View Full Version : How sad am I?

29th Apr 2003, 06:57
Been trying to sleep for over an hour and can't, so my solution is to get up - much to the annoyance of Mrs WD - and log back onto PPrune. Is there a Prunaholics Anonymous I can contact?

I never used to be this sad - honest. Well, there was this time.............

Anyone got a good cure for insomnia (beer and sex are good but off the menu tonight)? Must be legal and preferably free.

CarltonBrowne the FO
29th Apr 2003, 07:07
You could always try reading the Ops manual.....

29th Apr 2003, 07:09
Hi witchdoctor I saw "sad am I" and had a frightful intake of breath. The Sadman again??? Anyways matey, a very good cure for insomnia is a half bottle of Glenmorangie. Well a full bottle if you don't have commitments next day. Other than that you can go for a walk round the block....


29th Apr 2003, 07:14
Hey, I could do all 3! Drink my Glenmorangie, read the ops manual (might make sense or even sound interesting at last), then try to walk round the block (being only 200 x 100 yards not much of a challenge otherwise Ozzy). Mrs WD will be pleased.

29th Apr 2003, 07:22
well if Mrs WD aint putting out, a w*nk might help:}


29th Apr 2003, 17:24
Wot, like one of these?;)

29th Apr 2003, 18:01
Witchdoctor, you could go out for a drive in your Skoda! :p

30th Apr 2003, 03:02
Ha Ha Ha

Hi Maggs, how's it going? The old Skud would never put me to sleep as I enjoy it too much, and best not to after drinking all that Glenmorangie.:} :} :} :ooh: :ugh: :yuk:

30th Apr 2003, 03:58
hey doc
i would rather take my old nissan pulsar out and go to maccak n have a shake or smth with some nuggets or smth. Can try to cheer up the 17 year old chick working there at 5 in the morning and .:}

try that if u r less that 25 :ok:


30th Apr 2003, 05:26
Time for a new keyboard there r-r, many of your keys appear not to work.

30th Apr 2003, 06:08
Depends- Think Why you can't Sleep

If You are worried about something, i'd say go for a run. Helps me to sort things out

If you are tired, but cant seem to sleep, have a hot drink (without caffeine) and read the papers downstairs for a while

If you just cant switch off-just close your eyes and imagine your on a beach somewhere. looking up at the sky (in your minds eye) with the warm sun...etc etc. even if you dont fall asleep you will feel more refreshed than if your tossing and turning all nite


30th Apr 2003, 07:50
The secret is, not to create situations in your life that cause stress.
So only have on your plate that which you need.
That maybe a nanny state viewpoint, but it sure do create a peace in your mind.
Chuck away the negative friction, some times you have to be utterley selfish and live with your conscience.

30th Apr 2003, 18:10

Run? I wanted to sleep, not to die!!! Or were you hinting at the long sleep? Hmmmm, I can see you're one to avoid on a dark night.;)

Grumpy, your highness

Appreciate the thoughts about stress, but really couldn't be less stressed if I tried - I left all that behind when I packed in me old job to do me crazy pilot thang. That really left me without sleep! Don't know what the cause is, but I suspect it may be that I simply aint doing enough in the day to make me tired enough to sleep at my normal time.

Suppose I'd better get off my bum and get a 'proper' job then. :ooh:

30th Apr 2003, 18:42
a spoken word tape usually does the trick for me, it's like being read a bedtime story :O