View Full Version : Windsurfing

28th Apr 2003, 19:44
I mean, you've gotta love it, all that water & exercise. Plus, Mrs Punter quite likes me in the wetsuit too.

29th Apr 2003, 20:58
I was seriously into it...till I discovered flying. Wanna buy all my gear?

29th Apr 2003, 22:11
Wetsuit Para? Its much more fun the way we do it here - barefooted & wearing baggy shorts, with an occasional dip in the water to warm up...

Good 'ere innit?

Through difficulties to the cinema

29th Apr 2003, 23:26
Blacksheep - aren't sea-snakes endemic to the waters around Borneo??

That sounds like a major incentive to staying upright.

Not my game at all, nasty cold wet water!

Uncle Cracker
3rd May 2003, 19:14
Not been on a board for ages. I might get up to Carsington shortly and rectify the situation. (Followed by dinner in the Knockerdown - be rude not to!)