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29th Apr 2003, 09:40
Ok everybody, think positive thoughts!

What's the single best moment/experience/achievement of your life so far?

Mine would have to be watching the sunset from the top of a mountain on the island of Anafi. Just me and a friend, nobody else for 5 miles. Makes you feel soooo small. Magic! + we saw the milky way on the (long) walk home :D


Bring em on!

30th Apr 2003, 11:23
You miserable lot!

Well I guess I'll give up on this one :(

Hopscotch anybody?

30th Apr 2003, 12:33
I am off work for three weeks now:) :p :) :p :) :p :) :p :) :p

30th Apr 2003, 17:29
Come on Ebbs, you're asking a bunch of pilots what their best moment/experience/achievement is? Sheesh... ;)

Moment - The gentle squeak of aircraft tyres on tarmac during a perfect landing at the end of my first solo.
Experience - Climbing into the cockpit of a DHC-1 and taking the controls for a couple of circuits. Hopefully this will soon be surpassed by first solo on type.
Achievement - The 18 months I spent working 10 - 15 hours a week at the same time as doing my PhD so I could get my PPL.

Next question? :p

30th Apr 2003, 17:49
Pilots? Pah! We controllers have special moments too, you know.
I remember a few months ago, I had these two over SPY, blahblahblah 5 miles blahblahblah "expedite" blahblahblah adrenaline rush blahblahetcetc...:zzz:

Actually, come to think of it Ebbs, we are a miserable lot!!

On a more serious note, can anyone beat seeing your first child being born? Hearing its first cry? Amazing.:D

30th Apr 2003, 20:58
Achievement: Sixth form scholarship / ppl (not even a squeak from the tyres on my first landing ;) )

Moment: Various really...Taking all 5 versus Rage for the Manchester Lions, my first hattrick (and 6-27) , when England drew with Italy to get through to the World Cup Finals, Solskaer and Sheringham versus some kraut team, most of 1996, on the beach playa de americanos 2001, etc, etc, etc....

One of the few chatup lines that might actually work....Ask a girl when her last perfect day was. :ok:

30th Apr 2003, 21:04
Gotta be my 16th birthday, one hot summers day, collecting my new 'Fizzie' moped.

Seeing my twins being born also ranks pretty highly, bit odd seeing two of the bug*ers pop out.

(Hope they dont read this and think I preferred my purple babe magnet to them).


(Finally getting Bobby Charlton and completing my 1970 world cup Esso coin collection was also marginally outdone by the above).