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29th Apr 2003, 23:58
Been to any bad ale houses lately?

Name and Shame here.

1. The Peak (hotel?) , Castleton, Derbyshire, England.

Waited 1 hr for two sandwiches, when questions were asked of the landlord he said "you can cancel if you like but you won't get your money back". Mrs Turin (who was 5 months pregnant at the time and gagging for sustenance) and I, left the premises with empty belly's and 7.20 poorer. Had a lovely pie down the road at the local bakers.:E

30th Apr 2003, 00:09
Out on a trip n we decided to nip into the local free house for lunch/pool/pint. I can't remember the pubs name but it was outside Euston Sq station (the big one) turn left, past one free house which was under scaffolding and there it was on the other side of the road.

Anyway, stories from inside:

1. Bartender vigorously insisted on ID, ok, he was just doing his job but to us 18yr (yes we all were) olds he was a tad rude. When mate 1 ordered he replied with a simple 'You are joking yes?' before asking for ID.
2. Next, we ordered our lunch at the bar and he spilt a drink on all the menu's and i jokingly said 'you've spilt your drink' as i thought he had'nt noticed. He responded with eyeing me up and then replied with a short and sweet 'Do i look as though i care?'.
3. and final one. When he brought me my burger and chips i asked for some ketchup. His reaction was to roll his eyes, grunt, say something under his breath, and then went to get me the ketchup.

Shame, it was an ok pub, with some nice ppl inside, just a bartender who was being an extreme @rsehole.

30th Apr 2003, 00:12
I forget the name of the pub which I went into recently with my family for lunch. They'd sold of baguettes. And egg-mayo filling for jacket potatoes. And red wine. And cider. And most brands of beer.

Only later did we see the (rather small) sign apologising for the "reduced menu" because they were closing down that night for refurbishment. :rolleyes:


30th Apr 2003, 00:17
That'll serve you right for wondering off into the countryside TURIN....:p you only need to look at the half-mil chart...."beware the yokels."

Biggles Flies Undone
30th Apr 2003, 00:29
There was one near STN in 2000 but I can't remember its name.... but it had something to do with an EADI..... :)

30th Apr 2003, 00:35
Dozza2k, was the barman about late 40's/early 50's, short black hair, beard ? Was the pub the royal George (i think).

If so its just his sence of humour and he is alright once you know him.

30th Apr 2003, 06:43
Not to mention a tent, BFU!

Biggles Flies Undone
30th Apr 2003, 07:07

Or the food........

As per the famous conversation in a Chinese Restaurant:
"Waiter! This steak is rubbery!"
"Oh - fangyou very much sir!" :rolleyes:

30th Apr 2003, 12:21
The spotted cow at Angmering. The filling of my Chicken pie had obviously been under the lights for hours, but had been acquainted with the pastry for seconds, and when we pointed out to the staff that there were ants climbing the walls they immediately did nothing

Any family food pub:yuk: :yuk:

30th Apr 2003, 17:25
The Oddfellows in Southampton......not far from the football ground and across the road from The Joiners. When I was in there last year it had one ale, one lager and a very strange barman, rough as a bear's bum but harmless....just not recommended.

30th Apr 2003, 17:34
Biggles, U_R if PPRuNe Senior Management pops a vessel after reading this thread, it wil be entirely upon your heads! ;)

I do believe IFR still dreams of that Landlord, after an overindulgent dinner.

Biggles Flies Undone
30th Apr 2003, 17:41
They can't get cross with me, flaps - I even helped to clear the glasses away! :ok:

30th Apr 2003, 19:06
Biggles you addle brained bar tart! :p
That wasn't at the Cinder; your famous glass clearing act took place in another unmentionable locale.

Which would deserve it's very own thread...... Awful Hotels!

Biggles Flies Undone
30th Apr 2003, 19:19
Errr...... actually, I think I managed that feat at both locations! As twelve hour sessions go, that was one of the better ones :=

.... and don't mention the tartan cartwheels..... :oh:

30th Apr 2003, 20:07
Ah yes. The pipes, the pipes....

And whatever happened to those underpants?

30th Apr 2003, 21:11
PP, wouldn't be these (http://www.derekpake.flyer.co.uk/images/Ashbash60a.jpg) you're looking for? ;)

original thread (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=40409&perpage=40&pagenumber=1)

30th Apr 2003, 23:57
Hmm...awful pubs - there's a lot of scope in this!

