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28th Oct 2001, 10:05

First of all well done on getting selected by BA in the first place and completing the training.

In the current climate we should all be grateful for what we have and therefore I was very disappointed to read some of the replies in your original post.

Anyway if you are interested in bushflying then there are a couple of options worth looking at...

Botswana - there are a lot of operators, flying tourists into the Okavango Delta, based in a place called Maun. They will consider you with 200 hours but you will need to be there and get yourself known to them.

Then there are a few companies, mostly from South Africa, that operate on contract to the UN, Red Cross, and similar organisations, in places all over Africa.
Try Ross Air, King Air Services or Solenta Air, all based at Lanseria Airport, Johannesburg and Federal Air and Balmoral, based at Virginia Airport, Durban.

I hope that is of some use. Good luck in whatever you decide to do and hang in there ! It really is the best job in the world.......cheers Dutchie

Sick Squid
28th Oct 2001, 20:49
I think 3 lads from the Prestwick course two months ahead of me did just that in 1991. They'd got hold of some addresses, made a few phone calls, and then just fronted-up on some African doorsteps. All got jobs, spent the next 2 years flying in the bush, gaining superb experience.

You could also give the Missionary Aviation Fellowship a shot. They do require one to bother the Deity somewhat, I believe, and also bother said Deity in front of an audience on occasion but.... needs must! It would have been worth the conversion course to Christianity to land a flying job at that time.

Excellent advice in the Dutchie's post above, by the way....


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28th Oct 2001, 21:29
Anyone who thinks a "quick conversion course" to Christianity will get you a flying job with MAF surely knows nothing about either

Chuck Ellsworth
29th Oct 2001, 04:16
Your post has me curious Rnobson,

If one were to convert to christianity is there some time frame like a probation period you must go through before the powers to be in MAF believe your conversion to be sincere enough to fly for MAF?

It just seems strange the way you made such a definitive statement.


:D The hardest thing about flying is knowing when to say no. :D

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29th Oct 2001, 05:12
Just to back up rnobson,

MAF will spots fakers a mile off. As for a quick conversion to Christianity, don't you think that lying about your religion just to build hours raises a question or 2 about your integrity or morals?

If its OK to lie about your religion to get a job what else is it OK to lie about?

I wouldnt bother with MAF unless you really are genuine. As far as I know you need a 1000hr CPL first anyway.

Chuck Ellsworth
29th Oct 2001, 05:59
Hey eviltwinrating settle down and read my post again.

I made no reference to faking anything.

My question was meant to be serious.

Now have another look at what I asked and don't get so upset over something you preceived in my question.

As to my wishing to work for MAF I have no desire to fly for them as I am not a christian nor am I ever likely to be one. However if you read my post in the MAF thread you will note that I quite admire their pilots for what they do and the help they so freely gave to me in a very difficult Country to fly in.

By the way their hour requirement is very low. I would not be comfortable hiring such low time pilots for some of the flying they may be required to do.

Now you have another look and try and be a little more tolerant.

You also should remember....................

:D The most difficult thing about flying is knowing when to say no. :D

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