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30th Apr 2003, 20:17
It came up in tech ops, but I figured it could be more rewarding to discuss it here.

For starters:

Has the circuit breaker popped, or do you merely perceive it to have popped? Does the circuit breaker even exist? And how do you tell the fact that a circuit breaker will pop from it having popped?

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/Fred, bored while he should be in a pre-weekend panic

30th Apr 2003, 20:26
More to the point, why do circuit breakers exist? If we didn't have circuit breakers, it follows that the circuits wouldn't break in the first place.

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1st May 2003, 20:34
CBs are of course completely unnecessary.

As should be apparent, it is smoke that makes electric things work.

We have all seen evidence of this - The smoke escapes from the equipment which then stops working.


1st May 2003, 22:58
Normally when the smoke erupts from the cockpit, usually the Flight Engineer can be seen running aft, yelling......"tain't me, the pilots' done it!"

2nd May 2003, 13:20
The circuit breaker is a figment of my imagination.

Through difficulties to the cinema

2nd May 2003, 21:46
Flew all the way round a CB yesterday, couldn't find the reset button. Managed to dodge the microbursts, but picked up a bit of hail damage....