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29th Apr 2003, 19:36
I think I've finally lost the plot.

Last week I took the kids to France for a couple of days. We went to Dover and off we go on the ferry as foot passengers.

We return and catch the train back to London. I present Mrs. Angels with two bottles of wine and her response is, "Where's the car?"

I had completely forgotten that I'd driven down and left the car in the multi-storey car park at Dover. So it was back on the train and back to the car park to drive the thing back.

I got in at one in the morning, somewhat shattered, but depressed about my seeming senility. I'm only 46 for heaven's sake!

Examples from fellow Ppruners about dumb things they've managed to do would cheer me up immensely I'm sure.

29th Apr 2003, 19:54
I cant beleive the kids didn't say, Daddy why are we going home on the train:uhoh:

29th Apr 2003, 20:09
I am amazed that you must have bought tickets without even thinking about how much they cost, related to what you would have paid on the way down, or even why you didn't have return tickets.

I worked with a guy once who had a lovely Gipsy Moth and, one evening, took another colleague for a flight. They went in his car and, on the way, he called in at his house to pick something up.

After waiting in the car outside the house for about 20 minutes, my colleague knocked on the door to find him, in his slippers, having totally forgotten that they were going flying and that his passenger was waiting outside in the car.

He was younger that you and quite a bright chap.

29th Apr 2003, 20:16
not quite on the same league, but djk thought he'd send susie her regular little care parcel. put the items in a box, took tape down from shelf ready to seal parcel, picked up box, found scissors, couldn't find roll of tape. hunted everywhere in the room. couldn't find it for several hours, went to bed. woke up next morning, went into kitchen to make coffee. found roll of tape next to kettle

29th Apr 2003, 20:31
I was convinced once that my car had been stolen. I had driven to the supermarket on the way home from work and then when I'd completed my shopping, forgot about the car and walked the short distance to my house with my groceries. On getting up the next morning my car wasn't parked behind the house as usual and after having actually picked up the receiver to dial the police, finally remembered that I'd left it in the car park at the supermarket the day before!

I was probably 27/28 at the time and have done equally bizarre things since!

29th Apr 2003, 20:33
The first thought that came to mind was the song "Day Trip to Blackpool" by Jasper Carrot. It was sung to the tune "Day Trip to Bangor"

The relevant lyrics were (sort of) ...

"We jumped in the car ....
....... blah blah ...
..... etc,
We must have been out of our brains
cause we came down by train! " :D :D

Its been a while since I last heard it.

29th Apr 2003, 21:02
Where I work(ed) all but one of the gates are closed at night, you have to exit at the main gate.

One morning we noticed that one of the side gates was well bowed out, apparently winning the battle with a car, but injured in the process.

The word went around that Dr. M.L., a really bright physicist, stayed late at work. He was deep in his thoughts as he left the grounds by his normal route - but the gate was closed by then.

Same thing happened to him again a couple of months later.

I'd guess he was in his 40s at the time.

Tcas climb
29th Apr 2003, 21:36
One saturday evening at 7 company calls and want's to buy my next day. First weekend off in one month, nice dinner with freinds and family, the good wine opened and so on. Hadn't had a drink yet, should have, because then I could have said no.

Anyway next morning at 7:15 sitting in the plane waiting for the passengers, who should have been there at 7, company calls:"Eeerrrhhmm, it's next month we have this charter flight, you can go home".

Me mad :mad: :*

29th Apr 2003, 22:27

The actual lines are

We Jumped in our car,we didnt get far
A ploceman waved us down
We must have been out of our brains
Cause we came down by train
And the rain came down.


What is really scarey is that its at least 20 years since I last heard it and I can remember it. Now if I can only remember the wifes name:=

29th Apr 2003, 22:40
They did THINK it, but they were knackered and assumed mummy had picked the car up -- and they like a ride on the choo choo, so they kept quiet.

30th Apr 2003, 03:43
The actual lines are

A ploceman waved us down

I very much doubt it:p :ouch:

30th Apr 2003, 03:55
I was attending my local technical college doing a BTEC when I was 19 or so.

I lived about two and a half miles from the college and I used to walk it (it was half a mile to the nearest bus stop in the opposite direction).

One day I got up dressed for college and walked to college. I must have gone about 2 miles when it started to rain and I suddenly realised my feet were getting very wet. I looked down and realised I had my slippers on.

I was so embarrassed at this I walked all the way home in the rain and changed into my shoes and walked all the way back.

30th Apr 2003, 04:01
Jasper has, or had, a PPL.

Couldn't anyone get him to do a live performance on here?

I rather liked 'Biffer, the mental labrador'.

30th Apr 2003, 05:21
This happened to a friend of mine, a very bright lawyer. He used to live at 1 hour 1/2 from the courthouse. One day he drove there in his car, and brought the dog along because he planned to be there just for a short time. He left the dog in the car, went to tend to his business and took the train back home...
His wife and children looking frantically for the dog that night lighted the bulb in his head. The dog was rescued the following morning. He had eated the stuffing from the seats he had not peed on, I am sure as a way of taking revenge.

1st May 2003, 05:08
I once turned up for school the day before term began. It took me a surprisingly long time to work out why no one else was there and why the doors were locked.
I frequently forget what day it is. I've made one or two horrendous, very public, and reasonably expensive errors at work thinking it was Friday when it was actually Thursday. Wishful thinking? 'Dress-down Fridays' do have a point after all!
I was talking to someone I'd just met a while back, and they asked me how old I was. I couldn't remember and had to work it out from my date of birth. They must have thought I was too stupid to still be alive.
I am 29. I am 29. I am 29...

1st May 2003, 05:50

U teh spolung ploce or wat :p

1st May 2003, 08:40
Going to work recently I got very frustrated sitting in a traffic queue on the M25 on the way to Heathrow, and then realised I don't work at Heathrow now.

Oh . . . and I once flew to Glasgow instead of Prestwick - luckily only as a pax.