofar. And fairly polite, unlike others....


Cardinal Puff
6th May 2003, 21:53
... As an aside, the South African hashers in Bujumbura were renowned for stopping off at roadside kiosks for a quick beer and a down-down was earned if this didn't happen. Last I heard that Dead Loss was off to Tanzania (Dar) and the whole hash thing just went down the tubes.

At a dollar a person for unlimited beer I just can't see how that was allowed to happen.......

8th May 2003, 04:36
maybe not such a good idea. What can you expand on with names like 'shitforbrains' 'pussyvirus' 'bristol jugs' 'joylide'??


10th May 2003, 19:37

Went hashing once at Rheindahlen in Germany. Fantastic way to spend a day... Was off my box by the end of it... Yours truly kept doing stuff wrong and ending up with down-downs.... Or maybe I was fudging it for free drink hahahaha :p

Somebody should really put a full explanation on here as to what it is tho. I have a feeling that not many people will know!!

10th May 2003, 22:02
I used to Hash in Kununurra, Western Aus. Didn't get a nickname though. Good excuse for a hit out and a few beers :D

12th May 2003, 16:56

I did not understand your question:
"a full explanation on here as to what it is tho" ??

Is this what you are looking for?
""Quote from World Hash House Harriers Homepage @ gthhh.com
If you do not know anything about the Hash House Harriers and would like to read up on us, check out the Hash Bible URL]
. This is an abridged version of this major hash reference which includes history, stories, trail marking ideas and more.

If not ask me more.


[URL=http://www.gthhh.com/bible/default.asp?zzz=]hash bible (http://www.gthhh.com/bible/default.asp?zzz=)

Having greatly screwed up the link insertion in my above (first) reply I better write a short explanation of what the Hash is all about.

The HHH organise a fun type run all aver the world.
They organise regularly a run, which is a trail set by the Hares, and searched out by the Pack. The Pack is a group of largly unfit runners who have to follow the trail and get back to the starting point before they can participate in a friendly beer drinking and "conversation" session.
There is no need to be totally fit, some Hashes I have been to have rather large sized participants who seem only run during the Hash and spend the rest of the time in between in the pub.

The good thing about the hash is that you meet a wide variety of people who either live locally or are en-route.
Every type of person is usually represented.
Airline personell, telecom workers, embassy staff, taxi drivers, audit accountants, house persons(!), bankers, restaurant servers bar owners, etc.
Whatever you do during the day is not at all important. But a good sense of humor is.
The run (usually set by a Hare who lives locally) will take around one hour. The hour is spend partly running, partly searching for the trail which is set with shreded paper, chalk, flour or whatever is suitable for the conditions (like rain) and the track.
You set off together from the pre-arranged starting point (the On-On) and follow the trail. You can find a cross (or a circle, depending on the local Hash rule) at a junction where you have to search the lanes for the next marking. False trails, double trails etc. are there to slow down the front runners (F.R.B.) which have to go back to the cross point if they followed a false trail and so the pack is (sometimes) kept together.
No prices for the first to arrive, this is actually discouraged unless you have made an inventive shortcut and came back early that way.
After all runners have arrived at the end point (the On-In) the leader of the local HHH calls everyone around him and the run is "discussed". Punishments and compliments are awarded by a mug of beer (the Down-Down) which has to be drunk while the pack sings the Down-Down song. Followed by an assortment of (usually rather rude) running songs. Drinking the Down-Down on your knees and hands behind your back is a rather entertaining way some Hashes insist on.
After all the palaver of the Down-Downs the pack (sometimes retreats to a nearby restaurant.

The whole thing is conducted a bit different at the various hashes but is all about meeting people and having a good time.
For me It sure beats staying night after night is your hotel or visit down town bars, plus I got to know not only a lot of very interesting people from outside the pilot community but also saw various cities around the world in a way no tourist ever will do.

I can recommend it. Info on Hashes around the world is pusblished on the web. Go to the World Wide HHH site (see previous message) and find the city you will visit. Their website will advise where the next Hash is and how to get there (in Asia it usually also has a translated text you can use for the taxi drivers) it also will often give a tel no from a hasher which can take you there. Start is usuaully around 17.00 or 18.00 during the week. Some hashes have a weekend run (see their website)
Last few hundred meters from the On-On are usually indicated with HHH signs. You will recgnise a group of runners as being the Hashers (no tracksuits or proper running gear!), introduce yourself (to everyone) pay your very low fee (to cover beer consumption cost) to the Hash Cash and wait for the Hash to start.

Feel free to ask more if you need.
Try it and have fun,


12th May 2003, 19:11
Hello, Did someone mention my name :cool:

I am a member of the Bahrain Black Hash which meets every Saturday approx 1 hour before sunset (currently 5:00 pm)

If you want to come along send me a Private Message :ok:

We have a good selection of names including

Captain Incontinence
Takes it up the @rse like a Pilot
Black Box
Helicopter Coming
Jock in a Frock
Thomas the [email protected] Engine
Tit's R Us
Plus many more exciting and interesting people

It's a drinking club with a running problem (hic) :\ :\

On On