In Bradford, there's the Exchange, a bar under the Wool Exchange filled with ciggy gas and strange twitchy people with hairy necks. Very cheap, but like so many cheap places it attracts the vicious. Not too far away you might visit the Jacobs Well, which isn't all that bad if it wasn't for the TB outbreak caused by one of the barmen some years ago (my father was contacted by the public health authority for a chest X-ray, having been in there with some police pals not long before the disease-riddled barman collapsed. Hence his advice to me "Never drink with policemen") Mind you, though, awful pubs are fairly common in Bradders...although there was nothing quite like what happened at the Coach and Horses, where the landlord for years used to get ratted in the lock-in with his alkie buddies and crap on the table for their entertainment, before forcing his wife to clean up. Then, one night, she tired of this and stuck a big knife in his neck, with obvious results. She went guilty to manslaughter, got off with time served and took over the pub! Later, after she died, it was briefly owned by a church, just for added weirdness.

In Leeds town centre, there is a deep divide between excellent pubs and vile pubs. The General Elliott, opposite the Corn Exchange on Boar Lane, looks inviting and Victorian from the outside. Once you're inside though - you realise that it's actually Dickensian. Weird and dangerous clientele, again - starers, madsters, alkies, extremely fat women. The place is filthy, although it serves excellent and cheap Samuel Smith's beers. I once went in there with a girlfriend - a bad decision. As soon as we sat down she tensed up, like a cat in a yardful of dogs. We left rapidly in order to salvage the evening! Just round the corner, there is a joint called the Duncan which is so disgusting it doesn't even have any outward sign of being a pub, just a door into a huge, dirty, fag-ridden shed of hairies gulping down their rations and glowering. Opposite the Duncan there used to be a strip club with a Tetley's pub sign reading HOLLYWOOD BABES, but it's gone now. Keighley used to have a dive called the Grinning Rat, which was like it sounds. (In fairness that one was a sort of love/hate situation. Some enjoyed it.) Now it's been gentrified, as far as that is possible in Keighley. The violence just moved fifty yards to the Lord Rodney next to the churchyard. Which might turn out to be convenient!

Mind you, just being down south won't save you....there used to be a really filthy, vicious boozer in Englefield Green of all places, called the Prince of Wales. Piss beer, dark, car thieves, and a landlord who threatened someone I know with a pool cue for trying to order after he rang the bell. It's now been demolished and turned into posh flats. And if you happen to be in Staines, watch out for the Litten Tree, a huge open plan drinking centre where, one night, a man standing next to me broke a glass to menace some passing fool. But that was as far as he got - at that moment three skinheaded goons picked him off the ground, carted him to the door and chucked him onto the pavement. It was only afterwards that I saw a radio earpiece on one of them and realised the place needed plain clothes bouncers.

Uncle Cracker
3rd May 2003, 19:24
The Snipe at Sutton. Should have known better, really.

3rd May 2003, 20:17
Thanks for sharing that steamchicken, I nearly busted a gut laughing!:D

Keep 'em coming everyone!

4th May 2003, 00:35
Oooh strewth, don't mention the pub that sounds like "Bash" to a certain PPRuNer that now knows what an EADI is.
Hey flaps, we didn't do too badly out of the hotel up the road from the aforementioned pub. You bullied reception remember?

hey BFU, I won't hear a word against you. You're a smashing bloke. :D

4th May 2003, 00:46
No no no Reds.... Not "bully"!

Reasonable argument, quietly presented in the diplomatic and charming manner instinctively adopted by FAs in the face of adversity. :E

Yes, the charms of BFU are quite shattering.

4th May 2003, 06:04
The Beresford, Middleton-on-Sea.

Had the unfortunate experience, courtesy of one of their pies, a couple of years ago. Came face to face with a fairly large section of "tubing" in one of the same. :yuk:

When I "discussed" this with the so called management they explained in depth how this could have happened... :rolleyes: The funniest thing was that they thought that I may be persuaded to go back again on the promise of a free meal. :yuk: :}

Synthetic - The Spotted Cow has a pretty bad reputation around here (Elmer).


4th May 2003, 07:02
I had a crap meal at the Snipe in Sutton too Uncle...although I have a few half decent ones..but that one dodgy one put me off for life...

Small world eh :)

Uncle Cracker
4th May 2003, 15:43

Check ya pm's!