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tony draper
28th Apr 2003, 20:54
Drapes am looking for a painting, a specific painting, so where else to ask but this hotbed of culture and the arts JB.
Dunno the title or the artist, but I think it is German, ninteenth century from the style
Its a very enigmatic painting, it shows a forrest scene,at dusk, with a ruined Abbey and figures of monks walking toward it carrying a coffin,the scene also shows very tall bare oak trees and I think a full moon in the sky.
I always thought it was titled Abbey in the forest or Funeral in the forest, but google returns nothing on these.
Now I know every prooner will be diving for their keyboard as soon as I post this, but take your time, one is not offering a prize, just the glory of displaying your cultural expertise.


28th Apr 2003, 21:11
I think you are refering to a paining called
Abbey in an Oak Forest
I think it was By Friedrich...

28th Apr 2003, 21:17
I think you are right FC. Can find any other picture that fits the mould, and I have searched a number of art sites for all pictures containing the word 'forest'.

28th Apr 2003, 21:26

Drapes, make a "free" investment in the Copernic search tool. It hit vthe above as the second "result", with search words "abbey in the forest painted" (my quotes, not part of search). Try:

tony draper
28th Apr 2003, 21:36
Thank you people, you Prooner are a miracle, that is indeed the painting Drapes seeked, ?sook? , sought.
Drapes has seen that painting at sometime in his life and was greatly impressed by it,whether it was the original, where or when, Drapes cannot recal, was watching a Open University prog that featured this painting this brought it back to me.
Thanks again. :rolleyes: