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29th Apr 2003, 22:27
As a long time observer of JB in my current form and a previous alter ego, something has been tickling my curiosity. Forgive me, latecomers, but a couple of years ago we had a gentleman who posted at great length on this forum who went by the name of Captain Ed. He was finally banned from these pages for his unwillingness to tone down his outrageously bigoted views.

Not to put too fine a point on it, I have suspected for a while that I.M. Esperto is none other than Captain Ed reincarnated. I don't want to get into a libel suit over this, and I won't quote any offending phrases at the moment. I just thought I'd throw it into the ring to see if anybody else had had similar thoughts.

Certainly the "hail fellow well met, we're all at the Lodge now and everything is fair game" style of posts is not conspicuous, but there is something about the underlying views that raises suspicion in my mind.

Anybody else care to comment, including of course IME himself?

I should also say that this isn't a witchhunt; while there's not much I agree with him on, IME's views are certainly within the accepted parameters of JB, and the last thing I want to be accused of is seeking to get him banned. Just curious, that's all.

Biggles Flies Undone
29th Apr 2003, 23:31
Binos, I more-or-less worked that out a few months ago - the (now changed) Galesburg location and reference to a Lexus and his daughter spoiling him made me fairly sure.

In contrast to his postings of old, I find IME's current postings to be well moderated and quite amusing. His posts in the Nostalgia forum are sometimes quite delightful - especially about the P-38.

If it is you, Ed Toner, well done.

30th Apr 2003, 05:25
If it's him and he's behaving, then banning did him a lot of good.
Anyone??? :}

Mac the Knife
30th Apr 2003, 06:21
There are a plenty of people like Captain Ed around - I didn't care for his opinions but I thought OCB was nastier and slimier.

No, I don't think IME is Ed Toner, interesting thought though.

For some reason I'm reminded of Lyndon Johnson's comment on FBI director J Edgar Hoover, quoted in NY Times 31 Oct 71

"Itís probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in."

Onan the Clumsy
30th Apr 2003, 07:02
I remember OCB, but only just.

Didn't he try to subvert every thread and then someone appeared with the handle OCD, where the D stood for Dresser?

...I just realised why OCD sounds familiar

Obsessively obsessive compulsive compulsive disorder.

30th Apr 2003, 07:36
Okay men, at the cross roads midnight. I'm sure the tough ladies; want first. We that are right minded know what it is to be decent. Seems like a rotter still walks.
GRUMPY, not for much longer.
That is what she said, you know the blighter don't cross the road to avoid her, he's left the country.

30th Apr 2003, 21:14
:confused: :confused: Er, what are you smoking, grumpy, and where can I get some? Sheesh. :ooh:

30th Apr 2003, 21:51
Well Binoculars, you could try here (http://www.abraxas.tv/).